Reviews for Inner Voice
Greatazuredragon chapter 3 . 11/14
Very interesting idea, nice work.
zeyreele chapter 14 . 11/10
I hope you continue this and these boys get their shit together soon, bc its just so bad man i feel very bad for them lmao

Also zack is such a poor puppy, i really feel like he’s getting the short end of the stick

Genesis has second shortest

My poor beebs :(

Canon was already so mean to them, they need the serious loving (this applies to all of them tbh)
Smilysarah7 chapter 14 . 11/2
I’d like to read more! I really enjoy this story :)
Tatyana chapter 14 . 10/28
Oh, wow! What an amazing and original story! I really loved the whole balancing act cloud is doing... And wow, sephiroth is painfully awkward with his interactions!

The relationships take time to form, and cloud doesn't spill his guts first chance he gets, Makin this an incredibly interesting story!

I suppose the only thing I find strange is the lack of presence of non god/first class characters... Then again, cloud seems pretty introverted, so I guess this isn't unreasonable... I'm really interested in the various God's you bring into the story, too. Please update when ever you can! You have a fan!
Lola chapter 14 . 10/27
I have no idea what SOLDIER or anything else in this story is, but this story is really amazing!
YaoiHellian chapter 14 . 10/11
Aw it's so cute, I love dog pile stories. Poor baby Cloud always in the thick of things. Would really love it if you would continue really love this story.
Astrido chapter 14 . 10/9
great story. though i wonder why it has to be all five together. it doesn't really sound plausible here.
anyway, the god thing is a great idea. i'm very curious who the demon-like thing is.
blackkyu chapter 14 . 10/8
Haha, always a good thing to note.
Guest chapter 14 . 10/4
Oh, yes. Im still reading ya, dont even think 'bout discontinuing this story ma'am. Btw this chapter was really good. Love ya, update soon 3
Yana5 chapter 14 . 10/3
Thank you for the update
BorderlineInsanity chapter 14 . 9/29
Poor, confused pup. This was adorable.. and Bast is hilarious. True cat goddess. Lol. I'm glad to see an update, I was hoping you'd come back eventually. I can't wait to see what happens next!
kitsunedemon chapter 14 . 9/26

I kept picturing Bast as Morgana from Persona 5 the entire time. It was actually strangely difficult trying to replace his voice with a female.

I completely forgot about Angeal too and to go back and reread that portion. I'll admit I'm a little disappointed that Angeal didn't bring anything up at the lunch/dinner he had with Zack. I was kind of expecting a confused confession and Zack being incredibly confused about everything again. Although him running into Cloud, not!Kunsel, and a talking cat certainly made me smile.

Thank you so much for the update! I really do appreciate that you're still continuing this story.
lelann chapter 14 . 9/25
lol. well, zack is now just super confused about everything. great chapter!
AzureLazuli chapter 14 . 9/25
Trust me, I'd keep reading this story if it was written IN blood, sweat, and tears, that's how much I enjoy it. ;) Love the plot you have going - poor Zack, poor Cloud, and definitely poor confused Kunsel - I can't wait to see how everything plays out. Plus, this world of gods and goddesses is simply fascinating! :D Seriously though, take care of yourself. I love this story, but I'd rather you take longer for a chapter you're happy with than risk burning yourself out. Overall, I can only hope that writing this story makes you just as happy as I am reading it.
Akita Kira chapter 14 . 9/24
Poor Zack! I hope he doesn't yell at Cloud too much. This is a fantastic story and I love how the relationships are developing! :) ~A.K.
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