Reviews for Capitol Intent
Guest chapter 41 . 10/18
Love this story. Will you continue it? Can't wait to read how CE will come to termes with their feelings *Love is in the air *
TendernessOfTheHeart chapter 1 . 8/10
Dear writer,

A few seconds to review? You're overestimating our words per minute count, I think :p
That being said, I'm intrigued! The story seems plot-heavy and you're building out their characters separately first, which I like.
I haven't seen House of Cards and I don't live in a country with a president, so I might need to research things every once in a while, but I'm expecting to get used to this political lingo pretty fast.
This is chapter 1 and there are already 41 chapters. No idea what's in store, but it'll be one hell of a ride, for sure! It isn't complete yet so good luck with that, bon courage and everything :)

Barbossa'sApples chapter 41 . 6/13
OMG HOW DID I MISS THIS UPDATE. at last! yayayay can't wait for more. my vote is for the smut lol
Qtkittee chapter 41 . 5/30
Yay, consent! Just finished a unit called teen talk with my students and we discussed the importance of consent and how movies and shows don't get it and use the lack of consent to drive plots. Your writing makes me happy. Let's make this world better.
Qtkittee chapter 40 . 5/30
I am loving this. You returned to the unmasking and the talk I have been wanting them to have. I have enjoyed watching them fall in love.
Qtkittee chapter 37 . 5/30
This chapter made me cry. You describe the lack of trust atmosphere due to injustice well. We must fight for equality and keep our word if we are to have trust. I like how your Christine is opening up Erik's eyes.
Qtkittee chapter 36 . 5/30
It's so true about social media. I started using my accounts more with the physical isolation. Zoom chats with my friends and students (13 year olds) about the pros and cons of social media were enlightening. How do we make more people aware of how focusing on our differences is not the best for the human race and we need to practice empathy and kindness.
Qtkittee chapter 30 . 5/27
I have not seen House of Cards but I am enjoying your version. I like how you circle back to shared moments that connect them.
Qtkittee chapter 29 . 5/27
I love how you have slowly built their relationship.
Qtkittee chapter 27 . 5/27
Ohh, I want them to be happy.
Qtkittee chapter 24 . 5/27
Ahh how sweet.
Qtkittee chapter 22 . 5/27
Wow, he certainly is showing her he cares about her, maybe unknowingly loves her.
Qtkittee chapter 21 . 5/27
Nice set up. You are so creative!
Qtkittee chapter 20 . 5/27
So I like that they are honest with each other. He needs her and she doesn't need him. I am curious to see how this goes.
Qtkittee chapter 19 . 5/27
Poor Christine but how creative of you as a writer. Erik you really are a scoundrel.
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