Reviews for A Wizard Among Bats
krzyktty chapter 1 . 10/24
I loved this story and was sad to see it end so soon. I hope to read more in the future, but it was a really great job. You were able to make the characters your own while keeping them "in character" enough where it didn't seem weird reading it. I got really into the relationships. Thank you for sharing.
Guest chapter 13 . 9/28
I enjoyed this story, and I'm definitely looking forward to the sequel!
Fusion Blaster chapter 13 . 9/21
So I read this all in one go and so I guess for A Bat among Wizards will be quite entertraining . I can't wait to seewhat House Jason would be in and what he'd do to the school
Fictionlover76 chapter 13 . 9/15
LOVE the story. The interactions with Jason are brilliant! Can't wait for the sequel but could you please send Dick with Jason to Hogwarts. The two of them would be hilarious together and Harry would finally have some more family in Hogwarts. Not to mention Bruce wouldn't trust Jason on his own. XD
KaijuSentai chapter 13 . 9/2
A very good fic. I'm interested to see where the sequel goes. If nothing else, Red Hood vs the Toad hag should be funny.
LazzzyCat chapter 13 . 8/26
I'm not good at reviews, but want to express my appreciation. So, Kudos!
iLovemyRobins chapter 12 . 8/14
THIS CHAPTER WAS AWESOME! I like how Jason finds out he's a wizard... XD
Guest chapter 12 . 8/5
You have no idea how hard I needed to muffle my giggles into my pillow at the crack of dawn when I read bibbity bobbity and Jason's reaction God damn it to hell

Thank you for putting your effort and hard work into writing this squishy wishy fic thank you like seriously thank you so much
Guest chapter 13 . 8/1
Oh dear lord I love this so so much honestly I had to take a few moments to just fangirl and squee over some of this a few times. Your characterization is so spot on it's fantastic- Dick snuggling with everyone, Jason being kinda tsundere-ish (but not psychotic which is adorable and the best ever of you because psychotic! Jason makes me sad) Harry being starving for attention and kinda angry at first (but who wouldn't be- he's got trauma, PTSD maybe, now his life is changing and he's got a bunch of rich relatives who are nice) and Tim hoarding all his favorite people's things (Including Harry's pillow ggjkhhlfk I can't with the nonslashy fluff) and then Bruce who is being amazingly non asshole and I'm loving every second of it. Now Jason is going off to Hogwarts with Harry and oh god please please make him all big brother-y and if you plan on making Snape bad or good at least please sic BigBrother!Jason on him at least once... I can't wait for the sequel this fic is answering so so many wishes of mine you have no idea how long I've been waiting wishing (and maybe writing) in hopes of something like this. Ok. Ok. I know I wrote too goddamn much. I had too though. My username is APHTeutonics or APHLiechtenstein (M user, kid-friendly user) and honestly if there were any way for me to write one-shots or something for for this story it'd be an honor. Thank you so much for writing and posting this. You've inspired me to keep writing and posting my own stories- and a hp/batm slash of my own- completely original.
LoganAlexander chapter 8 . 7/31
Wait what? Did Harry and everyone else just forget that Dumbledore put up Wards that only work when Harry's with his relatives? I mean in the last chapter Harry figured it out but in this one he's wondering why he can only go and stay with Ron in a months time.
Angie200116 chapter 13 . 7/28
I just found this story, and finished it today. It is 4:14 at night right now, but I can't sleep because I can't wait to see how this story will go. So many questions... The one question no one asks though, will Jason even be in Gryffindor? I think he does have the qualities to be one... I don't know... And when he first meets Draco and Snape... oh boy...
Anyways, I can't wait to see how it goes. I hope to see the sequel of this story soon!
Fast Frank chapter 1 . 7/23
Well, it looks like Dumble's plans are OBE (overtaken by events).
Gen chapter 13 . 7/23
:( don't label as complete when you're not :(
good story though
BookyBlueOwl chapter 13 . 7/11
AAAAAAAHH! CLIFFHANGERS MY MORTAL ENEMY! Kudos to you for an awesome story, keep being awesome.
Bluestelue chapter 13 . 7/7
omg, just
This whole fic
This fic made me smile so much (especially when they were being all family-y and crap and yes, there needs to be more please) it's kinda impressive
YES I am SO PUMPED for the sequel! Hope to read it soon (if it's not already out)
Thanks for the awesome read!
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