Reviews for Mystery Twins
Disappearing Pucca chapter 3 . 8/10
Oh my god please update soon! I'm literally so excited!
Mystery comics chapter 3 . 8/6
Please do another chapter! I read your old ones and if this series is as half as good, it will be one of the best gravity falls comics, ever! I love the story so far, please, can we have another chapter or two, like, right now?
Matthew chapter 3 . 7/9
Please continue this story. It is pretty great and I would like to see how it ends.
EuphratesLeap chapter 3 . 7/5
I'm really looking forward to this story! I can't wait to see more of Dipper protecting Mabel. And Stan awkwardly trying to get across to them XD Amazing work in these few chapters! You've already established a lot of worlbuilding and story. Hope to see more soon!
Fanfic reader chapter 3 . 6/19
Please write more!
Oliver bak chapter 1 . 5/31
please tell us you plan to do more soon
Guest chapter 3 . 5/24
Please do more!
Olgatheobese chapter 3 . 5/18
This story is awesome. I cant wait to see how long it takes for Dipper to trust Stan. I cant wait for chapter 4.
Ireland Scott of BROH chapter 3 . 5/12
Oh my gosh this is so dark. But its beautifully written.
Lil'Griffin chapter 3 . 4/22
Oh my goodness I love it! Please please please don't give up on this! Its really great and I'm glad I found it!
13th chapter chapter 3 . 4/16
damn, been waiting for a long time. I'm glad you decided to continue this story, I'll definitely waiting for the next chapter.
bravo for you
Acecove chapter 1 . 4/15
Please continue the story. I love how you portray Dipper, how he is tough. So please continue.
Demigod whovian chapter 3 . 4/15
I've missed this story. I was sure you had abandoned it, so I freaked when I saw you had updated. I'm super excited to see where this is going! I'm especially looking forward to seeing how Dipper reacts to all this. I don't think he'll trust Stan as easily an Mabel did. I wish you luck in life and I ask you to PLEASE NOT ABANDON THIS STORY! I will always come back no matter how long it is between updates.
WolfePlays chapter 3 . 4/14
YES! THANK YOU! You have no idea how long ive been waiting for this. THANK YOU
Jerzu chapter 3 . 4/11
amazing. this is freakin amazing. there's only three chaps yet the ball already went down an interesting path. hopefully the twins will soon see that Stan isn't like the rest of their caretakers. really hoping for quicker updates
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