Reviews for I'm Always Here
njcu12000 chapter 1 . 3/4/2017
Love the idea and the effort given here. It actually sounded like a conversation that Dixon/Silver/Ivy would have. I struggle, in all honesty, with the SIXON shippers who felt that Dixon would go back to Silver at the series finale after she had rebuffed his earnest and heartfelt attempt to reconcile their relationship in Winter 2010. Then she went on to "sow her wild oats as the old" saying goes which is perfectly appropriate for a young person to do but . . . Dixon is a decisive dude lol so I don't see it . . . I just don't see it after Silver has initiated the sexual trysts with his two best friends plus she chose Teddy over him and their shared first love . . . then she goes on to sleep with his brother Mark . . . no its too much for even a reasonable prudent guy to accept. Yes he could care for her in her dying days but to re-open those old feelings for someone who has purposely ran thru your whole crew I cannot in all honesty see Dixon risking the heartache of her inevitable passing when she was all out of options so to speak. Great read though and I will follow the storyline and maybe submit one of my own :)
KristosLilly chapter 1 . 1/19/2016
Liked it a lot. I loved the Ivy character and thought she had more potential than most of the other charries lol Great job! Please write more Ivy stories someday!