Reviews for We Pretend it's Alright
Coddiake90 chapter 21 . 4/3
Loved your story! I really hope your going to continue it.
aridholyelite1 chapter 15 . 11/21/2020
You're missing chapter 13 and chapter 15 is for some reason chapter 16. I'm liking the story so far and I hope you can get it fixed soon.
WeylandCorp 4 chapter 21 . 11/15/2020
Glad you made korkie the son of satine and Kenobi! Love that idea.
SheerwaterPhoenix chapter 21 . 11/15/2020
Now Obi-Wan and Anakin are BOTH suddenly dads!

Great chapter! I like the Korkie Kenobi theory too. I'm looking forward to Anakin and Obi-Wan talking to each other and trying to resolve their drama.
littlesky33by chapter 21 . 11/15/2020
Woo! So glad to have you back! I was getting sad since there was no review! So happy now!
Amazing chapter! Keep it up :)
jbugay501 chapter 21 . 11/14/2020
Great chapter! Rex with the kids and you could eventually do chiss invasion or yuzhan vong when the kids are older
Camidala chapter 21 . 11/14/2020
Excellent! I also love the Korkie Kenobi fan theory and this is the first fanfiction I read about it!

Jcatswimmom chapter 21 . 10/26/2020
Please finish this story. I'd love to see where you take it.
Guest chapter 18 . 7/29/2020
There are many issues with this story, as refreshing as it is. Padme just allows Anakin to be tortured in captivity and does nothing to help him? Torturing prisoners is illegal everywhere. And with the way the Republic has been acting and its corruption in this story, Padme and everyone is still working to preserve it? Ahsoka becoming a pirate also makes no sense due to her Jedi upbringing. Obi wan betraying Anakin is just forgiven and the Jedi learn nothing and expel Anakin when he needs them the most? Why would we root for any of these people? And I have to agree with other reviewers-you need a beta reader, the grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, wrong choice of words-it all takes away from the enjoyment of the fic.
JourneyRocks13 chapter 21 . 5/25/2020
Nice to see an update after all this time. I really enjoyed the addition even though it took me a month to get to read it. Love the story and your writing in general. Real life has to come first but I'm glad you are still here to write as well. Hope to read more soon. Hope you and your family are staying healthy and safe as well.
Ryan1017 chapter 21 . 5/10/2020
This chapter exactly makes me wish this was canon. Happiness is sometimes exciting after a long war. Lol
Ai Star chapter 21 . 5/9/2020
It's nice to see the family is doing well
aigneis chapter 21 . 4/26/2020
What a great feel good chapter. In Prequel era there is so much angst and drama that some fluffy time is more than welcome. I hope we can see some Clones reunion with Anakin or Anakin's family vs Jedi Masters (let them know that there is no way Anakin would let them take his children!) :-) I can't wait for final chapters.
Sfloresf chapter 21 . 4/25/2020
Hello There! It’s so wonderful to see an update to this amazing story. I really like how you have Luke and Leia being so cute... but also cranky and a bit of a handful. Because in reality babies ARE a handful..but they bring such joy too. I just LOVE that Anakin is a hands on full time Daddy. He was “The Hero with No Fear” and now he’s “A Daddy with some Fear”. I like that you paired Ahsoka with Senator Riyo... great couple. But more importantly I like how you had Ahsoka recover from her coma... otherwise it would have been too sad. You have Padme returning to politics and being the voice of the people. It feel like this story is coming to an end.. but I really hope you continue writing more stories. Thank You so much for the update and for sharing your writing talent with readers like me. Please Stay Safe and May The Force Be With You!
MalirBly chapter 21 . 4/21/2020
I like this story can't wait for the next chap, I'm loving the new clone wars season.
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