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You ROCK harder chapter 10 . 6/28
I loved the whole candle scene, it could have wrapped up after that and I would have been content. It was so sweet, and I liked that their "I love you"'s weren't so simple, because they're not simple and their relationship is a boulder rolling down a hill and gaining speed as it goes!

The final ending was very wrapped up, for everyone, but since this is a story around Christmas, WRAPPED UP is acceptable...get it?! Haha, I'm a dork!

Anyway, I really loved the parts in this finale where the two were finally with one another. The way they had to "adapt" to fighting and talking was great, they never do go uninterrupted. I was so aggravated with everyone butting in, so when they were finally alone, it was all the sweeter.

So glad you shared this with us all, I thoroughly enjoyed reading! You took us on so many ups and downs, it was great! Thank you!
You ROCK harder chapter 9 . 6/28
My God, if I were reading this without it being completed I'd be a heap of anxiety on the floor by this point!
Shampoo deserved it, and I feel like she'll be ok being that, honestly, if she could just love Mousse he'd forgive everything and just be with her away from the Amazon's. She just can't go home, which is a very fitting punishment for her. Plus, if Ranma had killed her it just wouldn't have been Ranma, even in this situation. He's an idiot, but he always had a heart of gold hidden under his many layers of Idiocracy, haha! So thanks for keeping him HIM.

I don't know what to think about Nabiki, she somehow works her way into my writing because I get too much of a kick out of her. She gets stuff done, her motives are always a mind game, but she just cracks me up! I love trying to think like her because I am so far removed from her it's crazy! I hope she ends up redeemed in this story, but I can see where she may wind up as just being a player's assist to Ranma and Akane, and that will be fine, too. So long as she stops trying to get Shinnosuke and Ukyo into the picture! Right now I want them gone so bad!

Well written, making me have all these feels!
You ROCK harder chapter 8 . 6/28
This broke my heart. I'm rereading because I need to refresh, catch up, and finish this story now that I saw it was completed, but I feel like I just broke up with someone! That's a feeling I haven't had in over 20 years, haha! Ugh.

My only issue was that Ranma fought so hard but lost to Genma's drunken strength, then a minute later just rolled him away with a single kick. I just felt that Ranma, fighting with his all to get the paper from the fire, would have beaten him with no contest. was necessary to break his resolve by burning his hope, so I understand. (Buuuut...Ranma also mastered a technique that literally pulls things out of a fire...just saying, haha!)

Very angsty chapter, and well done drawing out that sickening feeling of "just tell her!" mixed with hope and heartache! I can't wait to see what happens next, so I won't! Yay!
marianmerza chapter 10 . 2/12
Awwwww that was so adorable.
Such an awesome plot too. Amazing!
The Fan chapter 4 . 2/8
I haven't read that many fanfictions, but this is still the best one I've read, and especially when portraying the characters true to the manga. I love it!
Guest chapter 1 . 2/7
Very nice! I will keep reading!
Lifesend1789 chapter 10 . 12/20/2017
Oh my goodness! This is a really, really, really good story. I am so glad that you finished it! Wow! Reasons why I love it - it’s actually very true to character - for all of them. To be honest I can truly imagine something like this happen in the series, and as a shipper I am so glad you wrote this more definitelve ending for our trouble attracting pair! And the slow burn! The build up through out! The “vision “ Ranma kissing Akane - it was perfect - way to go giving us something tantalizing! And Ranma ‘s true confession at the end, to Ryoga and later Akane - I LOVE IT! Thank you for laboring over this wonderful story!
Clara chapter 10 . 12/13/2017
Ugh, I love this so much! The premise, the characterizations, the flow—everything was just the best! I don't even have words that adequately describe how much I love this. I loved protective Nabiki, and the utter believability of Ryoga and Ukyo, and Akane's growing terror and guilt caused by the curse. And Ranma's confession was perfect, my god. EVERYTHING about this was perfect. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing!
Compucles chapter 10 . 9/13/2017
It's kind of a quick ending, but it's still a satisfying, well-written one. I added the story to my "Rakanma's Happy Endings" community.

By the way, did Konatsu go traveling around with Ukyo? I find it a little odd that you failed to mention him while wrapping everything up.
SasukeSagara chapter 10 . 8/31/2017
I fangirled way harder than any 20 year old man in my line of work has any right to. This was well worth the wait, and the confession was one of the most in-character I've ever read. Loved the story and can't wait for the next one!
SerenaEbe chapter 10 . 8/29/2017
Hi! Do you remember me? Sorry I'm late, it just that I was in shock: how coul one of the best fic I ever read be complete? There aren't others chapters! I must say goodbye to this wonderful characters! I did want to read the final chapter, but I didn't want this to end! Let's talk more about your beautiful chapter and less about myself!
So... came on, Ranma! Off course the solution is a small thing that Akane already have! Just like in the original story and for that I must say "thank you" and "your great!" It seams just like Takahashi's stories only maturer.
And yes Ranma, you're a baka, but Akane is one too, because she still love you, really for God's sake you're both hopeless, but that's why we love you!
And Nabiki. Now, I really really like her, ok, but did she have to bring on the Kunos? Off course she has! (Ok, I'm enjoying talking with your characters, but I swear I'm not mad like Kodaci)
Poor poor Ranma he really had to overcome every possible difficulties! You made me say out loud "Yeah, Ranma, it is never easy!" My mom thought I was crazy.
Oh, how was great and beautiful when Akane did want to love Shinnosuke, but can't: she still love Ranma after all. And how much I cried when I read "And she was already thinking about it in the past tense."!
Ok, let's talk about Kuno vs Shinnosuke: I had already talk about how I don't like Shin because he is a true rival for Ranma, but for once I hoped he would send away Kuno, so we (meaning Ranma) would have less problems. And lets think about it: Kuno is the craziness that belong in Akane word since before Ranma, Shin is a chance to be normal even in a crazy word (like Ryugenzawa), two opposite choices! I love that you made them fight each other! And then just while she was blaming everything on Ranma, he appeared! I was so excited! Even now (after I read the chapter at least 5 times) I can't stop to be so pleased about that scene! Awww! It was so cool! And " "Did you forget something when you left?" Ranma swallowed hard, suddenly , was the first thought that came to mind" in that moment I think I've fallen in love with you, sorry, just a little, for a moment.
But I had to say this to you: when Ranma want to be delicate about the conversation with Akane... I laughed, sorry but every single bones in my body told me that this would backfire, we're talking about Ranma and Akane after all!
Do I have to tell you how much I enjoyed the scene against the door? I'm afraid that if I continue to go on and on about everything I love in this chapter, the review would be longer than the chapter itself...
Anyway I had to tell you what I like the most, so I shall continue for another little bit!
The beginning of the speech, with the tired Akane was cute and heartbroken, but then Mousse! I was preparing myself for an hilarious moment, but I was so sad for Mousse and then Akane want to talk during the fight! Beautiful!
And when Ranma told Akane about the curse it was so good, but it was even better when Ryoga and Ukyo showed up and when Shinnosuke helped them I thanked God for him, especially because after that Ranma had one of his jealousy episode because of him!
Now, let's talk about all the seas of tears I cried because of Akane's tear and its explanation. Oh, I'm still crying when I remember that scene! And how wonderful was Ranma confessional outburst! And then I was confused! Why wasn't enough? And desperate! Why? Why it didn't work?
And then the second part of the confession and the kiss and the candle! So perfect!
And the end, off course it's the end so I'm sad, but it's so sweet!
So I think at this point you already know: I love your story and I'm bound to come back and read it again and again and again!
And that's the thing, I was talking with some fan of Ranma and Akane, and they were sad because I told them how much I love this story, but they can't read fluently in English, so I'm gonna ask you a question: what do you think if I translate this story in Italian? You'd choose how and where, for example on this site or on the bigger Italian site; we could heve it in your account (I translate and give the chapter back to you) or have a different account... it's only because I want to let more people read it, because it's really beautiful! Let me know please, but I wouldn't anyway love this story! (And if you say "no" I won't insist)
Love, Serena
[Sorry, I forgot to tell I'm part of a fansubbing community since 2012, this isn't about that at all, but now if you're wondering you know I can translate]
Angela Jewell chapter 10 . 8/28/2017
Apologies for the late review - work has been crazy, so I only got around to reading this now.

So, what an absolutely fantastic conclusion!

I loved how things stayed insane and chaotic right up to the end, with all their potential suitors converging just in time to disrupt their "big moment." And I absolutely adored Akane's stubbornness in the midst of all that craziness. Her decision to stop running, to finally talk about their issues even if it meant talking-while-fighting, was as hilarious as it was cheer-worthy. And having Ryoga, Ukyo, and Shinnosuke come to their aid at the end was such a satisfying twist, not to mention a great way to send off those characters...

As for the confession, what can be said, other than it was beautiful? The fact that Ranma still made it sound like an insult was so true to his character that I couldn't help but laugh even while I swooned. And that kiss, framed by the soft glow of the candle, was utter perfection. But most of all, I'm glad they didn't change drastically after everything they went through, that even a month later, they were still awkward and adorable and prone to petty arguments. Thankfully, breaking the curse didn't magically transform them into different people... it just forced them to be more upfront and honest about their true feelings, and as fans, I think that's all we ever really wanted.

Well, that, and to see them finally kiss LOL.

So again, thank you so much for writing this amazing, funny, heartwarming and addictive story. My inbox will be forever awaiting news of your next epic undertaking!
linkgold64 chapter 10 . 8/22/2017
maidens-wanderlust chapter 10 . 8/22/2017
I read this in less than 24 hours and, wow. I enjoyed myself! The curse itself was so dark and the way you wrote Akane's gradual, subconscious fear of Ranma due to said curse blew me away.

Naturally the kiss was my favorite part and I can totally see Ranma miscalculating the days due to the stress. Haha!

Great job on an entertaining story! I know how it feels to take forever in finishing something.
PurseMonger chapter 10 . 8/21/2017
So glad to see an update but sad that this is the final chapter!

I really liked this chapter. The mess at the end with everyone one chasing them was a great nod to canon on how everyone got into their business and random people would pop up when they wanted to share something important. Yes, the ending was a bit cliche and cheesy, but it was also sweet and romantic, so nothing wrong with that.

I think my only complaint about the chapter is that Ranma got off way to easy at the end. He fucked up a lot in this story and everything (due to time constraints) was just glossed over. Also, I was disappointed in how the confession went. I really wanted him to confess to her first, it was the least he could have done. Honestly, while I loved the story, I was disappointed with his growth. After all the shit he went through with her over the week and he still just couldn't admit his feelings for her and making her say it first, just really rubbed me the wrong way.

As for your foot note, I think everyone is used to people posting stories a chapter at a time, so if you come up with one, just post away. It takes a lot to finish an entire story without reviews as fuel to your imagination. I hope to see more from you soon!
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