Reviews for Brilliant Magic
Stickybun24 chapter 3 . 19h
This is so fascinating to think about. Hermione being sorted into Slytherin. You’ve done an amazing job keeping her characterization. And I think I can visualize how this placement will change her.
Stickybun24 chapter 1 . 7/31
Hello! Your story is the FanFiction of the month on a discord server I’m a part of. I’m reeeeally excited to read this. So thank you!
amk41196 chapter 43 . 7/30
Awesome fic...totally loved it..Can't wait to browse more of your works... Stay safe... :)
GryffindorChic7 chapter 38 . 7/27
Double your pleasure!
Double your fun!
Stick it in her pussy, then up her bum!
majere4 chapter 43 . 7/13
Simply loved this.
majere4 chapter 42 . 7/13
Very few authors can write a worthwhile Snape. They either try to make him into their personal heartthrob version of Alan Rickman, or they try to redeem him through some convoluted messed up means.
Detached, aloof, severe and demanding. These are reasonable attributes for Severus Snape.
Anything visible beyond that should be subtle, private and above all gradual.
I really enjoyed how you brought the subtle twitch of the corner of his lips, careful wording, subtle inflection, or a softening of the eyes to Hermione's notice. That was all the approval that she got but it was enough and it worked.
majere4 chapter 41 . 7/13
My problem with Molly acting without the facts is that she continues to do so. Time After Time After Time it is proven that she is acting without all of the information, and certainly without even the most minimal attempt at verifying the information. Lastly, the simple fact that she trusts the Daily Prophet is condemnation of the highest order of her intellect.
That said, you portray said harridan very well :-)
majere4 chapter 40 . 7/13
It would be weeks before he realized that it was over for real. Over forever.
I'm really looking forward to reading more of your stuff. I have a feeling that you are going to be brilliant at portraying Harry and his... life.

It actually turned out rather well, as Hermione's dad had been so angry about the possibility of her being pregnant at seventeen that her being merely engaged to two fine, upstanding members of the magical business community had been a lesser evil, as it were.
Hah! I can so relate!

I don't mind Harry being gay, I just don't like Ron LOL

More is good, what's this about an Irish Viking novel?
majere4 chapter 39 . 7/13
This was such a pleasant story. And yes I am oh so happy that there is more, but I wanted to say that in your initial goal, to bring them together, you created a wonderful tale.
majere4 chapter 38 . 7/13
Even the Elitist bitch is stooping to tease her!
I like how you resolved the snake face plotline. Very nicely done!
majere4 chapter 37 . 7/13
That. Was. Incredible! Very well done, very entertaining and completely caught me off-guard :-)
majere4 chapter 36 . 7/13
Yep! You got me with that Cliffie! I suppose they have to do this because there was question of Junior interfering in the first two tasks? Not to mention interfering in the Goblet itself...
As an aside, they have moved quite quickly in these last few months. I suppose that expressing love so openly is not as truly rushed when they have been building towards it for years.
majere4 chapter 35 . 7/13
Ok, that was the scene that I remember. How did I read that out of order? Weird!
Anywho, hot. Really Hot!
majere4 chapter 34 . 7/13
I don't understand, how could they not know when she was born when they had a conversation that she was 10 years old when they met. Does not make any sense.
majere4 chapter 33 . 7/13
And here we have why I despise Molly Weasley. Okay, maybe despise is a strong word, I certainly don't hold her in the same disdain as Snape or dumblydoor, perhaps on the same level as Lupin (his completely ignoring Harry, even though he could see how skinny and unkempt he was, in addition to the fact that he flat out abandoned the boy).
That said, it was an excellent turn around and show of support.

The revelation of what was done to Crouch jr. Was gratifying at last.
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