Reviews for Summer of Bonding
Crystal chapter 6 . 7/4/2020
It's wonderful, I love it because it increases snape and harry's relationship.
Laura chapter 17 . 6/29/2020
sorry if my english is not very well, I read Snape and Harry stories using google translator because I simply love them.
There's a canon mistake in this chapter. The night bus can't travel above the water, that's why you can not go to Europe in it.
mabynot1539 chapter 1 . 5/25/2020
I wish this story had a sequel. It's really good.
gginsc chapter 29 . 5/24/2020
Good job! A very enjoyable story. Snape is more realistic in this tale. He is not the unreasonable monster the movies portrayed him as.
HowAboutThat chapter 10 . 5/21/2020
Look, I was just gonna read the whole thing through and then review, but Snape mercilessly and unknowingly crushing Harry by killing his new pet spider demanded I write how delighted I am with this story so far. Thank you for writing it!
Patricia Adams chapter 4 . 5/15/2020
Great chapter there. I love the ending .your so good at writing ;)
May chapter 10 . 4/23/2020
"An Araneus diadematus!" -wonderful, I've been laughing tears of joy here.
Yes, it's something I can totally see Severus Snape doing. Wonderful story so far.
Luminous-Wave chapter 29 . 4/3/2020
This is amazing! I read the entire story in one day because I just couldn't stop reading!
AmazingHefi chapter 26 . 3/16/2020
Suddenly, I have a very vivid picture of Dumbles sending thousands of "It's a boy!" balloons.
Fire Tempest chapter 29 . 2/25/2020
This has been a great story to read. Thank you.
Guest chapter 25 . 2/25/2020
What about potions ingredients, books to fill in potter's blanks about the WW, ink and parchment, bigger school robes, shoes, toiletries etc?
Lotraxi chapter 29 . 2/13/2020
It's a really nice story, calm and smooth.
Don't like those with unreasonably angry Snape and defiant Potter. This is so much better!
VashonBeader chapter 1 . 1/18/2020
Not what I was expecting - this is so much better!
VashonBeader chapter 29 . 1/18/2020
Nice job! Loved the story - thanks for writing and sharing.
SkyeMoor chapter 18 . 1/15/2020
Well, at least Snape didn't forget about him for days.
Unlike certain other people I might mention.
Leaving the kid at camp for days, after the camp is closed, is a bad idea.
Some parents!
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