Reviews for The Sunset Starks
SurplusHook chapter 67 . 11/19
Just love the way you write love this and we are winter
GoldenDragon300 chapter 67 . 11/14
Brillant chapter, you never fail with the storybuliding you've established, we all knew King's Landing couldn't have taken without some wildfire to go with it, as for Aegon "The Ash Dragon" even if he recovers there's still so much restoration to complete, as for The starks I don't blame them!
Shadowslayer10 chapter 44 . 10/28
Saddest part about Willam’s death is that he couldnt fulfill his last promise to his father. Queen Visanna is going to be devastated
Dave chapter 67 . 10/19
Still reading and enjoying!
246vili chapter 67 . 10/18
Dawww, you almost made me blush XD

Glad my comments make you happy.

Yeah, no mayor confrontation any time soon with most a lot of people lost to the flames and Randl Tarly having the brains to realise he's side is the weaker one at the moment.

Good news for him the Starks really don't have any more business South of the Neck. They had their revenge on the Lannisters and the losses they suffered now is plenty of reason for them to want to go North, then back home to the Isles.

Too bad for them, their westerosi kins still have some troubles to solve with the dead invading south of the Wall and whatnot.
Nico6554 chapter 35 . 10/18
He’s a warg as well though isn’t he?
Fannic chapter 67 . 10/18
It’s been a very long time since I reviewed, but I will respond to your plee. My lack of reviews had nothing to do with the chapters being less interesting and as a fellow writer I wanted you to know this.

Great emotional chapter, especially in combination with the last one.

Even though William survives, I can safely say you haven’t lost your ability to kill off main characters!

I can’t wait to see what happens in the North as a result of all this news. I look forward to a reunion between Bran and his cousin and how they together will react when they hear the news from their home.

I loved the pace of the chapters. It had a little less, but still sufficient, worldbuilding in it and more emotion and human interaction. Your character creation remains sublime.

Looking forward to what happens next!
Wolftamer96 chapter 67 . 10/17
Aw he'll I was looking forward to Rodrik wiping out the Boltons.
246vili chapter 66 . 10/12
I can see why it took soooo long to write this chapter. It IS a pretty big turning point in the story (capturing the capital with most of the enemy's leaders dead tends to be that).

But now comes the shitstorm after the siege. Fingers pointed over the wildfire going off, Aegon solidifying his rule, religious clashes once the Sparrows realise who aided their new king and many, many more.

Looking forward to the next chapter(s) once they are done.
Thank you for all the work you put into these stories.
whiskeylovingbibliophile chapter 48 . 8/22
Jon Snow rejecting the offer to take the Iron throne makes a lot of sense. He is comfortable in the north and until now, a bit respected. But the mere mention of his parentage causing all these lords who fought with him to turn against him should atleast make him pause and consider if he should stay with these idiots in the North. Perhaps he can fuck off to Sunset islands under King Rodrik. His people certainly seem to be of a better sort. And Robb Stark being his usual arrogant self announcing a secret with any care as to how it affects people around him or consider that its not his secret to share. But then, it is in character with him.
whiskeylovingbibliophile chapter 47 . 8/22
Great yet another Robb Stark Wank story
quinn01261999 chapter 37 . 7/5
Force Smuggler chapter 65 . 5/17
Wonderful interactions.
246vili chapter 65 . 5/16
Good to see an update after so long.
More worldbuilding with the misterious giants/golems.
Though it suprised me it's teeth were of that oily black material. So far it was only connected to the mysterious undersea civilisation long, long, LONG gone. Both in the books and in you story.
Or was this giant related to that civilisation somehow? It WAS in a cave on an island close to the sea. Hm...

I can only hope to find out eventually.

Keep up the good work.
Alejandro Arturo Ferro Figueroa chapter 1 . 5/16
"Why did you have to genocide the Ibbenese?

I just don't understand why it was necessary. It doesn't progress the story in a meaningful way. There were other options available (economic subjugation, or rendering them second class citizens). You're really gone off the deep end trying to portray them as hard men that "do what needs to be done".

I honestly hope they get their comeuppance from Daenerys. They're arguably worse than slavers. They massacred an entire species out of greed, and because they feared what Ibbenese women and children might do down the road. Fucking scumbugs.

I hope your rectify this issue. Otherwise, I can only assume you're a bad person."

WTF kind of review is that my dude? Is Martin a psychopath, incestual murderer then? JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJ, I wasn't going to read this but now I will give it a shot... what a dumbass review LMAO, anonymous too! kekw
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