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Dave chapter 60 . 6/25
Hope all is well !
Have really appreciated your story
Thanks :D
GoldenDragon300 chapter 60 . 6/18
Been re-reading the chapters as the saying you read something it's even better then the first time, I do find it amazing that This Grand Alliance between between Aegon 'The Golden Dragon' and both line-Branches of House Stark, Admittedly better than The Stark-Targaryen Alliance in the Show... wether or not George makes it better in his books time has to still tell but regarding between Team Soul and between Team George regarding this take of ultimate cataclysmic showdown against The Others and The Lannisters, yours at this is more better bulit up in my opinion.
timdoe chapter 11 . 6/17
Are you oké?
Dave chapter 60 . 6/12
Love it and keeping up as always :) hope everything’s well
timdoe chapter 60 . 5/15
nice chapter i completely forgot about the white walkers. I'm curieus whats happening in winterfell.
246vili chapter 60 . 5/14
Love it how Jon Connington is that character, who always complains about stuff, mostly the decisions of others, but is largely ignored.

King's Landing is in big trouble. Though I fear for Margaery when it will be revealed to the Lannisters her father joined Aegon's side. He was pretty much forced to, but that would not matter to Cersei I imagine.

I agree with "Pirate Ninjas of the Abyss" about the Mistress part.
If I got that part right, Vaella's mother sounds more like part Valyrian, part Summer Islander. Not an unimaginable mix in that part of the world, but makes me confused why would someone be so hiped about her "Old Blood", when there could be someone who... well, looks more the part of being from the "Old Blood".
Not trying to be racist here, but you would thing that if Vaella's father was so eager to have a Valyrian child, he would go that one extra step and do it with a woman who has the looks of a Valyrian.
Either the Mistress has some very old, Dragon Lord family's blood from her Valyrian side, or the father had limited options, or there's something else we don't know. Yet(?)

Jorg's punishment was long comming, we all knew it who remember how he left Willam's expedition to become an andal lordling and give out the shipbuilding secrets of his people. What little he knew at least. Adding the fact he cheated on his wife the first opportunity he was away from her is just more disgrace on his family's name.
A shame about his brother and father and the rest of their crew. Now I'm eager to see him survive swimming in ice cold water and redeem himself. At least I can only hope he survives long enough to get his redemption arc in the story.

About your response to my last review, I hope your happy to see that others also had something to write about this chapter.

No problem about the later updates. These are long chapters and quality writing takes time.
Pirate Ninjas of the Abyss chapter 60 . 5/13
Great chapter! Liked how you made the Whitewalkers and even worse threat with the ability to freeze the water. Little confused about the mistress part, you said she had the 'Old Blood' and a Rogare wanted a childwith her to get the Old Blood into the family. But you described her as Summer Islander... so she wouldn't be an Old Blood then. I got really confused by that one haha, probably just a mistype. Beyond that it was a great chapter.
jaimerey7000 chapter 60 . 5/13
The death of Lord Seastark and his son, who were the father and brother of Jorg Seastark, who could not reconcile with his family and died disappointed in him, that broke his heart, now he must seek revenge by punishing the culprit, which he will later discover is the Night King.
In Fort Terror, when the Starks and the Wildlings meet, the Starks discover that there are survivors of the Night's Watch, Mance brings them a wraith, demonstrating why he invaded the North and the reason the Watch let him through and They inform them that the Umber and Karstark castles were not taken by savages but by the Night King, who had also attacked Lord Seastark's fleet, killing Lord Seastark and his heir, as a result of which the savages and Northerners make an alliance together with the Sunset Stark, to protect and save the world and avenge Lord Seastark and Cailin Seastark
Wolftamer96 chapter 60 . 5/13
I almost forgot about the white walkers Soul so that was an reveal of reveals
Max20.7 chapter 60 . 5/13
Happy Birthday.
Others, who are able to just freeze the sea are kinda op in my opinion, but we will se what you make of them.
246vili chapter 59 . 5/2
Ah yes, the Starks playing the game as well. Good to have confirmation that Shireen is still alive.

Keep up the good work.
TrentBttl chapter 58 . 4/17
Another interesting chapter, things are certainly falling into place, I do wonder where shireen is in all this, still at Dragonstone or traveling with the army? Could do wonders for Aegon to marry her I’d say and unite the rival claims
Hulkbuster97 chapter 58 . 4/17
A nice chapter. I had been eagerly waiting for it. I have checked my inbox atleast 4 times a day this weekend for update mail . A wait of 1-2 more days is nothing as compared to happiness your story update brings to me _
It is so good that you explain strategies fully and yet not fail to surprise. You first surprised us in ch 57 with Stark army outside storm end with Red Ronnet defeated then now you fully explained how that has happened. Same was with when you explained us how Golden company took Storm's End. I am lovin it.
Keep going.
Dave chapter 58 . 4/17
Loved the chapter, really enjoying how the story is progressing! Has come so far since the beginning & still holding out for more.
Max20.7 chapter 57 . 4/15
Really enjoied the chapter, the Stormlands and Dorne just dont get enough love
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