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dcoon chapter 47 . 5h
you probably could have added a bit more detail to explain what was happening in the twins 'market'
xiongmao03 chapter 47 . 6h
Loved this little interlude
Dracco chapter 47 . 13h
And thus Vertic Alley was born
The Age of Awesomeness chapter 47 . 13h
Great work! Keep it up and please update soon!
GatorLHA2 chapter 47 . 16h
Excellent as ever!
sc2br chapter 4 . 17h
ILoveGeorgeEads chapter 47 . 18h
i loved loved loved loved loved loved it.
Talonwalker chapter 47 . 20h
Great story, really looking forward to the rest. Thanks
ManxomeFoe chapter 47 . 9/24
This is two chapters now that I didn't get my update from the Gray mailing list.
What could the problem be?
kaiokenkaizer chapter 41 . 9/24
I'm sorry, but I simply can't read any further. While you have written a brilliant fic, the amount of foolishness shown by the characters in this chapter just doesn't mesh well with the manner in which you have portrayed your characters. While Ginny not being able to kill Virgo was quite apparent even at the end of the last chapter, the fact that Luna hesitated to do so, despite her near obsessive loyalty, simply reeks of giving Virgo multiple passes for the sake of plot convenience. They clearly know that they are dealing with what is essentially a revived Voldemort, who teen or not, can cause lots of damage. Not mitigating it, especially with how hands-off Harry's approach is to this entire issue is out of character and doesn't maintain the story flow.
Good Day
DocCBM chapter 47 . 9/24
Love the bazaar.. hope the twins get an iron clad license from the headmaster...
doubledamn chapter 47 . 9/24
Hmmm... Could alter that business venture to only open on weekends, half a day each, orders placed throughout the week, order limit in place, obviously...
EzuTheDarkLord chapter 47 . 9/24
Lovely chapter nice and fluffy
Teufel1987 chapter 7 . 9/24
Well, you missed the train on Ginny Weasley's character in canon.
Not that I blame you, many people have too.

From the first four books, her character isn't more than Ron's little sister, but from book five, she does come into her own!
For one, we find out that she is cunning, resourceful and courageous. Not to mention that she is also capable of knowing what to say to Harry to get him to snap out of his funk. You can see all of that throughout the books. A couple of examples are as follows:
1. The way she bluntly tells him that he wasn't being possessed in the fifth book.
2. How quickly and matter-of-factly she finds a solution to get him to communicate with Sirius
3. The daring plan she concocted to allow Harry to talk to Sirius for a second time. Ron and Hermione were still getting over the fact that Harry saw Sirius being tortured in the DoM. Ginny on the other hand was quite quick to take charge and figure out the logistics.
4. Then we have the fact that she chose to go with Harry to the Ministry despite knowing how dangerous it would be. That shows balls.
5. In the fifth book we also find that she was quite cunning and sneaky what with the way she used to fly her brothers' brooms in secret.
6. Then we have the sixth book where we find that she doesn't take crap from any one of her older brothers. She also shows zero interest in love potions which should be telling in of itself.
7. Finally we have the seventh book where she and Neville lead the student resistance to Voldemort's Death Eater teachers. That wasn't an easy task by any means, yet she somehow managed for a year.

All in all, I'd say her character is pretty defined. It certainly is far more defined that Daphne's character. Most of Daphne's attributes - correction - ALL of Daphne's attributes; from her physical description to the house she is in is all Fanon.
Canon Daphne's house isn't even confirmed! For all we know, she could be a Hufflepuff!
Teufel1987 chapter 8 . 9/24
Well, I guess the Quibbler's properties has been changed from "Magazine" to "Newspaper" and then upgraded to "second largest newspaper" as well.

The rotfang conspiracy as news ... oh dear...
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