Reviews for Dodging Prison and Stealing Witches - Revenge is Best Served Raw
brendan chapter 57 . 2/5
This is an awesome story very original, different, new and unique. I really hope you continue it was a long read but enjoyed it very much!
Guest chapter 53 . 2/5
damn john just becomes even more of a piece of shit as time goes on
yrlastin chapter 22 . 2/1
The Snitch should be worth at least 10 points 10% otherwise there is absolutely no point for a seeker until the fisrt team reaches 100 points.
What if a seeker sees the opportunity to set the record for the fastest catch ever... only for the catch to be worth nothing?
yrlastin chapter 21 . 2/1
I'm pretty sure Harry could have programmed the VCR. Otherwise who would record all of Dudleys shows when the Dursleys went on holidays without Harry?
yrlastin chapter 16 . 2/1
More Harry, less others! PLEASE!
yrlastin chapter 12 . 2/1
That was a very, very poor showing on Harrys part!
yrlastin chapter 10 . 2/1
How did Dumbledore get there soo effing fast?
yrlastin chapter 4 . 2/1
Harry apparated all the way to Mongolia in several eye of sight apparitions, yet the noise level still havent lowered...Why not?
Guest chapter 7 . 1/28
I better hope the other's get to know the things ginny does it's rather unfair otherwise, cause not only she needs to co-exist with the other's girls but get rid of that damn hero worship.
btw children under the age of 10 shouldn't even be dealing with love stuff etc.. just gross.
Ashfold chapter 45 . 1/23
Okay, I'll grant you that Lucius and Harry's legilimency chat ending with Lockhart saying "and THAT'S how you deal with a Chimera!" was EXCELLENT foreshadowing. Almost not even foreshadowing and just a wink to rereaders.

If that was intentional, I'm genuinely impressed.
fuunu chapter 32 . 1/18
would james know that the prophecy is in the department of mysterious
Leo 23 chapter 57 . 1/14
Well, the story is super interesting!
Are you going to update this story or is it abandoned?
Greetings from Argentina!
redeyehawk23 chapter 57 . 1/13
It's impressive how off track this story feels
redeyehawk23 chapter 54 . 1/13
This is such an amazing parody
WeisseHex chapter 11 . 12/25/2022
John is a fucking idiot; anyone who treats his brother this way, is evil.
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