Reviews for Dodging Prison and Stealing Witches - Revenge is Best Served Raw
mhihabak chapter 10 . 10/13
That whole scene with dumbledore was just stupid
CarolsSister chapter 32 . 10/12
Thank you Daphne for asking for three minor favors, thank you Susan for granting those requests, and major thanks for Amelia Bones being a defender of the law and not being a member of the Cult of Dumbletwat.
CarolsSister chapter 30 . 10/12
Would Lord Hawk king's first name happen to be Stephen mayhap?
CarolsSister chapter 28 . 10/12
Really hating your spineless Potter parents, and totally despise your Dumbletwat.
CarolsSister chapter 25 . 10/12
Sirius is going to lose his mind if/when this comes to his attention. Or does he ever give any attention to anyone except James Potter the elder, or James Potter the lesser?
CarolsSister chapter 24 . 10/12
Wonder how Molly would react to being called "Mother" as opposed to "Mum". Mum indicates some degree of affection, where as Mother merely indicates she (Molly) gave birth to her.
CarolsSister chapter 22 . 10/11
Meant to ask earlier - Macavity from CATS?
CarolsSister chapter 11 . 10/11
Just a wee bit of a hypercrite there huh boy? You sent Harry away to Azkaban knowing he was innocent, but you call him dark?
CarolsSister chapter 10 . 10/11
For something that wasn't supposed to be a threat, even I would have taken Dumbles' mention of Daphne bring in the incoming class as well as being possibly at risk as one. Old bastard can't help being a manipulative jerk even if he isn't trying.
doom693 chapter 27 . 10/9
I read the author's note and became very sadge
benseal2003 chapter 57 . 10/5
Nice story if you continue I'd just say at the start Harry had to wait to be 2 other lords.
guest chapter 28 . 9/28
way to many POVs in this story, but otherwise good.
thebestofall chapter 28 . 9/29
Daphne is a fucking moron of the highest order. I really hope she gets a good shouting for that.
thebestofall chapter 25 . 9/29
Lol Luna is quickly becoming best girl
thebestofall chapter 24 . 9/29
Holy shit lol Luna is insanely talented. In this fic, I dare say she's above Hermione.
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