Reviews for The Past isn't Set in Stone
BlackWitchCurse chapter 42 . 5/16
I love this story! If you are still around you should definitely continue there’s no way you can just leave it like that it’s too good to leave abandoned! Please update.
heartofthelion chapter 42 . 5/7
It’s currently 4 am and I just finished your incredible fic. I simply could not stop reading because it just kept getting more and more interesting! I love how you wrote every character and how they have grown within the story, specially the marauders and their friendship with Hermione. Of course I love her relationship with Pandora, Adrian and Regulus but the fact that the marauders went from her bullies to forming a deep connection with her, even if some of themcough* Sirius *coughdon’t want to admit it. And of course Aberforth and Guillaime are some of my favorites! I was ready to start crying when Guillaime went missing. I was kind of expecting to lose interest when I figured out that her relationship with Sirius wouldn’t happen for a looooooong time but the concept of magic and Merlin and the cores and everything kept me very interested and fascinated. I would love it if you updated it to see if she finally manages to control all that power and to see her fall in love with Sirius and viceversa (I’ll accept just one tiny kiss if that’s all you have).

Ps.: the basilisk is my favorite, he’s just so cute!
Pps.: I’m very attracted to Tom for some reason but I’m not complaining, you write him brilliantly.
Ppps.: please don’t let Regulus die
everlastingbean chapter 42 . 4/6
Amazing story. Can’t believe I hadn’t found it before. Thank you for a great ride
Lindy Rose chapter 42 . 3/27
I am so sad that this story is unfinished and possibly abandoned /3 But I want you to know dear author that I have enjoyed every second of it so far. It is so different from other time traveling stories I've read so far and it is very special. I love that you made Dumbledore redeemable while still maintaining that he has his flaws. I love that you have made the mauraders flawed characters and how you show their growth. I love Hermione's friendships and how you've developed those side characters. I love Hermione's relationship with Aberforth and Guillaume. I love how Hermione is still herself but more cautious, which makes perfect sense for her to be a Ravenclaw. I love her friendly basilisk. I want to know so badly how all this ends but I also want you to know something dear author. You do not owe anyone your time or creativity and no one has the right to place guilt or shame on you for your writing timeline. While I hope this work that you put so much love and energy into will one day be completed if it doesn't bring you joy anymore then...don't. You have created something unique and beautiful already. Be proud, you deserve it.
Hope you you in my notifications one day,
Lindy Rose chapter 40 . 3/27
YEEEEES THEY FINALLY RECONCILED. I knew you could figure it out Hermione!
Lindy Rose chapter 34 . 3/27
Ugh the whole Regulus thing is so sad its frustrating me to no end! Hermione's brilliant! When will she put together her brothers kidnapping for information on her with Malfoy's weird behavior and Regulus's sudden rejection of her? Ahhhh I'm so emotional I want Hermione and Regulus to work things out and at least be secret pals!
Also, again, SIRIUS YOU FRUSTRATE ME. I approve of Hermione's handling of the situation but god damn I'm ready for Sirius to grow up and get over his issues. Such a well written slow burn I can totally see their potential as a couple it's just that it's not time yet.
I saw some of your comments in earlier chapters about how some people are unhappy with you for taking time off between chapters and you feel like you need to say sorry but honestly throw that energy in the toilet. You have written sooooo much already, not only that but writing that's enjoyable to read stylistically, with an incredible plot line, and with well executed believable characters. No matter how fast or slow you put out your work it is a gift to the public and we should be damn grateful you bestowed upon us this gift. I am!
Thanks for writing
Lindy Rose chapter 32 . 3/26
You're plot twists are amazing! I can't even predict what comes next!
Lindy Rose chapter 19 . 3/26
WHOA! What a plot twist! This is so exciting!
Lindy Rose chapter 17 . 3/26
Omygod I am INVESTED and OBSESSED with this story. This chapter was brilliant! I love time travel stories and I had always wanted to see what Hermione's boggart would be after the first time going through the war and while I think it would be different with every story I love this version so much!
The Merlin/Founders cores premise is so cool and I cannot WAIT to see how it unfolds.
And also omg! Sirius you are so frustrating!
Awesome fantastic wonderful work
Teesabean chapter 42 . 1/21
This was so goooood! I’m reminded though of why I never read abandoned fics. I want more! Ah well. Life happens. I hope you are well and thank you so much for the amazing story!
bkjar chapter 42 . 11/20/2021
I hope you’ll update soon!
Kate chapter 42 . 10/21/2021
I am totally in love with this story! The legends and the worldbuilding and the histories are so fascinating. I literally love everything. I want to say so much more but I’m afraid we’ll be here all day if I do. Your characters are all so well rounded and I always loved how you tackled the issues, be it friends, families, or self discovery. It’s all well thought out and while I’d undoubtedly be excited to see more, I understand if that’s not possible.

I’ve noticed you saying in your A/Ns that you went through some tough times, and I am so sorry for that. I hope you and yours are doing better now. Take care of yourself, and thank you very much for sharing this story!
thoushaltnottpass chapter 15 . 9/5/2021
plot twist, it actually does have to do with an escaped Azkaban mass murderer trying to break into Hogwarts

(came back for a reread, because how could i not?)
Connoisseur97 chapter 42 . 8/12/2021
This story is so beautifully written! Thanks for writing it. I hope you haven't abandoned it. Please update soon.
thewitchfromhell chapter 25 . 8/4/2021
I agree that it's not pedophilia for Hermione to go out with 15 year old boys. She has memories of her 19 year old life but she's physically 14. She is stuck in a 14 year old body with a 14 year old brain. Love this chapter.
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