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blisscity chapter 11 . 11/3/2021
lol, i just though of something interesting hahaha during the earlier days of them sleeping, mc does not know yet the identity of the anbu watchinh her. i wonder what would happen if slept with the other anbu (if they were any) watching her not knowing they weren't the same person. lol, I 'd really like to know how male love interest show his jealousy.

ps. can't drop the name, can't spoil.
blisscity chapter 11 . 11/3/2021
this is one of my favorite fics!
Ghislaaainee chapter 1 . 10/20/2021
I can't read the word basterd one more time
tenkoyami chapter 11 . 8/31/2021
wow. youre a genius. dont think i can go back to reading anything but top tier level stories :,
Angelliqueg chapter 1 . 7/1/2021
raerae chapter 8 . 4/17/2021
I started reading this because someone recommended it on Reddit. It was fun at first, but it's honestly really sad how much she's hung up on Kakashi and how he dictates her moods. A guy she barely knows shouldn't be affecting her for weeks on end (especially in earlier chapters when she seriously doesn't know him). I know there are people like that in real life, but it makes for a weak heroine and I don't think it makes for a compelling character. It also doesn't sell the romance that she basically lets him walk all over her with only surface protests because she thinks she loves him. It's just so unhealthy. I think this would be a better story if she shed this bizarre codependence on a man she hardly knows and it focused on other parts of her life. I think your writing is decent, but I'm getting tired of stories that center around weak women who fall apart just because of a guy and that promote unhealthy dynamics like this. I'll be dropping this, but thanks for posting.
Guest chapter 2 . 4/17/2021
Why is she nervous about a story that isn't hers? Why is she proud of getting published for a story that isn't hers? It's really obnoxious and shameless how she behaves in regards to her plagiarized work.
Manalskii chapter 8 . 3/29/2021
This chapter has the word bastard 116 times
I can’t this so funny
Manalskii chapter 6 . 3/29/2021
This chapter has the word bastard 144 times !
Manalskii chapter 4 . 3/29/2021
This chapter has the word bastard 44 times
fablesofkitkat chapter 10 . 3/26/2021
Hi thank you for writing this!

Don't mind the previous review left by a guest. It was his/her mistake not to read the AN that chapters 1,3,7 were smut scenes. I wasn't actually really interested in the smut until further in the chapters when Mari and Kakashi's relationship developed. Mind you, I started reading this a couple of years back and kind of forgot about it but I vaguely remember you didn't put Kakashi in the characters, so it was a fun game to guess which of the characters Mari was falling in love with, was rooting for Kakashi and it is Kakashi.

To the guest we reviewer down there, Mari did not adopt Naruto after two sentences, she actually did not want to be involved, after the first time Mari fed Naruto, he kept appearing in front of her, followed her around until she caved in (you would know if you read it, not skim it). I think your opinion is affected by you lack of skills in reading. However, no one can force you and you're entitled to an opinion.
PonderPanda chapter 8 . 3/2/2021
Damn I’m in tears and so touched from my heart. I’m weak to all this mush! I love Mary and Kakashi so much.
Guest chapter 11 . 2/16/2021
Trashy and not well written. Starts chapter one with a sx scene for no reason whatsoever, then the stupid oc proceeds to quit her job because her editor was pressuring her too much. Again, there’s no backstory or writing leading up and while I understand keeping the oc mysterious and whatnot, the author doesn’t even put in work to describe or even vaguely mention how the oc got her job, her backstory, or even her looks besides some raunchy sx scene on chapter one. She argues with Naruto for two sentences before basically adopting him? And the fact that she doesn’t realize who Naruto is when he’s sleeping near the dumpster despite all other civilians knowing doesn’t make any logical sense. The jonin ADULTS also act like some particularly stupid middle schooler whenever anything romance related is brought up. Like seriously? They’re what 25-35? Yet they act like wide-eyed middle schoolers.

This quote is the perfect example of this: “Yuugao feels herself flush a little. Partly because she's never going to get used to how bluntly Mio speaks about this, and partly because, yes, those scenes were very hot.”

Wow, yes those scenes were so very hot. Now let me blush like a 12 year-old. Then there’s more scenes with jonin blushing, stammering, etc since the oc (mio) is so blunt, so straightforward, so whatever synonym the author shoved in to replace blunt.

If you’re looking for a good read or a good kakashi x oc story find anything else but this. I’m pretty sure I lost some braincells reading whatever garbage this is.
August Gingersnap Bee chapter 11 . 1/28/2021
THAT'S WHY I RECOGNIZE THIS STORY! Because I read "A Wolf", the version from Kakashi's POV. Cool.
Ookamihime Ichimaru chapter 8 . 1/16/2021
Listen I just reread this story from start to finish and I still cry at Itachi’s part. It breaks my heart as I genuinely loved Itachi and shisui in this and I was hoping so hard that Mary would somehow prevent the massacre. Ugh it makes me so saaaaad
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