Reviews for Say Goodnight And Go
Delawarelover16 chapter 83 . 6/18
Please update! This story is amazing and I am dying to know what happens next!
twigirl3 chapter 83 . 6/17
I am in love with this story! I can not wait for an update! this is one of the best stories I have read in a long time!
paraphrase8 chapter 83 . 6/14
I’ve binged on SGAG after reading countless recs... it did not disappoint! I cried, I laughed, I’m in love with how you’ve written the characters. Please update soon!
xxxLauraaxxx chapter 83 . 6/13
Love this story, update soon please xx
Skyeline chapter 50 . 6/11
You write Luna very well. she's so lovely and ethereal
megapointe7 chapter 83 . 6/11
This story is so good! I cnnot wait for the ending!
Skyeline chapter 34 . 6/10
I love this chapter. The visual of McGonagall sitting on the floor is so pure and I love it. And the mysterious "he" who pops in on perfect cue.
jaymay49 chapter 83 . 6/10
It’s go time!
Mandi762 chapter 66 . 6/5
The tears and the feels this chapter has brought out in me. I have benge read this story, so I haven’t reviewed each chapter as it has come out. (Sorry that I didn’t review ask read them either. I was to busy going to the next chapter.)

This chapter has made me stay up till 12:15am on a week night when I have to get up at 5:30am to go to work and I have 2 kids under 3. It made me smile. It made me ugly cry. I knew I had to let you know that you have done an amazing job with this story. It’s only taken me 66 chapters to review on here not just on Facebook. Lol.

I am obsessed with this story and I read it as much as I can. I read it when I can get away with it at work, I stay awake super late at night after the hubs has fallen asleep, I read when I should be paying attention to different things going on, but this story has drawn me in. I don’t know what I’ll do when you finish it, other than morn the fact that it’s over and save it to read later as a favorited story.

Long review made short, sorry I’m a crappy reader who doesn’t take the time to review each chapter, you’re awesome, I love this story, your betas are amazing, and thank you for sharing your wonderful imagination with me.
brightminds.2o11 chapter 83 . 6/1
I have fell in love story I can wait to read more!
twigirl3 chapter 1 . 6/1
I was really afraid they were going Theo... and I really hope that doesn't happen any time soon. seriously addicted to this story!
skyeryder01 chapter 83 . 5/24
Just finished binge reading this and I am absolutely loving it! I can't wait for the next chapter.
Chelsea always chapter 83 . 5/18
I’m so happy everyone is excepting and can’t wait for more
MotekElm chapter 83 . 5/17
great chapter
xXMizz Alec VolturiXx chapter 83 . 5/17
So intense
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