Reviews for The Kyle Side
SunPho3n1x chapter 32 . 12/5
This story was so great! I very much enjoyed reading it. Thank you for writing this.
Ophis-The-Infinite-Dragon-God chapter 32 . 11/21
Kinda sad there actually isn't a sequel, didn't need any drama in it to be good, the exploration missions are good enough, could have even had them touch down on the dragon age world or discover and fix a mass relay in unknown space, that one would have been pretty damn cool, imagine this empire coupled with HP magic entered into mass effect just before the start of ME1, the youngest space faring race would become the oldest and there's plenty of drama for that to work with.
Tony Moonstone chapter 32 . 11/3
I want to thank you so much for bringing me into a HarryPotter/StarWars crossover.
It was done really well.
I don't read much Star Wars fanfiction but the way you wrote this I might just start reading Star Wars fiction in the future.
I loved Kyle and I'm happy you made Amelia Bones a central character.
I was surprised you made Snape more evil in my book with just his actions alone.
Thanks so much you are my newest fav author of the year, you really surprised me.
Thank you.
Take care and be safe!
Tony Moonstone chapter 13 . 11/2
Very interesting!
I don't usually go into the Star Wars Universe but I was surprised with this HP crossover with it.
So far I'm enjoying myself and can't wait to read the next chapter.
Harry has Jedi smarts and training can he best the wizards of the Harry Potter Universe, well we will see.
Onward I read.
Take care and be safe!
KaiKaiRee chapter 32 . 11/1
How come you changed the name of the fic to "The Kyle Side"? Didn't it use to be "The Katarn Side"?
Ricee chapter 28 . 10/25
if he was still in polyjuice, how did the goblins know who he was?
Ricee chapter 10 . 10/25
oh? Hermione survived? I figured she would have died from the troll in first year
Annie Magus chapter 32 . 10/21
Great story! Holds up well after multiple readings. Thank you for writing
Silky Button chapter 18 . 9/19
The one thing I don't understand (and I know this was finished years ago, but still...)
I get that Harry has to stay.

But why wouldn't he contact Master Skywalker. Just to tell him his Master has died.
I would assume that both Empire and Jedi would be willing to help Harry (and I don't mean by destroying the planet haha).

Or at least send a single Jedi Master to help Harry as he is just an Apprentice.

Either way. Great story. Next chapter!
Guest chapter 18 . 8/30
erstwhile-S chapter 31 . 8/20
Very much enjoyed re-reading this. Thanks again.
SHWAT chapter 31 . 8/14
Watcher Hermione? What kind of greeting is that? XD
Wasn't it supposed to be Wotcher?
red-jacobson chapter 32 . 8/8
Finally got to the end of the story and enjoyed it a great deal. I was leery of starting it because my Star Wars knowledge is limited to the original trilogy, I never played any of the games or read the novels about the Expanded Universe. Even with the lack of knowledge, I had no problem following the story, and I appreciate you taking the time to finish and share it with us.
Guest chapter 10 . 8/8
Just now realizing that the Kyle jokes are reskinned Chuck Norris jokes…
Lampessa chapter 3 . 8/6
3rd chapter and I am hooked. Never liked HP/SW crossovers but I guess I was reading the wrong ones. This one is actually well written and it goes with the proper SW lore.
And now I'll go back to the chappie...
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