Reviews for The Katarn Side
ainokea2810 chapter 32 . 9/18
Loved it all! Beautiful story.
Noacat chapter 32 . 9/17
I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It was a weird story, but a good one. Thank you.
Guest chapter 14 . 9/1
I feel a bit sorry for Sirius after all that.
BarbyBells chapter 32 . 8/25
it was great!I loved it!
JayMJane chapter 32 . 8/17
Thanks for answering enjoyable couple if days
Reichenfaust chapter 4 . 8/1
Really? You are a fan of the Expanded Universe, know much about the timelines, and actually think that Tom freakin Riddle would be a challenge for the most powerful Grand Master of All Time, he who slew the Celestial Abaloth? Luke Skywalker, who figured out ALL of the powers of past masters, defeated the Dark Side, and MOVED Centrepoint Station?

It is a ridiculous insinuation to think that Wizards could be as powerful as Jedi or Sith... Maybe the scrubs in the cannon fodder from the Sith Army, or the low quality Jedi from the Jedi of the prequels, but they are not even close to the Sith and Jedi of the Expanded Universe... Your talking about Jedi who can sense and precog nearly everything, who can target and understand any weakness, and YES CAN TELEPORT THEMSELVES, can utilize the Force in massively powerful ways, and move faster than most can even understand... While the Sith who are showcased have often shown powers to massively warp the battlefield, or even SOLAR SYSTEM that they are in, the greatest having cleanly achieved immortality, regeneration, nigh-invincibility, an ability to rip the cores of SUNS out and throw it at entire FLEETS of Ships, summoning FORCE STORMS that can wreck approaching armadas, mass telekinesis and telepathy on a scale Voldieshorts could ONLY DREAM of, and power beyond anything Grindelwald or any other Dark Wizard could accomplish.

I'm not saying wizards are weak. They are just comparably NOTHING, compared to the EXPANDED UNIVERSE Jedi and Sith, and stating that Luke could be taken down by Voldemort is ludicrous... Especially considering that Voldieshorts is only nearly a threat on the street classification level, and a Street Fighter from Street Fighter could conceivably beat him with their abilities and reflexes because Voldiemort never really changes the battlefield around like Dumbledore does with his transfiguration. They are NOWHERE near the level of Jedi and Sith, who with Precog, Reflexes, and Telepathy, can probably take them starting at the Guardian Classes and probably Beginner-Vaapad users...

I like your stories, I really do, but I find your hyperbole weird, and strange, considering you actually know whats going on in the expanded universe... But tend to gloss over the important feats that have happened.
hdres chapter 32 . 8/1
Great story. I really enjoyed the way you interwove the force and magic. Gotta love a sappy ending too. You are a skilful and accomplished writer and I know I am going to enjoy what you write. Thank you for sharing your story.
Guest chapter 9 . 7/31
Just had to take a moment, these freaking intro-snippets are killing me XD
Erin chapter 32 . 7/19
I curse you good sir, I have within the span of less than twenty four hours completed this story. I have neglected my general health to absorb this plot. I shall never regret it, but I do feel rather hungry. I once again applaud you for your skill in tale weaving. Both humour and innuendo were in large part why I enjoyed this fic. But of course, it can also be attributed to your character flaws and impeccable writing instinct. I look forward to exploring other stories by yourself.

Shaydrall chapter 1 . 7/13
I didn’t even realize it was ending until they started saying the “I love you”s. To be completely honest, the ending is pretty damn bad. But hell you finished it and it was entertaining all the while. Thanks for the read
Time313 chapter 32 . 7/12
Bravo, excellent story.
SnapDragon21 chapter 24 . 7/10
Precognition of 'Bah!'...


Laurentius Williame chapter 32 . 7/10
I read your story and really enjoyed it. In my opinion, it's one of the best HPXSW I've read. Perfect ending. Thanks so much for a great read.
Zyanadryn chapter 10 . 6/28
When I see Kyle Katarn, I see Jeffory Dean Morgan!
Jim chapter 32 . 6/23
Very nicely done!
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