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Guest chapter 27 . 5/15
So Anakin is being an idiot. What else is new?
shugokage chapter 27 . 5/15
A truly beautiful and impressive story I just finished re-reading it and impressed all over again.
RaymundF1ph chapter 27 . 5/13
This chapter is awesome! I hope you can have more inspiration for this since you are integrating the Star Wars Original Time Line and the better parts of Disney's attempt at Star Wars Fanfiction.

I hope you can find some way to integrate the segments from the following:

Truce at Bakura
Yuuzhan Vong War
Dark Nest Series
Legacy of the Force
Fate of the Jedi

I know the HORSE FOR THE FORCE time line would invalidate a lot of the Original Time Line events and I know you are also busy with your other wonderful stories. I just hope that you can include this not only here but also with MAGIC OF THE FORCE.

Stay safe, inspired and may the force be with you
Jordin-Pendragon chapter 5 . 5/13
Okay honestly still love all your work equally. But you have the same editing problems regardless of beta across all your works. You don’t put up all the message quote marks to understand if someone is speaking of not. And your forget to space between words with makes reading feel somewhat like a decoder puzzle. Ex. aradicalsplintergroup. Just found that one
DaJuggernaut512 chapter 27 . 5/13
Well done! This chapter has been a hell of a wild ride.
R.I.P. to my girl Janice. From start to finish, you were amazing.
The irony of Vos's motivations in regard to Aayla is a big yikes. He was a good man once. Sad to see how far he'd fallen.
Hot damn! The big reveal has arrived.
Dammit Anakin.
Meanwhile on Coruscant, Palps is wondering why he hears an entire multi-phase boss music album heading in his direction.
TheLostArchivist chapter 27 . 5/10
I think you said you were putting up an AO3 mirror? I can't seem to find it. Do you have a different username?

Sidious new why it had taken so long
knew why
and in her position as the Chommell sector Senator attempted to bleat about trying to limit
Senator, attempted
"Invictus barely got his lightsaber up in time
delete the quote
Invictus repositioned the tow of them
poked there rifles out
Surrender Quinlan.
Needs a comma
didn't feel him reaching out to the Force/ A second later
Force. A
the Bothan was in the air a Force Push
air, a
Tholme would have seen it growing in you. did Master Tholme try to help you
Her Force Precognition falters as her concentration did
Ranma had seen backlogs showing that two of the captured large hulks on the defender's had been destroyed with all hands lost.
battle logs? Also, defender's had - defender's what had...?
They were the slicers, whose round the clock work was not allowed to stop at this point and Anakin.
point, and Anakin
"You will need to find a means of speeding up the toughness training that voice was saying.
was some of this not supposed to be part of his actual speech?
And see if you can create an even deadlier Blood Bombs
remove "an"
Know why he was trying to befriended me
But this was not rational decision
not a rational
Guest chapter 27 . 5/10
Alright. The end game. Can't wait.
WearyCurmudgeon chapter 27 . 5/9
- Vos
Oh boy, he's really off the reservation, considering that Aayla looked more to him like a Father or Older Brother figure, whereas Tholme straddled the Grandfather/Father line.

Her current interest in Thrawn wouldn't have helped his mental stability either.

Nor will she be happy with how heavily he'd fallen to the Dark Side that he reduced her to little more than a possession, a slave in his mind, considering what he saved her from when he found her.

Bitter irony.

Or that he apparently killed Tholme. Would evoke memories of her own family and the uncle who sold her.

- Scout
So considering how interwoven Chi and the Living Force are, does that mean that her reserves could be grown as she develops and cultivates her Chi?

- Tools
Ahsohka is forgetting that there are beings that are heavily resistant to outright immune to lightsabers.

Those Crush Gauntlets would be a nice alternative to fall back on, especially considering Scout's Martial Arts skills.

It's actually a big weakness in the Order. Can't use their Lightsaber? Can't use the Force? Then they're SOL with nothing else to fall back on.

As for the Armour. AFAIK, it wasn't unheard of in days of yore, but the Jedi discontinued the practice as to properly attune the armour to the Force, they had to perform certain rituals which were too close to Sith Alchemy for their taste. (Plus, the whole no possessions or attachment thing.)

Whereas the Sith simply lost the knowledge due to all their infighting.

Last known user of Force attuned armour was AFAIK Darth Bandon, back in the KotOR days.

And just to reiterate, Force attuned armour only worked for the person to whom it was attuned.

So let's use a Pre-Ruussan reformation Jedi couple as an example. The husband couldn't make a suit attuned for his wife or vice versa. They could only use the armour for themselves.

It was a situation akin to the one Ranma and Herb had in your ME crossover. Each part of the armour had to be bathed, isn't quite the right term but can't think of a better one at the moment, in the relevant energy to attune it to the future wearer.

You'll find similar concepts in Drow and Elven smithing in D&D, hence why Elven and Drow Fighter/Mages or Cleric/Mages can cast in Armour made by their people. Elven Chain, Drow Chain and Elven Plate Mail are examples of such. (Something to keep in mind for your HP/BG cross. As Harry might be able to use Wizarding Magic while in Elven Plate, even if he's a Paladin.)

Magic is just a bit more forgiving with regards to Attunement than Chi or the Force.

So the Attuner need not be the one wearing the armour in the future. Could just be a commercial transaction or a gift to a loved one.

But to bring it back to Star Wars.

Another issue is indeed the mobility factor for Jedi, BUT the lighter forms of armour like the stuff that the Echani favour, would work just as well if they were attuned.

- Annakin
Oh boy, Order 66 set off early, due to Annie's impetuousness?

That'll change the strategic equations that Thrawn is using into chaos.
Death of Snipers chapter 27 . 5/10
Overall great chapter, though the quinlan fight could use some fixing. At a couple moments, it seemed like KKruk lost an arm and Saa got taken down by lethal slugs respectively. I assume that was actually the consulatars but it messed with the flow a bit
SvenTheDecoy chapter 27 . 5/10
kill anakin! that kind of stupidity needs to be purged from the universe
sleepinglush chapter 27 . 5/10
hmmm yes i can see the end game coming soon with this one. the death of ranmas friend was a sad one D: she shall be missed was a fun character. i can only imagine the cluster fuck that may happen when anakin makes it too the chancellor.
JustAnotherFan217 chapter 27 . 5/9
Loved the battle! Vos’ ending was great, with K’Kruhk being the one to deliver the final blow. One negative was the Janice death. I’m not against her dying, per se, but that group of students is essentially a red shirt group and she was the only one left that was interesting. I’m kind of hoping you just let that group disappear to the background.

Also majorly bummed that the agri-corp girl wants to be a Jedi. I was really hoping Ranma would get to train a true student of Anything Goes, as that is not something you have done in ANY of your stories. So that was a huge let down.

All in all though, I enjoyed the chapter, and I am pumped that we are entering the big end game here!
VFSNAKE chapter 27 . 5/9
Awesome! The truth has been revealed. Sidious will soon be exposed. Question now is, just how far will Sidious go to achieve victory? And can Ranma stop it.
Dragon Man 180 chapter 27 . 5/9
Several times Saa appears in the fight with Invictus before she’s described exiting the turbolift, making that fight quite confusing.

I’m sad Janice is gone, she was a great character and went through so much only to die so suddenly.

Oh Anakin, you’ve jumped the gun and I have a bad feeling confronting Palpatine will just make things worse.
buterflypuss chapter 27 . 5/9
good chap
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