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Laura Gray chapter 22 . 11/6/2016
It's good to see Thorongil at last getting some recognition; though he would rather remain anonymous, at least for now, it warms this reader's heart :) And Minardil's giving Thorongil his own spare sword is the perfect solution to the problem, and a touching step in their friendship. A soldier does not lightly trust another with his weapon.

As always, I am fascinated (if also slightly repulsed) by the medical details, both for the air of historical authenticity they lend the story and for the opportunity to see Thorongil demonstrating his skill. Amidst the gore, I found that idea of handwashing as an "ancient custom of Westernesse" incongruously amusing :)

Poor Jamon. He is an interesting, unique character; I am very curious to see what you have planned for him.

I'm not quite clear where Herion's animosity comes from, unless it is that he sees Thorongil (perhaps rightly) as a threat to his position. It is a bit odd that someone who appears to be such a bully could have been promoted to lieutenant. But maybe he has other skills that outweigh his prejudices. In any case, Thorongil has his proper sword back!
Hideypidey chapter 24 . 11/5/2016
Another great update, thanks for posting.

I really liked the phrases 'battered dismay' and the 'pitfalls of pride and the ravine of over humbleness'. Thorongil couldn't have put the latter any better.

In your last chapter I understood that Denethor had executed the previous traitor; I get nervous when he's around the dungeon. He is rather horribly consistent.

Will there be any insubordination during the 'cleansing of the city' I wonder?
Nessa chapter 24 . 11/3/2016
This is absolutely brilliant! You are a phenomenal writer!
Elfinabottle chapter 24 . 10/31/2016
Thank you for all the recent updates. I'm enjoying them all. Meanwhile, could you please give Denethor an incurable (at least by the Gondorian physicians) boil on his butt? I'd love to see him suffer with it, for years even, since he's okay with others suffering.
Guest chapter 24 . 10/31/2016
Wow, I enjoyed this chapter. The plot with Jamon as a spy isn't my favorite, but it's still great! And Thorongil is moving up in Gondor! Jamon has the worst luck- he came to Gondor in hopes that things would be better and he's ended up in exactly the same place as the other man from his country who was fighting /against/ Gondor. It looks like Thorongil will have some tips to convey to Jamon, perhaps! (Between he and Denethor, they have an absurd proportion of Middle-earth's knowledge and resources available to them. That's amazing/terrifying/I don't know what to think since in this fic they're in their low-mid-thirties.)

I keep thinking about why Minardil is such a lovable character… As you touch on, he respects everyone, regardless of their history or appearance or rank. He takes so much responsibility onto himself that he does not have to. He sees the best in everyone- Jamon, Thorongil, Denethor, etc. He is an able leader but he does not seek to gain power for the sake of it. He readily admits and accepts that he does not know everything.

Also, having recently started college, I strive to emulate Thorongil's ability to be unbothered by a lack of sleep (though on a smaller scale). Anyway, great job!
cedarlight chapter 24 . 10/30/2016
Cliffhanger! I hope nothing bad happens to Jamon!
flip-the-adventurer chapter 24 . 10/30/2016
Aaah I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your writing! I stumbled across The Eagle on the Ramparts last week, read through as much as had been written, realised that it wasn't complete and frantically decided to check your profile just in case you had any other Middle-earth stories. To be met with such a treasure trove of writing exploring Aragorn's life was beyond what I had hoped for!
TEotR in particular reminds me of Rosemary Sutcliff's historical fiction, and she is one of my all-time favourites. You share the same ability to set a mood. I don't know how to describe it but it feels like you elevate the reader to that same quest that Aragorn/Thorongil is always on, of pursuing the noble, honourable and just path. The way that you put in little details that describe everyday life just makes the stories come alive for me (even a recipe for how they made soap! Or the details of his clothing! How do you have so much knowledge about so many details of a medieval way of life?). It gives them a depth that sets your writing apart from so many others on this site. To be honest I'm really curious now about yourself as a person- are you a young person with an incredibly awesome and focused knowledge base? Or a more mature-aged person who's been studying these kinds of things for years and years?
Suffice to say I'm super impressed, and hanging on for more! Do you have Aragorn's entire life story plotted out somewhere? There are so many interlinking references between all your stories despite them having been written at different times. There are several significant things hinted at that I hope you'll be exploring in TEotR but which don't yet seem compatible with Thorongil's current rank. Do you have any idea how long you plan to make this story? Will it be a similar length to A Long and Weary Way?
I'd also be really interested to see how you would explore Arwen and Aragorn's love story. Between her attitude towards him in The Valley Is Jolly and the picture of their gentle intimacy in ALaWW I'd love to see what causes the growth and development of their feelings for each other! The huge differences between their ages and life experiences, and the level of sacrifice involved in Arwen's decision to die a mortal death always make me wonder how they could connect to each other what convinced her that he was worth the pain she would suffer.
I also really appreciate the incredible love-bond that you show between Elrond and Aragorn. That's something that the movies really twisted imo, so I love the way that you explore their beautiful paternal relationship.
Anyway thank you so much for providing me with so many hours of captivating reading, and congratulations on the incredible amount time, effort and skill that you've woven together in these stories!
Amateur Bacon Cook chapter 24 . 10/30/2016
Nice: so Thorongil gets a promotion. I like how he warns against excess humility as well as overweening pride — we really see his pragmatism here.

But what really takes the cake is Jamon's attempted questioning of the prisoner. His wretched incompetence is pitiful to behold. His cry of '... oh, Captain, I do not know why I am here!' really summarises Jamon's state, and I truly believe Denethor is simply doing this partially for national security, and partially to give Jamon what he feels Jamon deserves. Denethor's racism here — blooming from a sheltered life within the walls and laws of Minas Tirith as well as his own mistrust — is brought to a head.

Minardil and Thorongil's rapport is being built up beautifully. I am glad they can nurture their friendship and camaraderie with less of a separation by rank. Speaking of which, the allusion to Minardil in 'A Long and Weary Way' was cleverly done and clearly shows how this is a friendship made to last.

Good chapter!

Best wishes,
Catri Howlman-Carthaki spy chapter 24 . 10/29/2016
Denethor's spy idea is great in theory, but his execution leaves much to be desired. You've crafted a deeply frustrating man. There are moments when I can respect him, and then he ruins it by being an ass. So close to being a great guy, and so very, very, far away.

Minardil, on the other hand, is wonderful. And poor Jamon! I hope he makes it out of this intact.
AlexDnD chapter 24 . 10/29/2016
I am loving these frequent updates! Hmm very interesting turn of events. Glad to here that Jamon's girl will at least know what is going on.
jkleeberger22 chapter 24 . 10/29/2016
Wow, you're on a roll with the updates!
I was reading this story late last night when I was tired, and I misread the phrase "Thorongil of the Guard" as "Thorongil the Great." Oh well, both titles are accurate, right? :)
I'm glad Minardil found out about Jamon. With the way Jamon, a loyal guardsman, is treated, I am not surprised that few Easterlings come and serve Gondor. I'm a bit cross with Denethor for giving the poor man a task which even the Captains have not been trained to do. Hopefully he can finally get some help now- Thorongil is the one Minardil is thinking of, I'm guessing? He seems to be the go-to guy for pretty much every problem. And I agree with Jamon's description- Thorongil is also kind. :)
How are Ecthelion's girls doing? I've been wondering about Telpiriel's health and how she is coping with her confinement.
Guest chapter 24 . 10/29/2016
Wonderful! Thoringil as First Lieutenant is the best. The truth coming out is easing the awkward and solidifying relationships...the conversations between Minardil and Thoringil breathe easier...the friendship more solid on this new footing. I was also delighted that Thoringil got to the House of Healing to speak to Mallor: relieved that he is healing! But Poor, poor Jamon. Denethor is expecting far too much of him, and providing no resources or context, or even reason to believe the Easterling has info of any value. Bless Minardil for taking poor Jamon out to speak at more length...and the promise to speak to his love...and bless you for leaving us hope that Thoringil can help Jamon and the interrogation. This may mean another clash with Denethor, but if Thoringil can help Jamon, and get information that will protect Gondor, while still being merciful, I say too bad for the Steward's son. His methods stink. Thank you thank you thank you for writing. I am enjoying the updates so much.
alive by grace chapter 24 . 10/29/2016
I love this story so much. Your writing is amazing, reminiscent of Tolkien. Your portrayal of Aragorn strikes such a beautiful balance between unprecedented power and talent and still very human mistakes.
I'm guessing that Minardil is going to Aragorn for advice now? Has Thorongil given him any hint of a talent in interrogation, or does Minardil just assume by now that Thorongil can do anything?
Aikwen chapter 22 . 10/29/2016
I am very glad that Thorongil has his sword back. It would not be like Denethor to return the sword asap and with a public apology but even so, the scene with Herion stunned me... the lieutenant seemed harmless enough before, other than assigning Thorongil unpleasant work. Then I realized that he only jumped at the chance that Thorongil gave him with his unguarded words. It would not do to dress down the new recruit without reason when the captain likes him. But catching the sellsword in a vulnerable moment and hearing him admit a grave transgression so casually... what more is needed to trigger all his envy and hate? He must feel threatened by this son of no man who is clearly so much more competent... a nice contrast with Thalahir, who is not unsure about his own qualities and accepts that someone may be better than he.

This was written before you posted the next chapters and left unfinished. I confess that I was fooled by the title: the unsanctioned deed of Thorongil is evident, also Minardils „acting in good faith“, but I didnt class the last one as such, it was a complete surprise!
Medilia chapter 24 . 10/29/2016
I am really enjoying this! And the frequent updates. can't wait for the next chapter.
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