Reviews for The Eagle on the Ramparts
WithaVengance chapter 1 . 10/6/2019
I absolutely adore your writing. I have read everything you have written, including this story three times despite its length. You characterization of young Aragorn is so fitting and so compelling. Your works fit perfectly into Tolkien's world, as does your prose and vocabulary. Your knowledge of sparring, weapons, armour, and strategy speak to much research and a labor of love. I thank you for sharing this labor with us.
I really want to read the rest of this story. Thorongil has a long way to go from his current lowly position to Captain of Gondor and the raising of Umbar. I would love to read of the ransack of Umbar in your own words, and of Aragorn's time in the lands of Mordor as hinted at in some of your other works. But now I becoming greedy. For now I would be content if I could finish this story. Please let me know if there is anything that could help you in that endeavor, whether it be a sounding-board, editor, or patron.
akdjfhgheiwuhrh938492048eusha chapter 25 . 9/21/2019
I enjoy your work so much! Would love to see more of this!
Fastred of the North chapter 25 . 5/27/2019
I love this story! There are few Middle-earth fanfiction stories I have encountered that equal your level of worldbuilding and story-craft. Aragorn's time before the War of the Ring is an era that I think is difficult to do well, but you have, I feel, captured the Man superbly!
Cynthia on the Delaware chapter 1 . 4/23/2019
I'm very grateful for your story, it helped me through a very difficult time. I sincerely hope that you are able to continue the story. The character development is so detailed, the elements of discrimination, equality, self sacrifice where excellent.
NightSand chapter 25 . 2/23/2019
I've just binge read all of your stories in the last week or so, and once again I am so grateful that you've shared them! They truly are a work of art, each one, and I hope that at some point you will find time to return to this one. Thank you!
Doria Nell chapter 25 . 1/14/2019
Dear Canafinwe,
I keep coming back to this story, always hoping that you will publish another update (even though I turned on notifications long ago). This is the story I keep recommending to people who aren't familiar with LORT fanfiction because it's the perfect example of a beautifully written story. The characters, the plot, every single detail and every single word put expertly together by an amazingly talented writer. I hope you are alright and I hope beyond hope that you will return to this story some day. Even if you don't do that, I want to take the opportunity to thank you for publishing these 25 mesmerising chapters.
Love, DN
BookAddiction1 chapter 25 . 1/13/2019
Hey there! I just finished reading your whole fic in one day and I was very sad to reach the end! It was really well written and I seriously hope to see you update it (even after all these years)! The fic is plot-heavy which I find to be the best thing of all, and I love how you portray Thorongil. Though, as I am a fan of all things elven, I thought maybe you could incorporate some elves/elvish things as well. Like, I'm pretty sure that Aragorn's first language is Sindarin... Anyway, I really enjoyed the read and hope you haven't discontinued it!
HallowRune chapter 25 . 12/2/2018
I couldn't resist opening this story again. This is the first story I read from you and every time I reread it, it's still so captivating!

I adore Minardil! He is so capable, humble and kind hearted. And come to think of it, all of your OCs are truly amazing! I am curious about the healer Thalahir. He seems fair but very stern. I would love to know more about his back story with Midhon.

It struck me that there is so much deference in Gondor. A lot of the etiquette seems way too strict from today's point of view. And the standard of honor, at times, seems uncomfortably high to me. However, all these unfamiliar practices are part of why I love this story so much. It gives the feelings of a legend, of a far-away tale. Even as I am not familiar with this world you build on, the characters themselves seem to fit in very well. Also, this sense of high legend is one of the reasons I love LotR anyway.

I'm a bit worried about Denethor. I think that his scorn for lesser men, especially for the Easterlings is impairing his judgement. And in some cases, if not for the lucky turn of events, his oversight could have cause severe problems. (e.g. the tenth company would not learn so much had Thorongil not been able to raise their spirits) Thorongil, I think, is learning from his fault of over humbleness, but will Denethor realize that he is too haughty and missjudged in many cases?

I also fear for the army at Ithilien. It must have been half a month since the attack, and still no word came. I hope this mystery can be resolved soon!

Thank you for sharing such amazing stories! And I hope you will return to it when you can!
seatides chapter 25 . 11/27/2018
I find that I'm often speechless as to how to describe how truly amazing your writing is. Every single story gives the impression of incredible world building; such stories are often rare in the fanfiction world but in yours, it's like you have the entire history of middle earth in your mind and you expand on it with such detail and love. You are not simply writing for Tolkien's universe, I feel more like you're making part of it your own. I don't know how to explain it other than that there's depth and substance in your stories; I get the impression of an entire history behind even just one scene, like how you described the importance of seat placements.

You are my absolute favourite author in the Tolkien fandom, and whenever I see an update for Eagle in the Ramparts, I immediately drop whatever I am doing just to read the update (or reread the entire story as it often turns out). I think you are also the person who made me absolutely love Elrond and his endless patience and kindness, particularly in the Valley is Jolly and the Apology of Elrond. Speaking of the Valley is Jolly, i liked the way you described his relationship with Gilraen. I didn't expect to like her so much but she's such a complicated character that you can't help but sympathize with because she's so strong and protective. The twins are also characters I have come to adore through your stories. And, oh, the way you write Aragorn and all the facets of his personality! The way you write Estel, so innocent and kind and conscientious. Your Thorongil, so tired yet gentle and thoughtful and intelligent. Your Aragorn, so often solemn and quiet, but filled with determination and hope. I could go on and on but the crux of it is that your stories are really without compare.

I apologize for this somewhat halting review because I am really speechless and I don't know how to express all these emotions that you have invoked within me just from reading your stories. I just want to thank you for sharing your work; I will cherish them and continue to read these stories for many more years. Now I am off to reread Eagle on the Ramparts again!
AlexDnD chapter 4 . 11/9/2018
Third time I have read this story... I hope you continue it soon. This is such a beautiful tale.
aGreatLoudThump chapter 25 . 9/30/2018
I love a good Thorongil story, and this is a great one. I'm guiltily excited to see Thorongil kick MInardil's butt, and I'm happily excited to see him (hopefully) thrash the Citadel's champion as well. And I'm also quite worried about poor Jamon - I hope he gets to see his betrothed soon.

Great world building, and I've grown quite attached to the oc's, as you can probably tell. Thank you for posting! :)
Ammodytus chapter 25 . 9/13/2018

I can’t believe this story isn’t finished and, worse, that I have reaches the ending of it’s published chapters.

This is seriously a very well crafted masterpiece. I enjoyed reading every part of it so far. I hope there is more of it in the near future. Thanks for writing it!
Ammodytus chapter 9 . 9/13/2018
Aragorn, son of Arathorn: master of deflection.
Nuszek chapter 25 . 5/10/2018
Thank you so much for this story! It is so beautiful, and I crave for more!
Guest chapter 25 . 4/28/2018
Just finished reading this and loved loved this. Thank you for sharing. I hope to continue reading!
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