Reviews for Harry's Questions
mumphie chapter 1 . 9h
Very good story beginning.
Nanchih chapter 15 . 9/9
I see it's been over a year since you updated this. I do hope you continue. I am curious to see where you are going to take this. You need help with homonyms, and you have a lot of just plain spelling problems, mostly with your vowels. Those problems can be fixed. You do have good ideas going, and lots of workable threads.
daisycb9493 chapter 15 . 9/2
Please continue this. I want to find out what happens next in the trial and how Severus and Hagrid react to what Dumbledore said.
SpaceToTheSeeStars chapter 15 . 8/31
Hmm interesting please update soon.
flashbak35a chapter 15 . 8/24
even with some of your spelling and grammar mistakes i have enjoyed this story but would love to see you continue it
evattude chapter 15 . 8/22
Please continue, I love it! Hope him and Draco become friends.
rowenasheir chapter 1 . 8/10
Please continue the story. Will they postpone the questions for a day to give AD truth serum again?
WolfGirl75 chapter 15 . 8/2
Can’t wait for more. Update soon.
lmill123 chapter 15 . 7/29
I have been rereading this story and greatly enjoyed what is written so far. I do hope you plan on continuing this story in the near future. I found it very easy to see Dumbledore being this evil. Funny how he would NEVER explain what the greater good was when asked. Just like he constantly showed he had no care about having justice for victims. He always protected the bullies in his school or the death eaters, saying you had to forgive them and give them another chance. It's one thing to give a second chance, but Not chance after chance. Even then, they should have been punished for their actions. The only ones ever punished were the victims when they stood up and defended themselces.
Undertheskys chapter 15 . 7/27
It was a good story so far. i wish there was more
Undertheskys chapter 5 . 7/26
Definitely teared up reading this
gleefan2009 chapter 4 . 7/24
love it please write more
MSgt SilverDollar and Snake chapter 15 . 7/19
I like this story enough that after the 1st chapter I checked your profile. Of course I found out it hasn't been updated in a year. Normally I would have quit reading it, but it held my interest even though I normally quit stories that seem abandoned. I hope you are able to continue this in the near future. ~~ Snake ~~
Rebecca chapter 15 . 7/18
THis is really good! Please update soon!
Mistress Saturn1 chapter 15 . 7/4
Love it, I would love to see Severus' reaction to what Dumbledore did to him. Has this been abandoned?
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