Reviews for Whirlpools Among the Eddies
Guest chapter 10 . 2/14
Love the incorporation of the masked beasts from RtN. I'm glad you made them an Uzumaki ability instead of the Kyuubi's lol
sabersoul13 chapter 57 . 1/15
This was an excellent read. I am sad to see that it doesn't appear like it will continue, and what a spot to leave us hanging.
Hopefully oneday you might come back to this story and finish it. If not, that's okay. Just know that what you have given us here is amazing and you should be proud of this story. Thankyou.
Zeke chapter 16 . 10/29/2023
Wow wow nice awesome
Zeke chapter 14 . 10/20/2023
Just why did you drop it please, please answer me , for the sack of god if you ever believed in him answer me, it was truly an amazing story i never had thaught that i would read something like this , then just why tell me it's my email please tell me why did you drop it
Zeke chapter 13 . 10/17/2023
Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow
I never enjoyed any chunin match like this I feel like I want to cry , wow bravo, I have no words to describe how much exciting it was
Zeke chapter 11 . 10/17/2023
Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow
It is really good, I wish if it had really happened
It is truly fantastic, you know what i think know Naruto s marriage with hinata was a mistake,. They had no chemistry, no interection, nothing which shows that they should get married even Minato said that Sakura should be his wife they were team mates and helped each other since they were genin, what hinata did for him nothing, to be honest i never thought that hinata and Naruto s marriage would be possible as they had no such relationship.
Zeke chapter 7 . 10/16/2023
Wow amazing truly amazing, splendid beautiful
A true masterpiece
Guest chapter 2 . 9/14/2023
I hate the fact that every story is “I was never good at this or that In the academy” bro was able to take the test 3 times so he had to of at least some knowledge right? 2 chapters in and I can already guess how this story will end up. Such wasted potential
R3DOVO chapter 39 . 6/21/2023
I don't think Kimmimaro is strong enough to compete against 3 tails let alone 2. I'm also pretty sure his kekkei genkai isn't dense enough to get through Naruto's cloak.
Lord Touch Me chapter 57 . 5/8/2023
I hope Author-Sama continue this story, but it is annoying that Naruto and Karin do not give importance to their legacy to the point that they do not care that Konoha tries to replicate the power of the masks without the restriction of blood or the jutsus taken as summoning the shinigami and the others taken over by the other villages...And it would be great to have more battles of Karin using the adamantine chains, as well as mastering Tsunade's abilities so that she is able to heal her bites. I might as well see an M-rated Shippuden sequel to include Karin's perverted fantasies and repopulate the Uzumaki clan. :D
HalfBlood Prince chapter 57 . 1/22/2023
This is definitely one of the best Naruto x Karin I've ever read, PLEASE, keep going with this story Author-San…

Best Regards,
Arcane Howitzer chapter 57 . 12/10/2022
I found this fic through its TV Tropes page, and spent the last few days catching up. Left us on a bit of a cliffhanger, didn't you?

It's a good story. The feels are nice and deep, it split off from canon almost instantly and never looked back, and yet it maintained a sensible path that was (relatively) easy to follow with nothing feeling too forced or out of character, and on top of all that you do amazing fight scenes. I particularly enjoyed Neji wreaking the shit of the guy who literally nailed him to a tree in canon.

I don't really expect anything to come of this (it certainly didn't work the last few times I tried it), but this was a good enough read that I figured I'd give it a bit of a poke before I add it to my unintentional collection of 'fics that were already dead when I found them'.
dastewie2012 chapter 53 . 11/14/2022
Could’ve said “we only need info from one of you” and killed him
Wayne Chattillon chapter 57 . 11/10/2022
im said to report that sombody close tio the auther told me the auther died in 2021 from COVID-19
Pinkypi chapter 28 . 10/27/2022
You missed your chance to say it was a promise of a lifetime.
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