Reviews for Between the Lines
Drakuni chapter 343 . 10/25
This was one of the greatest stories I’ve read. I’m so glad you created this masterpiece and well done for completing this! I wish you the best in upcoming years
Drakuni chapter 340 . 10/25
Drakuni chapter 335 . 10/25
Drakuni chapter 293 . 10/25
OneLittleSpark18 chapter 343 . 10/21
Once again, I’d like to thank you for this amazing story! It’s definitely an endeavor to reread, but it is worth. Every. Moment. I can’t tell you HOW many tears I’ve shed over the years reading BTL, but they always end in joy.

You’ve done such a great job of… WHAT’S THE WORD? ITS ESCAPING ME! …accurately portraying the characters? Yeah. You’ve done such a great job of doing that with EVERYONE.

While I’m always sad reading the end of 343, I’m still happy I went on the journey. God bless your imagination!
Austin chapter 343 . 10/14
Ahhhhh I’m crying so hard rn, my heart hurts. WELL, time to go read your other fics ;)
Austin chapter 342 . 10/14
Omggggg it’s overr :’) my throat is so tight this was such an amazing story
Alo chapter 301 . 10/11
Yayyyyy I was so happy when natsu got back:))))
Lovelybuttons chapter 242 . 9/30
I haven’t reviewed yet and I’m so sorry because this story is so amazing! Also this chapter was super sad ;’)
Cain chapter 222 . 9/27
This chapter was depressing, I love it. with the country in ruins and the memories of how it used to be :’)
Alo chapter 184 . 9/23
I love Gajevy! 333
Alo chapter 183 . 9/23
Omggg who is itttttt?!
Alo chapter 174 . 9/21
Light chapters are good! I love the peaceful and humorous scenes 333
galactiaconstella chapter 343 . 9/6
Let me just say that this story is nothing short of amazing. I love how you put your own original twists on the characters and arcs, while still staying true to what Fairy Tail is.

The only things i did not like were the Deliora and Earthland arcs, but besides that it's a great Alvarez arc is better than the manga's NGL.

The last five chapters made me cry and gave me a heart attack. It's so bittersweet.

Keep on writing! Your a great author! Now onto ODAS!
mayth2008 chapter 124 . 9/4
Hi, how are you?
I wanted to tell you that I really like this fanfic and Of Dust And Shadows, which, so far, are the only fanfics I've read that you wrote. I also wanted to ask you, what is your Wattpad account username?
Thank you for your effort in writing.
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