Reviews for Between the Lines
justyourtypicalbookworm chapter 229 . 10/15
AS HIS FACE ICED OVER HA best joke abt silver i love how you incorporated that
osika chapter 343 . 10/5
Holy hell, this was a ride.

Never have I thought I would read a fanfic the length of a good book, but I’m not complaining. This is a solid read, with the storyline so good it could’ve been its own thing if not for the borrowed characters. I applaud you for going through with such a massive project!
Romina chapter 1 . 10/4
Saludos de argentina
Aquí en el 2020 con la cuarentena y traductor en mano. jajajjaj
Yo me estoy emprendiendo en este LARGO viaje y presiento que me va a encantar
LadyTeehee chapter 251 . 9/8
I'm particularly frustrated with Lucy. She constantly throughout this story has just kept lying and hiding things from Natsu. Yet feels betrayed. Didn't she promise honesty? If she only told him what she knew instead of always keeping Loke's counsel he never would have left her. Bah. The drama of seeing everyone's perspectives! lol
LadyTeehee chapter 209 . 9/7
haha! Looks like I had to just wait one more chapter to see Natsu's just as frustrated as me . How funny
LadyTeehee chapter 208 . 9/7
Gah~ I just want their relationship to progress. Im not hoping for lemons. But some intimacy. They are 20/21 years old adults. The most they do is look at each other.

I love this story and the crazy twist on the arcs. Maybe further in I'll see more dates and romantic moments! Teehee
LadyTeehee chapter 132 . 9/3
Oh how I adore this story! Not even half way and I'm super committed! I just can't help really disliking Loke , he just seems really rude to Lucy lately. But the rest awaits!
varga.brigi97 chapter 193 . 8/26
Hey there!️
I know that I give you the 7445. review (and you finished that fanfic more than a year ago... Idk that you ever see my comment) and I am half way on the journey that you gave us, but OMFG! I cried A LOT, actually I was crying over the last 5-10 chapters, I don't know, WHO KNOWS? And WHO CARES.. Can't wait the continuation.
Fairy Forever chapter 343 . 7/23
Holy crap! I don't even have words this was just phenomenal! I can't get over how good it was! I've never cried so hard and laughed so much reading a fic. Just an amazing job!
Celeste04 chapter 343 . 7/10
I finished it for 3 days of sleeping late and it's so great! I love it so much! I cried at most parts, especially the deaths and the farewell of the spirits, but all in all I enjoyed reading it. Great work and thank yoy for writing this!
Guest chapter 343 . 6/11
I have to thank you so much for writing this fanfic- its taken a week of binge reading to finally finish it but i can say with certainty i loved every moment from start to finish. I actually cried while reading parts of this- i never cry. So again thank you for writing this amazing fanfic and allowing me to read this adventure
Ninetailspup chapter 19 . 6/5
Me and Swanson can throw hands and that's on that.
Guest chapter 35 . 5/12
WAIT shit...shit...wait shit

it goes on, just like my life
Guest chapter 25 . 5/12

btw im rereading but i knew it was ultear anyway
Guest chapter 298 . 5/11
Hoooooooooooooo boy man that hurts; Natsu’s comment about Loke HURTS
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