Reviews for The Art of Self-Fashioning
DarthLux01 chapter 10 . 9/11
good God. nobody gives a shit about Terry boot. fuck.
Iryelb chapter 65 . 9/11
Honestly, I really liked this story. I would say I definitely prefer the second half to the first half, if you split the story into Harry going to Hogwarts and after Harry left.
jbfritz chapter 65 . 9/8
Great story!
Iryelb chapter 33 . 9/6
So, I know that this story is already complete so you're unlikely to go back and change anything but it just seems kind of weird to me that they didn't care about at all about Severus casting the Crusiatus on Harry. I mean, Minerva is all worried about what Severus might do to Harry if he got ahold of him rather than being concerned that he was beaten and literally held Harry under the Crusiatus curse.
Lila Dunmare chapter 65 . 9/6
Very interesting fanfiction. The developments, the characters... everything was greatly written, thank you for your work !
Dragon-bait-2001 chapter 65 . 8/31
Good story... one small missed opportunity... Luna... just think.. with her love of creatures... she wouldn't have shunned Harry..
gindensmi chapter 65 . 8/16
I loved this story!
Anya chapter 65 . 8/12
You write really well! Overall I don't care at all for the story though, sorry
Guest chapter 35 . 8/12
It's like someone needs to explain to Terry Boot that he's not really an important character, and that neither Harry Potter nor the world really gives a shit about him.
dragonbabel chapter 1 . 8/11
Complete bullshit. You lied or misled in your opening note. This is not canonical levels of child abuse. This is well beyond anything that was ever described in canon. This is a typical example of a fanfic with Harry abused both physically and emotionally to a much stronger degree than in canon. What makes this such a stupid example of that fanon cliche is there was no requirement for the abuse in your plot.
LAB1 chapter 65 . 8/10
This was a very interesting and disturbing story. Teethering on the edge between a Sociopath and a Psychopath. The Wild was fascinating and I loved Regulus. The Slytherin version of Sirius. You did him very well! Evil Albus was interesting. I liked how you portrayed Hermione and Ron as loyal to Neville.
H. Automata chapter 65 . 8/8
I'll repeat my words from AO3, that this was a lovely, albeit bittersweet, treat. Everything about the magic of transfiguration was portrayed beautifully, and Harry's relationship with McGonagall felt special and heartwarming. It would be remiss of me not to point out that Voldemort felt underpowered, too easily defeated, but then again he wasn't the real focus of this story, right? Just a backdrop. Thanks for the read!
amarilis chapter 65 . 8/7
What an amazing story! Truly wonderful!
Guest chapter 65 . 8/6
Well done, and well written.
starie78 chapter 65 . 7/31
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