Reviews for The Art of Self-Fashioning
mjgh5000 chapter 65 . 10/13
I binge read this over the course of two days, and it was a wonderful read. Chapter
xxxLeanniexxx chapter 65 . 10/12
An amazing intriguing story that I just spent the last two days reading, who needs sleep? An absolute credit to your wonderful talent in writing and creating an original enticing plot!
JustUnderAgnes chapter 65 . 10/9
This was such a fantastically wrote story! I thought I had my favorite fanfics picked, but yours quickly rose to the top of the list. Thank you for dedicating your time and imagination to this. I'm glad I found it.
onlytoask chapter 14 . 10/2
Did you actually write the bit about Harry's cat slapping Ron with a straight face?

I don't understand why people act so scared of him. As far as I remember, the only times he's ever hurt anyone they weren't able to remember it.
Comrade'sRoza chapter 65 . 9/22
This story was extraordinary! I have read a lot of your stories but none of them could compare to the brilliance of this one. And this is the first story I have read where Regulus plays such a major role in the flesh.. when he was saying goodbye to Harry, I couldn't believe that you would kill him off so soon after killing Teddy. Loved reading this story so much!
Isha05 chapter 65 . 9/14
I was wondering for a while when Harry received presents for Christmas. Where the hell was invisibility cloak? And i thought whether James never gave it away or its with Nevile all the while since he needs it. But when Dumbledore had it i was so furious i thought he deserved his death for stealing Harry's legacy away and not even think of returning it to him to soften his heart. Since Sirius isn't here to give the firebolt he would have treasured it fiercely even if he never used it.
mumphie chapter 1 . 9/5
An interesting idea - and well written. But why wouldn't he grow up in the wizarding world if he wasn't the boy who lived?
SilentSnowLeopardNinja chapter 34 . 9/1
Maaaaaaaannnnnn I need to take a break from this for some light hearted shenanigans. Each chapter is very interesting and feels so long with everything that happens in each one I'm a little surprised I'm at this chapter already. Pheeewwwww! Any who to further sum up my reactions to this book: Dumbledore is a dumbass. Dumbledore is a feeble minded narrow gazed hypocrite. Dumbledore is a old ass selective memory, doesn't even wait for actual facts before doing some overkill shit, child abuser and endangerment to the people and he doesn't even realize it! I hope he dies before the end of this if not locked up in a mental ward. Harry is pretty awesome actually and I don't understand why the adults recently keep likening him to a wild feral animal in a more literal sense. He's severely emotionally stunted possibly a type of sociopath but he's still polite, logical, and capable of both reasoning and being reasoned with. As well as wishing no harm unto anyone unless they've harmed/attacked him 1st and having a severe disgust towards bullies that he feels they deserve no real acknowledgment due to having no real worth. Plus the bases of this feral thing that was explained is that a human magical has to repeatedly transform animal features and traits unto themselves in a permanent fashion until they end up becoming more animal or creature through this method that differs (somehow) from the animagus transformation. Harry's only animal like change is the claws he gave himself for a defensive weapon that can never be easily taken like a wand. All other changes he's done are amplifying his own body's natural state into more with stronger senses temporarily, muscles, and then tough skin like stone which could actually be more like his dead skin cells multiplying and compacting into a hardness that is similar to stone. Sure there's a chance he could go down that road but he hasn't yet and isn't currently but those same few adults are internally adamant that he has despite having no proof other than "they think it's that so therefore its true". Black is a dubious meaning idiot. His reasonings are suspect and his motives more so. Not someone to trust more than a smidge, he kidnapped Harry and continues to force his will on a child he has no jurisdiction over. Claiming he can help but ultimately not able to offer much so far. Voldy is retarded for wanting to recruit an indifferent teenager he indirectly wronged severely, regardless of power and before even attempting decides to have said kid tortured and killed. Because that's how you gain useful allies and there's SUCH an abundance of human magicals that killing several children is justified. What an idiot. Minerva is cool, she's got good instincts and is so far the only one to not leap to the, in my opinion, inaccurate opinion that a logical/practical/socially and emotionally stunted abused child is becoming a feral animal instead of (obviously) shaping into a recluse. Who may be in danger of harming himself irreparably if not just killing himself. Neville, for being a lifeblood brought up in the wizarding world and supposedly trained in all sorts of things even now from a young age, is a little too clueless than he should be unless he really didn't absorb much all these years or his trainers barely imparted much in the way of varied knowledge. Boot is a weirdo. He seems to mean well but I agree with Harry that his housemates are weird. It literally should not be that hard a concept to accept that someone doesn't like the same things as you. I'm surprised that Umbridge went and got more blood quils to torture students with. The few scenes with Hermione has made her come off as an obnoxious hypocrite and ignorant. Luna is weirdly nonexistent despite being in the same house as Harry. Is she still being bullied? I can't imagine Harry missing that if she was/is. Severus is fucking demented. He regards someone he expects to be a student as an enemy just for managing to bypass his wards and destroy some potions despite KNOWING good and well that he antagonizes ALL of them (not in Slytherin) unprovoked and even (internally) encouraged them to try. You can't have shit both ways. And can't claim revenge for shit you started. And he somehow assured himself that Lily , the one he knew, would be fine with how he treats her son. Would forgive him for torturing/possibly killing her child when she didn't forgive him for calling her a racial slur. And if that's not enough he somehow thinks she should have known about his plans and hopes for her to just abandon her family to hid in whatever place he prepared for her in such an event. When, presumably, they hadn't spoken in years. Demented crack pot. Hope they don't fuck up and allow him to escape.
Guest chapter 57 . 8/27
Apart from the use of his death to the plot, why couldn't Terry use the mirror from the house?
Guest chapter 39 . 8/26
My my...Wonder what Albus was planning on doing with her...seems quite..dark, the way he thinks the only option is joining him or being his enemy
Guest chapter 8 . 8/25
I find it a tad odd that despite being so obsessed with healing his parents, he focuses entirely on Transfiguration, when potions and healers training would make far more sense...perhaps even Occlumency and Legimency...idk it's just a bit weird, how can he ever hope to succeed if he doesn't so much as consider other options? Defitinely telling of some sort of mental disorder in my opinion...
breakingmind chapter 65 . 8/22
this's my fourth time I read this story... I love it soooooooo much! this's one of the best fanfic I ever read! thank you for this master piece...
Acutagava chapter 65 . 8/20
What a cool storyline! I have read a lot of fanfiction but nothing like this, it is very original and unique.
tag wiskay chapter 65 . 8/19
Oh wow - this was a stunning piece of slightly mad scientist Harry. You did a phenomenal job with the character development of all the main characters, and I loved the focus on Neville as Boy Who Lived, and the inclusion of Regulas.

Only element I missed was a Luna wafting about in the background somewhere (sad face)

Thank you for your efforts - you have a real gift.
Dumby95 chapter 65 . 8/18
Annd then end. what a great fic... thank you so MUCH
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