Reviews for Captain Swan Drabbles
Guest chapter 52 . 5/21/2016
I am so excited for more chapters, I love these! I do ship SF and CS ( but CS so much more) I will check the SF stories out too!
andria chapter 52 . 5/20/2016
loved the graduation for liam and how they were reminiscing on the floor
andria chapter 51 . 4/21/2016
I hope emma feels better so glad that killian is there for her
andria chapter 50 . 4/21/2016
I wonder who that guy was and why he was really there?
andria chapter 49 . 4/21/2016
their day out sounded like so much fun
andria chapter 48 . 4/21/2016
so happy that emma and killian worked things out
andria chapter 47 . 4/21/2016
this was so sad I am trying not to cry
andria chapter 46 . 4/21/2016
feel so bad emma is so freaked out over flying with the kids
andria chapter 45 . 4/21/2016
I love henry with his younger siblings
andria chapter 44 . 4/21/2016
thought their anniversary was so nice and glad they got to go out
andria chapter 43 . 4/21/2016
loved them trying to figure out how to be new parents together
andria chapter 42 . 4/21/2016
that was so sweet I am glad he feels better
andria chapter 41 . 4/21/2016
so glad that everyone is ok that was so scary
andria chapter 40 . 4/21/2016
so glad liam is feeling better
andria chapter 39 . 4/21/2016
well that had to have been awkward but hilarious at the same time
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