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bigmeaty69 chapter 9 . 5h
I really thing it was a mistake starting this story so close to the Canon start of Bleach. Compressing the growth of Hollows and all of Aizen's plotting and the creation of the Arrancar into such a tiny time frame really doesn't make sense.
Guest chapter 40 . 5/5
InceptionTact chapter 21 . 5/4
It's a fun story and I want to enjoy it, but it's lacking in a lot of ways. I'm currently on chapter 21 and it's apparent that you don't have a firm understanding of the power Bleach characters wield in relation to one another. Mind you that's a problem with a VAST majority of bleach readers so I don't really fault you for it. There are a lot of contradicting things occurring as well such as Masaki's ability to use Quincy abilities as a hollow and without a medium and not undergo soul suicide.

There are other Bleach lore inconsistencies as well which is fine if you want this to be AU/AT but it looks like you want to keep the main Bleach time line in tact just with the addition of Shirou which you've already created a few plot holes if so.

Another thing is that the power dynamic between Fate & Bleach mechanics doesn't make sense and feels like you wrote them in for the purpose of having them instead of creating a sensible system to balance them in accordance with each universe. So it makes for inconsistent scaling of characters.

Ultimately it's your story and you'll write it how you want to. I'm just saying it could be a lot better and writing this story how it is now will cause you many problems later on from a narrative stand point. Good luck though! :D
Capt. Schroller chapter 49 . 5/3
I just want see where all the weapons in Unlimited Blade Works to be summoned as spirits and fight for Shirou.
FirstThaumaturgy chapter 63 . 5/3
"Heroes are bullshit." No truer words have ever been said.
Wicked.A chapter 63 . 5/3
Wonderful chapter
xehsous2 chapter 5 . 4/29
At chapter 5,

This story is so good, although I dont agree with Shirou sparing Baraggan, it can maybe lead to some benifit later in the story.

Thanks for the chapter.
Xeno01 chapter 63 . 4/27
Big words of wisdom, heroes are really bullshit. lol
Aizen is right, this is really a sad comedy in which he is one of the heroes.

Aizen has done well so far, but now he will have to face the elite forces of Ywatch, and Gerard Valkyrie is not one who dies easily will give the characters a hard time.
I wonder now what the role of Silent will be like, he could become the trump card of the arrancars and get some new fighting skills.
Archer0 chapter 63 . 4/23
I imagine you having a lot of fun writing Aizens banter and it shows. bravo
GeoU13 chapter 63 . 4/22
Oh man, that was such a great line you had Aizen deliver. All I can think of is VoW!Aizen telling this to canon Aizen and watching the ensuing argument.

Overall, a wonderful story so far with logical steps as to why things are working out as they have, along with enough of a difference to canon to still keep you on your toes.
general zargon chapter 63 . 4/22
RAOTFLMFAO! OMG, Aizen's last line! it was pure gold! Best of luck on your writing!
Greianda chapter 58 . 4/21
the enemy of my enemy is my prawn... wait watt?!
mastermini chapter 63 . 4/21
Lmao thank you for that bit at the end. Looking forward to the next update :)
Dragon Man 180 chapter 63 . 4/21
Methinks Yhwach's plan just got a massive wrench thrown into it. It is nice to see someone capable of overcoming Aizen's Zanpakuto, can't wait to see what comes next!
slydino chapter 63 . 4/20
Wonderful chapter. Really excited to see how this fight plays out now with the stronger forces coming in. Anyway great job and keep up the good work. Can't wait for the next chapter.
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