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Lady of the Sky chapter 22 . 4/7/2017
This portrayal of mega evolution is beautiful. It's about a Pokémon feeling complete and happy. Some people need others for that, but you can get that fulfillment on your own or with loved ones, and it's just as worthy.
Lady of the Sky chapter 1 . 4/7/2017
Campbell, yay! He's odd in a nice way, and I really like how he's worked around his fear. Now that I think about it, he's probably really powerful; he can't've gotten all those moves from observation at a distance.
I love how you've done the human-pokemon language barrier. It makes a lot of sense. In-universe, there are humans who can understand Pokémon, but it's usually only specific ones or a certain type. So it can be expected that at least some people can communicate with them, but not all.
Lady of the Sky chapter 12 . 4/4/2017
I'm completely charmed by all the characters here. Every one of them has their own personality traits, no matter how briefly shown.
Flight of Spring chapter 21 . 2/12/2016
I love this story. please write more In another book. make a short saga! ple as e? how can you make fennekin even more cuter that that Pokémon is? this is amazing
Guest chapter 28 . 1/29/2016
Make a story about Campbell and a sequel please!
InfamousChub chapter 1 . 12/31/2015
Hey man,

As I was trawling the internet for amazing fics to put on a Pedestal next to Ashes of the Pash and A Brave New World, I found this little gem. Not a huge story that spans over 300K words or a little tyke of 5K but a beautiful novella that is short and sweet. I love the basic nature of this piece of writing, dropping huge rambling paragraphs that try to establish location only to leave it by the next chapter. Instead, this is all about the characters. And I love it.

I am just amazed by how you just let the dialogue and events the characters go through speak for themselves to establish and develop character. But this is balanced out beautifully by the shortness of the story and the extra characters. I'm absolutely blown away by the consistency if them. But to me, the clincher of the story was the effects of the actions of the characters.

It was well thought out how you turned these two starters into semi-celebrities. The swarming of the poor Pokémon by randoms was a nice touch. It just added a sense of realism to your work that I enjoyed thoroughly.

This is definitely going on the Pedestal in my heart. It's definitely on par with some of the top fics of the interwebs.

Thanks for a beautiful fic.
EyeofAmethyst07 chapter 28 . 12/3/2015
I love Campbell.
I enjoyed the story greatly! I could drag on in a 500 word review about how great the story was, but I think I'll settle for a 'great job'.
Keep doing Pokemon stories. You seem to have a real knack for it.

Write on,
TheTeleporter chapter 28 . 12/1/2015
Okay, I just finished reading this, and i have to say: Thank you! I really needed to take my mind off writing xmen evolution fanfics, and this was the perfect piece for that job. I was already a fan of the series and games, so I was bored of reading about Ash Ketchum this, and Ash Ketchum that, so this concept , at least to me, is ingenious! And you write it so well! And finally, one last thanks you!
vanillapxtter chapter 28 . 11/30/2015
Okay, firstly I actually want to thank you for this great story (the best Pokemon fic in existence - by a mile) that has kept me entertained for the last month and congratulations on finishing it! I probably wouldn't have, so that's very admirable.

The story had a set up that was a little different and it worked extremely well. The characters all developed, and the side characters had fun traits. You even gave otherwise boring characters, such as Vivillon and Siebold, funny personalities. (666 BUTTERFLY SATAN! PERFECT!)

The tone was humorous, which I liked, and I found had an underlying message which was basically 'Pokemon have rights to go on journeys too' and I like how Sepal, Tochi, and Bub basically pioneered this whole movement which probably made the lives of many Pokemon much better.

This message was also represented in Miss Shana, who received great development, even if it was kind of predictable. I thought she was a good character since she had an alright gimmick, but was not one-note since she really did genuinely care about the starters. Was not expecting her to quit though, but I thought it was a great decision.

The characters were actually ones I cared about, and had goals which made them feel like they had a purpose. Sepal wanted to Mega Evolve, Tochi wanted to be trained by Malva, Campbell wanted to learn all the moves, etc. And the characters all achieved these goals which made it that much better.

The story was fast-paced but I don't think it was rushed. I like how battling overall took a backseat to the affairs of the starters in general, and there was some excellent development in the 'B Button' chapter with psychics. It also didn't rely on cliche. For example, Sepal didn't overcome his fear of psychics in some awe inspiring moment where he OHKO'ed Meowstic. Instead, Tochi quite unexpectedly 'blasted her off the catwalk' after Sepal fainted. The bond between the starters flourished and was great to read through.

Tochi also became more mature and his hearing problems added a more serious element to the story. I like how he had to earn his spot on Malva's team, since she was supposed to be a strong trainer and all. Sepal Mega Evolving in front of Miss Shana was the perfect moment. Bub, in such a short time, fell in love with TMs and gained more self confidence and awareness. You obviously tried very hard with this story and its characters, and for that I applaud you.


Any constructive criticism: Apart from the two things you said, my only MINOR gripe is that the starters felt too overpowered at times in battle, idk. They kind of blitzed through the Gym Circuit and Pokemon League a bit too easily, but I understand that you were under a time limit and therefore it would be more difficult to make the starters battle gyms more than once. This only annoyed me really really slightly though, and your writing is much better than mine tbh so I might be mistaken. Also, this is Kalos!

This story is amazing and something to refer to for me in future. The epilogue especially. Campbell asking Arceus for Judgment was one of the few times where I laughed out loud while reading! Thank you and please write more great stories like this in future!
MiscellaneousSoup chapter 28 . 11/30/2015
Congratulations! I am proud of you.
Momicon chapter 28 . 11/30/2015
I'm not into Pokemon, but it looks like a lot of hard work and thought went into this novel. The writing is very good! I'd like to read some of your other writing. Congrats.!
IntheLimelight chapter 28 . 11/30/2015



Okay, okay...this. Was. Amazing. I could go on and on...this is one of the best things I've ever read. Trust me, I am honestly so are a wonderful author, and I hope to see you get better. I just can't...AGHHHH. IF I COULD ANIMATE, I'D ANIMATE THIS.

Forestfleet chapter 28 . 11/30/2015
Wow, I think I nearly cried (in a good way). Might seem a bit emotional, but I began reading this during rough times, and this has always been something to look forward to.

Time for the major review I promised you, so here we go:

The concept was simple, yet good, and you didn't screw it up like other people do. Some people get the concept, get their gimmick... and go nowhere with it. But nope. This story stands up well either way.

You get a lot of little details just right. Little extra lines or details thrown in that make things better.

These characters are consistent. They even have consistent strategies. Sepal's Leech Seed's basically a signature move. Tochi will probably always love Flame Charge, etc.

And even though I have noticed Sepal might get more characterized than the others, the others are still characterized. They're still interesting, they're not cardboard cut-outs. And the best part is that it's hard for me to choose a favorite. I like them all for different reasons.

The world is consistent. How things work, they keep working that way.

Little off to the side characters still get their own little quirks added on, such as the one pidgey they met way back when.

Speaking of characters, time to go over them in more detail.

Sepal: Sepal's always interested me. He's started off looking shy, timid, relatively unsure of himself. He later revealed he was afraid of Psychics, which Tochi was going to be. However, he gets Growth later on (pun fully intended), and he gets more and more sure of himself against psychics, facing off against the meowstic that started his fear in the first place. He's also shown to be crafty and cunning considering how much he loves that stealth leech seed of his.

He still seems to hesitate with psychics, but that's great: The flaw is lessened, but it doesn't go away entirely. It doesn't have to.

Tochi: Tochi started off rambunctious, sure of himself - and I'm sure that hasn't changed too much. However, he's matured. He's gone through a loss of hearing, finally got the attention he wanted from Malva, and, well... he seems pretty darn happy with himself.

Speaking of happiness, I'm glad that most of these characters are now happy with themselves. They are, shall I say, complete.

Bub(bles): Started off interesting. She seemed like a minor character thrown in, but she turned out important later on. Despite having a running gag, it never really gets annoying. She seems like the ditzy one of the group. She's always so happy, so positive, in contrast with Sepal and Tochi. She also now has a TM fetish apparently.

Campbell is wacky. And he's so fun to read. Heck, I'd even read a story where he went out to other regions to learn more moves. Seriously, the dude can Fly, use signature moves of legendaries... he's pretty amazing, and very lively.

I never addressed the very beginning. I like how the escape was written. There were precautions, meaning things weren't as easy as they could have been.

The writing is never too distracting, if at all. The prose works just fine. You give us what we need, and really, we don't need any more.

I'm glad that Tochi and Sepal and Bub(bles) aren't the only ones involved in this whole running away thing. Others are too. And now people are accommodating for this change.

This story only had one recurring antagonist: Miss Shana. And while she was annoying, condescending, and just an all-around pain, she finally listens to reason. At least she changed.

The tone, I like. There's a lot of humor sprinkled throughout, but not to the point where the overall mood is ruined. It doesn't take itself too seriously - in a good, non-overtly angsty, way.

I hope there's some type of sequel. Maybe a continuation of their lives, maybe another story about other starters, or even Campbell being Campbell.

This is one of the best fics I've read.

Good job.
Tojin chapter 28 . 11/30/2015
Yoooo, this is amazing! This is the first story I've had a chance to follow to completion, and I'm glad it was this one! Congrats on getting it done in time, too! I'm definitely looking forwards to any other work you happen to put out!
TheTeleporter chapter 1 . 11/30/2015
A really nice start to a story! I like it so far, can't wait to read the rest!
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