Reviews for This Time The Potters
szw5009 chapter 20 . 4/29
Guest chapter 18 . 4/11
Ugh, why couldn't the innocent dead person have been Remus? His constant digs and nags and whines got old by the 4th chapter.

I don't blame Severus. Albus never did bother to listen to him.
Guest chapter 17 . 4/11
Is Lily still pregnant? Did it magically disappear? I have to wonder b/c the passing of time isn't actually documented.
Guest chapter 13 . 4/10
Eh, I think it is incredibly rude for everyone to run around ordering Remus not to voice his opinions when everyone else is free to do so. Why is Remus considered less than all the rest of them? Why can't he express his opinions when everyone else does?
Guest chapter 5 . 4/10
I'm having a hard time with "suspension of disbelief" regarding Remus' churlish, suspicious attitude toward OldHarry. It's just too...ooc for him.

Does OldHarry make sure that none of the DEs he kidnaps (b/c honestly, albeit for the good, that's what he's doing) have pets left alone at home that would starve without their owners? Kids? Prisoners?
wsbenge chapter 20 . 3/4
Good story. One thing that would be good for immortals... space travel. Take a few centuries, and learn how to go to the stars. The last great frontier.
wsbenge chapter 8 . 3/3
Sirius is a rather consistent fool. :)
Devilking1994 chapter 20 . 3/2
Overall I liked this story and the one before it though I do feel like it has a lot of problems it felt more like a base for a story rather than a story parts felt like too much was happening all at once the amount of information put across was too dense overall it felt like a information dump rather than a story

Perhaps well see a rewrite of both these stories in the distant future as I feel like they have a lot of potential
Devilking1994 chapter 19 . 3/2
I feel like the whole Remus Hydrus thing has gone on way too long and hasn't really added anything to the story it just doesn't come across as how Remus would react to things
Devilking1994 chapter 13 . 3/2
Why is Hydrus acting like a dick Remus is trying to be better

Personally I'm bored of the whole Hydrus/Remus arguments thing atm
Devilking1994 chapter 4 . 3/2
Why doesn't he just mention that it's probably the Vow in part making him defend dumbledork?
Joker chapter 1 . 2/28
Hello you are a very good writer keep on with the good work ;)
fdean80090 chapter 20 . 2/17
Great story thank you.
hisnhers chapter 20 . 2/8
Fantastic ending!

Enjoyed this fic immensely.

Fav'd the series.

I will be looking at your other fics and your recommendations as you... uh, well ... recommended in your penultimate chapter.

hisnhers chapter 3 . 2/7
Wow, Remus is different here. He is extremely paranoid. Of course, they ARE in the middle of a war...

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