Reviews for Cloak and Dagger
Scrimmy Bingus chapter 1 . 12/16/2018
Liz S chapter 22 . 11/27/2018
I’ve read this story straight through Thanksgiving and can’t put it down! Love how you have really taken the time to develop Sheik and Link relationship/characters. It makes the story more authentic! I’m on chapter 22 and realized I need to let you k ow someone is really loving your story!
Alyss Penedo chapter 28 . 11/16/2018
there is so much Plot in this story, I'm in awe at how well you smushed all this together and turned this should-be-a-train-wreck into a cohesive and excellently-executed fic!
Marcus S. Lazarus chapter 28 . 11/12/2018
Intriguing bit of work you have here, I’ll give you that.
The opening might raise questions about why Zelda needs to hide from the Royal Family when it appears that the obvious traditional threat of Ganondorf isn’t an issue as the Gerudo are absent, but those questions intrigued me from the beginning, and you neatly maintained my interest as the storyline continued.
You came up with some fascinating ideas regarding the complexities of the Hylian Royal Family’s structure at this time, especially regarding how Zelda could have the king as her father and still be a ‘danger’ to the succession. The chain of events that led to her being ‘exiled’ and working with Link under an alias are well laid-out, providing intriguing moments of insight into how she can justify theft for her own benefit while still caring about what happens to others as an indirect result of her own actions. You come up with some interesting ideas for how to incorporate elements of the game dynamics in a ‘real’ setting, such as Link’s ability to come back to life or convince others to help him at crucial moments, while also adding in ‘realistic’ cultural elements like Shiek’s reaction to learning the final secrets of her heritage.
On the topic of realism, your willingness to have Zelda analyse prior Heroes from the perspective of them being flawed was a particularly bold move, such as the Heroes of Time and Twilight being indirectly ‘criticised’ for killing brainwashed opponents even if Zelda acknowledges his lack of options at the time.
Things might still be getting complicated, particularly with such revelations as the existence of Tetra, but at least Link and Zelda appear to have a clearer target now…
latind1403 chapter 28 . 10/31/2018
This is possibly the best Legend of Zelda story I've ever read. This is amazing. Please, please continue working on this story. It is something incredibly special. Thank you for your work.
ninelanterns chapter 28 . 10/17/2018
I LOVE THIS FIC, I LOVE your characterization of Sheik, my baby who is cold and calculating but soft on the inside (waaaay deep down on the inside), and Link the short puppy with a heart of gold who wears her down just by being himself. LOVE IT. The reveal of Link's power was a good twist, I was like pff we already know he has the triforce right how crazy can it be? WRONG! Great job!
Guest chapter 28 . 9/24/2018
Pretty please write more, I love this so much
Scrimmy Bingus chapter 28 . 8/2/2018
aye i just finished the fic an i just wana let you know that i fuckin love everythin about it its amazing you doin fantastic
Guest chapter 2 . 7/17/2018
Awesome story! Very well written and exciting plot. You are very talented! :)
LilactheDryad chapter 14 . 7/15/2018
Oh geez! Link's gonna kill her when he finds out!
LilactheDryad chapter 13 . 7/15/2018
I am putting money down, right now. Late night visitor? Totally her dad! Yeah! He did miss her!
LilactheDryad chapter 12 . 7/15/2018
So why is Ravio so attached to Sheik?
Thank you for the A/N, it explains things nicely and makes a lot of sense. But I don't think Link knows who she is yet, which means he must of guessed by her attitude towards him (not trusting him and trying to be a loner) that she was raised on the street.
Also, what's the age difference between Link and Sheik?
LilactheDryad chapter 11 . 7/15/2018
What I bwant t know, is why Linknis searching for the princess. Does he know he's the hero? Is he in possession of the Triforce of Courage? And what are his problems with Ecchar?
LilactheDryad chapter 10 . 7/14/2018
So, wait. Did she completely drop her glamour? Is full on blond and blue eyed Zelda? Or is she brown haired and brown eyed? You left that dscription out.
Can't wait to find out what happens!
LilactheDryad chapter 9 . 7/14/2018
What's up with Link? I'm guessing he saw something in Ecchar that has him down. As to why he freaked out at brown hair, I thought it was just because he thought a different Sheikah had broken in and was a bit scared, but he didn't say as much, and you brought it up so it can't be that simple. I suppose he knows of a brown-haired Sheikah that scares him? \(· ~·)/
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