Reviews for KPAX: new york alien christmas
VampedVixen chapter 1 . 4/9/2003
*hee* I read this like months ago... back in January, but because I'm a lazy goof I never wrote a review. However, I can't get certain parts of this story out of my head so I decided to come back and let you know how good I thought it was. Though it's a bit choppy at certain points, and the angel-like aliens freak me out in some odd way, the idea that prot had 6 miracles to perform while he was in New York was very interesting. As was his whole take on celebrating the Christmas holiday. Though the scenes that will forever be lodged in my head are when he's chasing after the camel in his wise man-garb. It's just too funny to forget! Also, when he asks the children to feed the camel. That was just so very in-character for him. And adorably sweet. Hope you continue writing your K-PAX stories, they're truely amazing!