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Guest chapter 279 . 10/15
Won't having four "Trinity Angels" kinda get rid of the "trinity" aspect to them? Then again, calling them "angels" is already ironic unless you view them to be as "angelic" as the ANGELS of Evangelion...
im ur misconception chapter 277 . 10/12
wow, catching up on all the updates. so sorry taking so long. but wow things are progressing fairly fast. at times. I was a bit lost, but it kept pulling me back in. bland I like how the battle is flowing in this last chapter. keep up the good work my solitary friend
Guest chapter 258 . 9/19
Poor Komamura - can't seem to catch a break in canon or in fanfics, and usually because of his bankai's weakness or him reverting into a wolf. Well maybe at least now the "Horriworm" will be in a weakened state when it reaches Soul Society?

Anyways, thanks for addressing the issue of omnicles. As was shown in these last two chapters, I believe a critical hit in the right spot could still kill a more powerful being (especially with said being's own attack!), as what's the point of being able to generate more power if your head is decapitated or vaporized? Exceptions would be if the power is directed towards defense such that the attack is a no-sell, or if it's directed towards healing/regeneration. The worm isn't the best example as it isn't really all that humanoid and can regenerate itself from a single piece of flesh, whereas a humanoid might need its head as a center for regeneration. It is the old scenario of a regenerative being being decapitated - is it such that only the head regenerates a body while the body is unable to regenerate a head, or is the being effectively duplicated/cloned as we saw with Sesshoumaru?

See you next time!
Guest chapter 256 . 9/17
Since I haven't read a lot of this in awhile, do Omnicles necessarily dictate the outcome of a fight? Like does having more mean that your opponents attacks are automatically a no-sell, or does it mean that the "less powerful" opponent still might win if they were to get a lot of small hits over time (death by a thousand cuts) or a critical hit (like taking out the eyes or brain)?
Wicked.Onna chapter 254 . 9/13
Great chapter
Guest chapter 251 . 9/2
302! I didn't notice the second chapter! Silly stupid me!
Well at least Kurotsuchi died with honor and left Nemu to Uryu, a much better fate for her than in canon. Keep up the good work!
Guest chapter 250 . 9/2
I didn't even notice I was your 300th reviewer! Well here's a 301st for you! :P
Anyways, it looks like Kurotsuchi got a lot worse than "a minor cut to the right side of his neck" in this chapter... Will he be able to turn himself into liquid this time? Not that I would miss him if he dies...
Good luck with future chapters!
Guest chapter 249 . 9/1
Oh yeah and its nice to have the arrancars actually be with the shinigami as Seireitei is attacked. I wonder if this will build up to a battle of Sesshomaru vs. himself? XD And I guess a "minor cut on the right side of [one's] neck" would be one that doesn't puncture the jugular? :P
Guest chapter 248 . 8/31
Well at least the slaughter is affecting both sides, with the difference being that the attackers probably don't care about their "expendable" members...
Wicked.Onna chapter 247 . 8/30
cool chapter update
Guest chapter 246 . 8/30
Well at least this fate for Nemu is better than ending up as nothing but a brain that has to be put in a child's body with little memories as in canon...
im ur misconception chapter 242 . 8/22
I am not a urahara fan, but you did good with this chapter. he does things his way for a reason. and the battle was fun to read. and... Your written English is getting loads better
im ur misconception chapter 241 . 8/22
yay you are bringing put benehine and haha this is getting some serious fast paced action.
Wicked.Onna chapter 244 . 8/17
Absolutely wonderful chapters
Wicked.Onna chapter 241 . 8/14
great chapter
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