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AngelaLove072101 chapter 4 . 10/14
Ahh, I love how you've brought Megamind to life
AngelaLove072101 chapter 1 . 10/12
I'm loving it so far :) Good job, Hon.
joanhello chapter 19 . 10/11
First of all, you're welcome and I appreciate your saying all those nice things about me.

In the first scene, I like seeing Megamind learn and grow as a ruler, and the way that he moderated his overly harsh law while doing it in an Overlordly and arbitrary way that kept his reputation for eee-vil intact.

You do a good job of keeping the dramatic tension going, what with Minion's efforts to get Megamind to take care of himself vs. Megamind's notion that he has to deal with every crisis himself, no matter what it costs him in sleep, regular meals, and so on.

Does Minion know yet that he's going to be running things while Megamind is away on his procurement mission? I wonder what kind of ruler he will be?

Nice evocation of the fuzzy cloud of extreme sleep deprivation. You're setting him up to make a serious mistake, aren't you?

I, too, wonder what Destruction Worker's game is. I mean, what good will stolen money do him in a post-apocalyptic economy?

Roxanne's mother is going to complicate things. She'll be more openly protective of her daughter than Megamind ever was, and Roxanne might not be so happy with that. On the other hand, if she was a bank officer, she has executive experience, so Megamind (or Minion in Megamind's absence) might be able to delegate something to her. Something like a royal family could develop.

In the last scene, I like your sleazy heroes, who won't negotiate with villains or use swear words even in private conversation but will keep important things from each other, not to mention being complicit in unleashing the zombie virus on three unsuspecting cities.
Black' Victor Cachat chapter 19 . 9/30
A very fascinating fic. Love not just the world building but the character development too. Particularly Megamind learning to work with other people and delegate and actually interact.

I know you have plans for what happens next, but I just have to get these suggestions off my chest:

Stratego and Co. get discovered by Megamind either after or just before Roxanne starts her broadcasts (bad enough), but they discover to their horror that for the first time Megamind is truly taking off the gloves. That even against Titan he was never going full-force because he might kill someone (like high-powered lasers for one), but now he is and able to go against a team of the League of Heroes, including with citizens supporting him. And yeah, you have probably thought of the above part already, but he also makes a point of boasting (and gets broadcasted) how yes he gets mocked by being constantly bested by Metro-Man, except they forget that Metro-Man is the most powerful being on the planet and that sometimes Megamind takes him on just because he is BORED. Not a full delving into canon where he comes to realize he and Metro-Man fight 'just because' a lot, but admitting to himself and others that the sheer joy of going toe-to-toe with the most powerful being is a rush in itself. Except unlike those times he is not holding back.
He also, because so utterly furious, lets slip that he KNOWS that the virus was engineered and deliberately released upon Metrocity, which also gets broadcasted.

When Metro-Man finds out what has been going on in his hometown, he demonstrates to an increasingly worried US government that he has ALSO been holding back. A LOT. As we see the power that he demonstrated in canon that Titan never really accessed.
Maybe even that instead of throwing a fit at Metro-Man when he shows up, Megamind just ignores him to highlight that his nemesis is no longer important after his complete foul-up, and he has more important things to worry about like baby food- *Whoosh* Big pallet of baby food beside Metro-Man now. "Regular food-" *Whoosh* Crates and crates of food now. Etc.

You probably have the hero responses mapped out, especially with the broadcasts, but I also have a suggestion for the super-villains. Basically as more and more details get out, the League of Heroes and US military discover to their horror:
-Megamind has gone from being regarded by his fellow super-villains as a middling super-villain, to being highly regarded as he is the first to successfully form his own country. Especially given how loyal the citizens are becoming to him. Basically he is the first to become a true Overlord, and others want to emulate and surpass him now. His rep going even higher if broadcasted him beating Stratego and Co. and boasting.
So tensions raise as Megamind becomes an increasingly serious threat.
-the super-villains globally, but especially the ones in Chicago and other nearby cities, or connected to the quarantined cities, take Megamind's warning about the virus and allegations of it being intentional very seriously. Not only openly making peace with their local heroes to handle a mutual threat, but start digging themselves and finding that there might be something involved. But what is REALLY scary is that the super-villains, with maybe an enraged Hot-Spot starting it up, reveal that they have a secret protocol where they put aside their differences to unite against mutual threats if the situation has escalated far enough. Sort of like in the DC-verse with the Secret Society formed when it gets out that members of the Justice League have been wiping memories and even rewriting people's mind, and the super-villains all decide that that goes too far. Here though it is because the zombie virus is a threat to them all, and it looks like whoever is involved is able to manipulate heroes into doing their dirty work. So they publicly declare the League of Villains is activated, only escalating the situation.

Looking forward to more!
Birusa chapter 19 . 9/27
Oh I love the chapter! I missed it but i saw it today! im so happy!
Guest chapter 19 . 9/24
Glad to see more of this.
Kiarachu chapter 19 . 9/24
I like how he handled the situation with Hank, Jessica and Noelle, it was a good solution.
I wonder if Destruction Worker would do something else...
Uuuh...Roxanne's mom...I see some fight coming ;D
And interesting the last part, it got me wondering who is the real villain in this situation, Megamind or the heroes?
Psychochiquita chapter 19 . 9/22
Just letting you know before I fall asleep on my phone again that I went through all my chores half assed, sped ran my errands and probably messed up everything I was supposed to do today to get them out of the way for the story because, I REALLY needed to know what was going on with the secretive hero parts and DAMN IF I'M STILL HANGING



peppymint chapter 19 . 9/22
Awesome. I loved the scene with Roxie's Mom.
Guest chapter 19 . 9/22
I knew you'd be back! And with full force. A great chapter sounds like your back in action. I know how those dry spells can get. Can't wate to see where you go with this
amythestblade chapter 19 . 9/22
You're back! Cookies for everyone!
tara.kearnsprice chapter 1 . 8/7
please add more to this story! I've reread it a bunch of times but I really want to see where you are going with this , its hands down my favorite fan fic
Coeus chapter 18 . 7/31
This is honestly one of the best fanfics I have read, it is absolutely amazing and you should be extremely proud of it. You've got the main characters personalities down, you've made drama that doesn't overtake the plot and is geniunly interesting, and you can literally feel the stress and tension boiling with each chapter. I'm excited to see what you've got in store for us in the next chapter. :)
Guest chapter 18 . 7/24
Just found this story, and stayed up till 2 reading it.
It’s very, well, not fun, cause it covers some pretty horrible stuff, but very it’s absorbing and I can’t wait for the next update!
Really would like to see some more reactions from outside the safe zone. Both citizens trapped and hearing about MM’s efforts as well as those “safely” outside the city. The villain from Chicago’s POV, as someone trying to prevent his own city from being quarantined, would be interesting.
Guest chapter 18 . 7/17
This was amazing I hope u update soon
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