Reviews for Hand-Me-Down Ranma -- A Good Fit?
bunnehwyld1 chapter 55 . 9/12/2016
I came across this one a while back, forgot about it somehow, and recently ran into it again. It's a real trip, and it's good enough that the notice of a hiatus had a little angry "oh come on, NOW?!" groan sneak past my lips and make a break for it.

You have a gift for building a verbal rollercoaster. The highs and lows of the story, the dips and the crescendos leading up to the climax are all clear without having signs painted on them. You're also quite skilled at making deeper characters - the personalities of Nabiki and her squad of power brokers in school uniform are fascinating to poke at and slowly unravel. I've also been doing quite a bit of giggling, especially at Nabiki's mental bunny comparison. Heeeere, bunny bunny bunny!

On the improvement side, I feel like Tofu and the nurse's power is deus ex machina-ish, at least without more back story to anchor it in their reality. Still, maybe that's to come? The Amazons also seem more bloodthirsty than I would have expected, but this is almost certainly a deliberate stylistic choice, and not something I'd be docking points for if I was in a position to assign them. Just something I felt like putting on the record.

I'm looking forward to the final act and the big showdown - both on the physical battlefield and the emotional one. Now, if only I can find some good popcorn, I'll be set! :)
James Birdsong chapter 55 . 9/11/2016
Good cool chapter
Guest chapter 54 . 9/11/2016
So Akane has never done anything truly courageous, I guess? Is that really the takeaway from your version of her character?
lord Martiya chapter 55 . 9/11/2016
She's warm now. Good.
lord Martiya chapter 54 . 9/11/2016
This was scaringly realistic.
Meech Macko chapter 55 . 9/11/2016
I thought Nabiki and Dr Tofu were on good terms... didn't know she held a grudge on him!

Turning Dr. Tofu into a punching bag must have been therapeutic for Nabiki. That certainly helped her vent and Ranma's obliviousness was not helping her under pressure.

Mistress Kasumi chapter 55 . 9/11/2016
I won't give it away for readers on this one. All I can say is Nabiki is finally dealing with an internal demon in the form of the grief from her mother's passing.

Death has become common place that for many they have come to believe it is a natural part of life. But it is not. Science can not explain death. For reasons that can not be explained even after all the advancements in medical science to date, no one can explain why death exists. One could research a thousand theories and philosophies on the reason and come back with a thousand different explanations. But one thing is certain.

Its not natural. The unfettered personality altering pain that we feel from the experience should be reason enough. Its not a fact as like many things in this realm of thought, its ridiculously hard to prove. Its more of a feeling.

In times like these having a sturdy rock of a friend who is unfaltering and able to keep us anchored is priceless. Unfortunately not everyone facing this is privileged to have someone like that.

Having that someone beside you to prevent one from slipping into an emotional darkness can be a life saver though the title pales in comparison to how valuable such a person is. And I am not talking about the grief your ok with everyone seeing but the ugly red eyed, messy faced, feel like your dying on the inside, soul chilling, bone crushing, tears at your very internal structure kind of grief. To have someone stick with you through all of that even though they don't know what to do or say but they are committed to stay with you despite it all.

I honestly thought you couldn't top your last chapter. Well you didn't but this is one helluva tie. Looking forward to the next one. If your record holds based off these last few chapters like I know it, will remember to keep some Kleenex nearby to keep my eyes dry.

Sorry about the horrendous grammar wreckage on this review but this one like my last one was unfiltered and all heart. Laserai out
Mistress Kasumi chapter 54 . 9/11/2016
I could try and come up with some elaborate speech on how epic this chapter was or how it hit right here but in all honesty I can not as I am still trying to wipe tears off of my face. Honestly, I am not making this up.

This was by far some of the grittiest yet pure writing I have seen on here in a long time. Few times has a fanfic author managed to get this face of granite to shed tears but congrats you managed to pull it off. The raw and unfettered feelings left snapping like live power lines for all to see was simply genius borderline prodigy level. Writing like this can't be faked or made up.

This kind of feeling I have felt before and I am certain others have as well. Having to stare down the enemy death as you watch it take a loved one away from you. The pain of such an experience is unnatural and can invoke feelings that can not be accurately described because of just how powerful they are. Yet, somehow you have actually managed to do just that. I can add nothing to this chapter. Well done.

I can honestly say any other writer would be hard pressed to top this chapter you have written right here. In fact, I highly doubt I will find another quite like it. Laserai out.
shugokage chapter 55 . 9/11/2016
Definitely an interesting scene and chapter!
Richard Ryley chapter 55 . 9/11/2016
Nice wrap up to the last chapter. Nabiki's mental and physical breakdown might have been a little overdramatic, but considering how long she's been holding this in, I would have expected SOMETHING of the sort. I would also have expected Kasumi to break down, and while Akane was too young to clearly remember (she was four) she is clearly feeling set adrift right now, and worried about her family.

I wonder if Nabiki's initial rejection and dislike of Ranma was because he didn't fit her presumably unconscious ideal of the man her mother promised her, or if she was afraid he WOULD turn out the be that man. Probably a combination of both. Of course, she probably felt her mother had made a mistake in selecting someone as ultimately weak as her father.
Rose1948 chapter 55 . 9/11/2016
Ouch. Being cold like Nabiki's cold isn't fun. I know. Intense chapter. Not sure if I would ever be able to write such a chapter. Too many memories. Wonderful, intense, thought-provoking read. Thanks so much for sharing.
Rose1948 chapter 54 . 9/11/2016
Ouch. Just . . . Ouch. All that pain, inside, for all those years. For everyone. Poor Ranma. Poor Nabiki. And, yeah, poor Akane. I've my own row to hoe in the pain field and I don't envy them one bit-even if it IS a story.

Awesome chapter. Seriously.
Sonic Wooten chapter 55 . 9/11/2016
I really enjoyed the way this chapter was written. Shows amazing depth into how Nabiki was feeling and how she was handling things. Love the final connection between her and Ranma too, so sweet. It tugged hard at my heart strings!
Legate619 chapter 55 . 9/11/2016

The last chapter was Nabiki's crisis point that ensured she'd never be the same again. THIS chapter determines the direction her life will take.

The change in perspective suits the moment PERFECTLY. It NEEDED to be this way, needed to be PERSONAL in a way 3rd person simply can't convey.

The story asks a question; we may well have an answer.

Now... what about the Amazons?

-Regarding Nabiki's reaction, I wonder how much was pure psychological trauma and how much was metaphysics and her being a budding ki-manipulator. In other words, would the event have played out the same way if she had NO martial arts or ki training? Just food for thought, but it does pose some interesting questions about Soun and what he went through.

-Although the words haven't been said, it sure looks like Ranma's chosen, and is FINALLY able to convey his feelings in a way that gets past all the awkwardness and lack of social training, a way that CAN'T be misinterpreted. Nabiki needed something more than faith to cling to; now she's got it.

-Nice to see Ranma's walls come down as well, rather than getting caught up in appearances like openly crying and coming into contact with a girl, he focuses on what's important and what Nabiki -and he, to a lesser extent- needs.
Conna McCanna chapter 55 . 9/11/2016 your magnificent and horrible and I am buying your first book the day it comes out. Brava
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