Reviews for Another Realm III: Rōnin
ForgottenPrince chapter 46 . 8/27
Love it, off to read the new one.

Best Regards,
AngelForm chapter 46 . 7/14
A good third story in the series.
Solid balance of action and character development.

Major issue: More than half a million worlds in and all we are getting about the ‘SI origin’ mystery is more questions.

Minor issue: While I agree that the canon lore surrounding the Quarians is stupid, the extensions you made are even worse.
The migrant fleet was desperate enough to rush into colonising a world with 4g of gravity. A world where every single one of them would need to wear an anti-grav rig 24/7. If there had been worlds with Quarians on them the fleet would have simply gone there. Whether they would be welcomed or have to conquer the place by force is debatable but the idea that their could be both Fleet and Terminus Quarians is ludicrous.
Guest chapter 42 . 6/5
I'm obviously very late to this, but I'm trying catch up. I have to say that you've done a really good with this stoy/stories. I also feel obligated to let you know that you have successfully got me near bawling over Rane'li and her death, takes a decent amount to get me invested in a character like you did, and have done repeatedly, through this story and taking her away in such an abrupt way almost legitmately hurt.
twentyitalians chapter 46 . 6/2
Bravo Kat. Excellent job and a perfect name for the group. Even if Ayle hates it.

Hopefully Vengence lets us get closer and closer to Kean making contact with the Normandy in some meaningful way.
twentyitalians chapter 44 . 6/2
I thought you handled Mordin well. Hard to remember that he answers his own questions a lot though. Nice to see where Mordin gets the mechs guarding the door to his clinic from when Shepard comes knocking.
twentyitalians chapter 42 . 6/2
The feels man. The feels.
twentyitalians chapter 40 . 6/2
I called it! I knew that those restauranteers were just another test subject of Matriarch T'Ravt's! But damn, you had to go and do that stupid author thing where you lay out the information that is plain as day for the reader to understand but the main character is too out of it to connect the dots, when they connect the dots on all of the other plans happening around them.

Although, I suppose Kean is not really in his right mind to be thinking about the Matriarch issue at this moment. But damn, I still hate it.
twentyitalians chapter 39 . 6/2
Oh shit, can it be?

I heard she will destroy you ;)
twentyitalians chapter 24 . 6/1
Wait, wait, when did Illyan learn English or Jarick learn Thessian? They can't understand each other in the previous chapter and now she's conversing with him on how to NOT be a slave? Did I miss something?

Good story arc.
twentyitalians chapter 8 . 5/31
Phew, for a moment I thought it would be Tali'Zorah, what with all your damn butterfly effects shifting the galaxy to something very different from the OT.
seabo76 chapter 46 . 2/26
wow...just wow. This is great writing. Couple things that I want to mention. Batarians: The amount of depth into their culture, traditions and lifestyle that you've developed is quite amazing considering the facts that are actually available online for what's really just a convenient 'bad guy' race in the actual games. You've given them, especially Rane'li, an incredible depth that makes the reader become very involved in their passions and motives (does that make sense? 5am here. tired lol) The mesh of the game and your original canon: The cameos of the game characters blend quite easily into the storyline without overloading it. The question of exactly who Cieran is: Well you've definitely thrown a monkey wrench into all my theories within the last few chapters. I am so beyond hooked now on this series.
RavenousReader06 chapter 46 . 2/23
You know, I knew something like this was going to happen. Still didn't help any. Rane was/is an amazing character who I will miss. There might or might not have been some tears. As always amazing writing, keep it up
Mitsukuri Tsukiyama chapter 46 . 10/24/2016
This story sucks one in and wont let go until its finished. Good thing its a few books left )
Mitsukuri Tsukiyama chapter 3 . 10/22/2016
Saw this when you just had started on this series and read a couple of chapters and then lost it. Now i found it again its amazing how much i have to catch up and I'm enjoying every minut of it)

Keep up the good work!
hainbane chapter 21 . 10/5/2016
It is a very interesting story and one of the most disgusting main characters i have ever met. Still there none or almost none mistakes and plot is good.
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