Reviews for Muggle-Raised Champion
NathanCreek chapter 1 . 12h
Just the prologue and I'm already crying
kayqueue chapter 32 . 3/21
Very satisfying tale, very satisfying ending. You have a lot of talent. Do keep up with your writing, please!
Feball3001 chapter 32 . 3/21
After I finished catching up with the Cupboard series I decided to check out your stories I haven't already read. Had this opened in the background since I finished Hermione's Booknook because it sounded intriguing. This story is amazing. Love it so much and love the changes to the story as a result of Harry not being at Hogwarts. I'd actually love to read an extended version of year two without Harry. Thankyou for sharing this fun story. Looking forward to your future work.
Guest chapter 32 . 3/20
A very good story. My only complaint is your comment that getting his O.W.L.s in 4 yrs instead of 5 was astounding. Sorry, getting accelerated ONE year is NOT astounding. Unusual, yes. Which leads to another issue. Having received tutoring, and tutored, in a subject, one-on-one, means he would progress quite quickly. He would progress at least twice, if not three times as fast. At the end of the year, I would have expected him to be at beginning third year levels.

However, it's your story! So, I hope we see a sequel soon.
Cinthya chapter 8 . 3/18
Harry is such a wuss, to heck with proper equipment, in my school we never need more than gloves for biology and sometimes none for chemestry, it depends on what you are producing, not doing a potion just for that is lame... I mean, sure there are some stuff that you need proper equipment, because they are toxic, like one day we use goggles but not everything is unsafety.
bookworm661 chapter 32 . 3/18
Loved your story. Just a quick question: What happens to Dumbledore once Amelia Bones gets Harry's letter? I hope you will write a sequel or one-shot explaining this and Harry's adventures as a Dragon Speaker.
Guest chapter 27 . 3/17
You have a great story-telling ability! The story has kept me reading for hours. I was really enjoying the conflict between Harry and Daphne as they struggled with such different cultures. However, Daphne really broke character in this chapter. She's been presented as a prim and proper pureblood, as well as an ambitious and cunning Slytherin. So why did she announce Harry's private mail to the Great Hall? Why did she demand that he share his private information with her? It was terribly out of character for her and made me dislike her .
Rebecca Slytherin chapter 32 . 3/17
Dear Stargon,

thank you very much for writing this story. I can remember wanting to read it one one or two years ago, when it wasn't finished yet and I'm not sure when but I think I gave it up very quickly - too quickly.
Now that I gave it a second chance I really loved it. I think this is the first fanfiction that shows a completly different and still fascinating way of dealing with the tasks of the tournament. I also enjoyed how you formed the characters. You gave Harry a background that made the change in character very believable, and the way he dealt with the magical world and the tasks of the tournament fit very well with his character. The roles of the other characters made sense as well and contributed to this being a very enjoyable story. But it might have been nice seeing a little more about the ministry and the other adults and their interessts, but this is only a minor critique. Now to the biggest flaw of the story in my opinion: the begining. I think you could have skipped a lot, that's where I stopped reading the first time and I assume it happened to a few other potential readers as well. There is a lot of explanation in the first two chapters that is not really needed for the story - or might be more interesting later on in flash backs as a background explanation. You don't need to explain everything of the background right away, you could have just jumped into the story, this way the start would be more catchy. This is not meant to discourage you but more as an encouragement for further stories you might write in the future: be bold and just let your readers chatch up with the details later. You showed both creativity and the clarity to envision and formulate a good and thrilling story and I assume that you are going to use that talents in the future as well so I wish you the best for your future stories.
Thank you again for giving me and others something to have a good time with. :)
crossfire922 chapter 32 . 3/14
Great story! I want to say though that I really highly suspect that Voldemort is alive due to Ginny in the chamber.
sonofthehills chapter 32 . 3/13
Thank you very much for this story. I enjoyed spending time with Harry the woodworker.
James018 chapter 12 . 3/5
Really great premise for this story, I don't think I've ever come across the idea executed this way before. Unfortunately since Harry arrived at Hogwarts it seems to have degenerated into wizarding-world-bashing cliches and I'm sorry to say I've lost interest. All the best, regardless.
APO chapter 32 . 3/4
Hi Stargon1

Just wanted to say your story was original and wonderful, this story was your best work so far I think.

I hope your working on a sequel and we see it soon. (maybe post some info on your bio page)

just keep up the good work :)

Thanks again
FellyX chapter 22 . 2/27
9 vin
missgsmith51 chapter 32 . 2/24
I enjoyed your story. It was certainly different than other Tri-Wizard tales. I really disliked Dumbledore, which is fine. You showed him for the selfish, manipulative arse that he is. I'm glad Harry is giving Hogwarts a miss as a student, and Dumbo has only himself to blame, IMO. I suspect that if he had bothered to rescue Harry in 1991, Harry might have been a different kid. As it is, he was left with the influences of both the Dursleys and the men in the woodworking shop for those three critical years when kids begin to develop their value systems.

Fortunately, Harry learned some critical thinking skills to go with his artistic and Wizarding abilities ... and he uses them on a regular basis. That is probably one of his "special powers": critical thinking. Others are logic, ethics, and a strong moral compass. I hope he can continue to evade Dumbledore's clutches, for I find him as dangerous as Voldemort to Harry's continued existence.

I have always wondered how Dumbledore could unload that crock on Harry with a straight face. He has always CLAIMED to have believed that the Dursleys would accept Harry and treat him as family. Then he follows that claim with this: "I knew when I left you there that I would be consigning you to many dark years ..." Which is it? Both statements can't be true. No wonder Harry trashed his office at the end of OP. In Harry's place, I'd have bound myself to Dobby and used my Invisibility Cloak to leave the country and escape Dumbledore. Let the chips fall where they may.

I'm curious to see what, if anything, happens next. Again, thanks for sharing.
missgsmith51 chapter 28 . 2/24
I really hate Dumbledore's manipulations. He sells himself as the Leader of the Light, but I see him as amoral. His OPINION of what is good for people - regardless of their wants or needs or even whether it really is good for them - is his sole guide. He has far too much power, yet he fails to use it properly, IMO. Why doesn't he counteract some of the unfair laws people like Umbridge are drafting and getting passed? He is far too busy playing with - and ruining, perhaps? - people's lives.

I find myself wondering how the portraits learned about Harry's offer. He knows they are animated and talk, so surely he wouldn't have talked in front of them. Who did?
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