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Guest chapter 5 . 8/9
I can't stand Kagome and Inuyasha together.
Uruz 11 chapter 5 . 4/10/2017
My sincere apologies for taking forever to write you a review for your latest chapter, please forgive me.

The scene where Michiru is talking with Grandma Kakuju and learning new skills about his Shikigami magic was very heartwarming, two individuals from different eras not yet knowing that both of them are actually family even though Kakuju senses the resemblance between Michiru and Utsugi from the Kururugi boy's kind personality and the sound of his voice. I always enjoyed those moments of the game even though they were few and far between just like the events during the days off, every new lesson or skilled that Kakuju taught Michiru was considered a gift throughout the first stage of the entire journey given that Michiru's fighting abilities are so few and extremely limited along with the fact that his band of friends is still incomplete without Sango, Kirara and Miroku around. Poor Kakuju, she's feeling nostalgia and guilt for hurting Utsugi and driving him away since he wasn't aging and she was as the years passed by, at least her encounters with Michiru will ease the pain of that burden and let her feel good by helping Michiru along with his feudal era friends.

I can understand Michiru's excitement for discovering he actually possesses real magic, especially rare Shikigami magic and the desire to test and try them out despite not being new and inexperienced at knowing how to cast and use them safely. Kagome may have good reason for telling Michiru not to freely use his powers until they've left the village, but come on, she and Michiru are both dressed in modern high school clothes and their travelling with half demon Inuyasha and fox demon Shippo. The lot of them are already drawing lots of attention to themselves even without making a scene by arguing or using magic while in public. OMG! Kagome actually used her head for a change, explaining to the villagers calmly and politely so that they would understand that Michiru isn't a demon or a threat for that matter, she even kept Shippo from letting the cat out of the bag about Michiru's recently awakened Shikigami magic! Never thought I'd ever say this remark about Kagome, but good for her...for this brief moment at Akebi Village anyway.

Shippo needs to watch his mouth around Inuyasha, then again, he doesn't because he knows Kagome will come to his aid by yelling "sit" if a fight breaks out. So what if Inuyasha is bored and wants to fight, he's agreed to kill the spider demon in order to save Gosuke's daughter Sachi, its a win/win situation for everybody. And besides, how is one (Inuyasha, Michiru, or anyone) supposed to improve their fighting skills and capabilities without more combat experience in the first place?
Poor Michiru, it sucks feeling out of place and useless to everyone, especially in battle against deadly demonic foes. Luckily, that predicament will quickly pass once he's proven himself on the battlefield and gained experience with his Shikigami powers even though it will take a long time to develop and earn all of that. Getting lost is just as bad as running into hordes of demons because of the waste of time, energy and effort with next to nothing gained in exchange during the game. At least travelling from village to village during the day allows you to see most of those purple clouds and to retrace your steps if you took a wrong turn, but when you're inside a castle or a temple surrounded by thick fog and its dark. The chances of achieving your objective and evading demon hordes are even more difficult, especially when the narrow hallways restrict your movements, making it impossible to avoid being ambushed.

I don't blame Michiru for being afraid, he's only been in the Fuedal era for less than a day and seeing that giant spider demon is enough to give any modern day teenager nightmarish thoughts and fear of being killed or eaten by such a deadly creature. Giant demonic insects would be the worst demons, not just because of their size, but also because some of them would be poisonous and were their skeletons on the outside which is strong and armoured enough to protect their soft internal organs. I know Kagome can use purification arrows, but a bow and arrow isn't the best weapon of choice to use in close quarters combat and especially inside of a Temple with confined spaces. I'm actually surprised she never thought of using her can of bug spray that she used on Myoga during his first appearance, bet the spider would have been in serious agony after a dose of insecticides even though it possess a Shikon jewel shard to help heal itself.

Oh well, once Michiru freed the others from the spider's web, the tide turned in their favour despite the danger of battling the giant spider. I was worried for a moment when Inuyasha's wind scar went out of control and nearly struck Kagome, just another example of how unexpected close calls and accidents happen during a battle. Glad Michiru wasn't injured or corrupted by the jewel shard infected with demonic aura, good thing Kagome and Inuyasha explained how dangerous they can be if the jewel shards aren't purified with spiritual powers. And so ends the first big battle together, despite the dangers and mistakes, it was still a victory and Michiru can use all that he learned here to his advantage in the next fight. Come on, Shippo and Kagome need to stop insulting Inuyasha, so what if he couldn't defeat the spider all by himself like he thought he could, at least he agreed to try even if he was only doing it because he was eager for a fight. He couldn't have foreseen that the spider possessed a Shikon jewel shard, the confined environment of the temple made the battle an even more difficult one since it was also dark and foggy which limited mobility and visibility.

Nice to see Inuyasha acknowledging Michiru's bravery and honesty during the battle and after the battle, Kagome and Shippo would never openly admit their mistakes to others, nor seek to improve themselves and correct their faults and the same can also be said for Miroku even though he's not here. Looks like Inuyasha and Michiru are going to be good friends and fighters in the long run from this day forward, glad that Kakuju appeared so soon again to council and advise Michiru and the others, especially since she taught him that Raging Flame attack which is really helpful for fighting. Sachi's reunited with her family again, all's well that ends well. I can understand Michiru's reluctance for accepting money as a reward for rescuing someone's life, but the villagers feel truly grateful for Sachi being rescued and having the demon spider killed to protect their village from further harm so its good that he accepted it in the end. First, it would be rude to refuse and two, the villagers were offering it not just in gratittude, but also as an apology for falsely accusing Michiru of being the demon who abducted Sachi just because of his strange clothes, suspicious appearance and being in the vicinity of the village outskirts around the time of Sachi's disappearance. Just when everybody returns to Kaede's village after a long and toiling day of travelling and fighting, Shippo sets Inuyasha off and Kagome uses her sit commands on him, at least Michiru feels sympathy for his half demon friend. Wonder how many times it will take before he's had enough of seeing Kagome abusing Inuyasha? Maybe he has some ducktape in his backpack and can tape her mouth shut, (;D) that'll teach the spoiled short tempered school girl a lesson! The final scene after supper at dusk when Michiru is relaxing and shares a talk with Kagome was a nice way to end the chapter, even though he's stuck in the Feudal era with no means of returning home, Michiru's made new friends and learned how to use his magic Shikigami powers so he can protect himself and others in order to survive until he does find a way of returning home. At the end of the day, things are looking up and are significantly better than they were at the start when he found himself all alone in Feudal Japan even though many days of travelling, fighting and training are ahead of him. Great chapter, sorry again for taking forever to leave you a review.
inginuyasha chapter 5 . 3/13/2017
It's been so long since I left a review for one of your stories. My favorite part had to be at the end where Michiru told Kagome how he felt about her use of SIT (one of many I'm guessing). I hope life is going better for you this new year, mine has been Rough too :( Now I didn't know if I should live this question here or PM it, but I am so curious about how you're going to write Naraku's resurrection. Are you gonna go the Mount Hakurei (band of seven) arc or follow the game's Asagiri Island? Or do a mix? I am so sorry if you mentioned it before in your previous stories (lol I need go back and re-read). As always love your stories and can't wait to read more.
Dragoon Swordsman chapter 5 . 12/25/2016
This was nice to see. After reading your other fics, it's a bit jarring for Michiru to be struggling with the most basic applications of his power, but that's to be expected. The fact that he managed to impress Inuyasha is a nice touch. Now I look forward to him meeting Sango (if memory serves, that would be just after Kasasagi).

Until next time.
J4RRE77 chapter 5 . 12/25/2016
I've been reading the Ocarina of Time manga, and the scene where Link encounters Zelda in the courtyard gave me an idea. You see, unlike in the game, Zelda actually kisses Link's cheek after she tells him about her plan to keep the Triforce from Ganondorf.

That said, suppose that unlike in the game, Michiru actually (and accidentally) kisses the cheek of one of the girls at some point? That way he can have another fond memory to contemplate later.
Greymon Leader Batx flashpoint chapter 5 . 12/25/2016
well this was a awsome chapter and a great christmas presant. In this Michiru is finally able to have some spotlight time with his powers and exploring them. I like how he was playing with his fire balls it looked so cool and i could understand him kids like playing with their new toys at once. But what i also liked was that we got some more exploration in his chracter once of the problems with Michiru is well his self confidence so there re going to be times where he find constant las with himself. But what i felt was stronger in this chapter was him admitting theese flwas since personally i felt when a main chracter has flaws it makes them more relasitic such as Inuyasha as a full demon, Symbiote spider man and many more. Its when a chracter wants to get thoose flaws and otercome them makes me feel they are a better chracter. Michiru and Inuyaha combo atack went berserk due to him not knowing a special rule to that method which resulted in everyone almost dieing. But i liked how he was open about himself and willing to get better and listen to the advice of thoose around him. Kakaju was a gem i this her techings were great such as telling Michiru how the combo attacks work with trust i found that deep becasue like Inuyasha said they just met eachother so this is going to make future combo attacks harder. What made me love her chracter more was memories of Utsugi it is probbaly going to be some time till we see his chracter but still the foreshowding was done fanatsicly not too much and not to little it was great and i hope to her teach Michiru more skills. I also liked how Michiru was bonding his the group, Inuyasha for one since they still have a rocky relationship but the chracter has had mometns of suprise from Michiru that have been great i hope tat the next time they do a combo it works but it will lickly take time but still they growing likeness between theese two is going well. I like Michiru and Kagome in this becasue she was almsot motherly to him with the advce again Michiru is having a hard time and still is but that breif i felt happy seeing the peace i hope in battle acroos time theese hug and make up cause freinds should not hate eachother whatever the reason. Shippo and Michiru's banta was good i liked Shippo's kid jokes becasue he is half right Inuyasha is technacally either grandads age or a great grandad's age due to the time passing the tree. Im glad there combo attack work and shippo is funny guy he makes a good comdion. The relationships in the chapter were done well i understand that it is a small start due to Michiru being the guy but it was done nicely and cant wait to see how his relastionship with Sango and Miroku goes. The spider demon was a scary fight creep crawleys always are but thanks to Michiru's intuation with the rock and the team effort all went well. Though i wonder what would happen if Michiru got infected by a corrupted jewl shard either way im glad he was safe. I was a bit worried about the money scene it looked like a double edge sword by accpeting your pleasing the villages but they would have some fiainacil diffculties but by not accepting they may have felt upset but have some ficinal levrage either way im glad it was settled but it did make me feel a little uncomfatable seeing it since accepitng money from good but poor people might create some guilt. All in all this was great chapter i really loved seeing the combo attacks and hope to see them done more with other chracters in future since it looks like the attacks are born from bonds such as trust which makes it even more amazing. I loved this chapter and im sorry things are not so good with you i hope they cn better. I hope you have good hoildays and a good day and remeber your awsome
Marco A Salazar chapter 1 . 6/27/2016
I loved the update, man.
Zaru chapter 1 . 6/13/2016
Well well look what I found. The prequel to those great Cursed Mask stories featuring Michiru and best girl Sango. Except this... Is actually the Cursed Mask! Heh.

Nice to see you Shampoo and Ukyo. Having s truce to make some straight cash homey?

But I digress. It's good to see this up and reading this to remember my old days of playing the game on the PS2. Had tons of fun especially in pairing Michiru with Sango my first playthrough(oh god in heaven Naraku was hard as balls on the final boss... Give me dark souls over him Anyday).

Keep up the good work Orion!
Uruz 11 chapter 4 . 6/2/2016
Poor Michiru, he pinned all his hopes on the Bone Eater's well...and all those were washed down the drain when he landed on the bottom, making him hit rock bottom moments afterwards when he realized it didn't work like it would for Kagome. Meeting Shippo and Kaede was nice though even if Shippo's transformation gave Michiru a brief scare, at least he made some more friends right off the bat which is a good thing to make up for the unfortunate predicament that he's forced to endure for many months to come.

It doesn't take much to set off an argument between Kagome and Inuyasha, the same can be said with Shippo and Inuyasha to some extent, though that's probably because Shippo knows Kagome will always side with him instead of with Inuyasha which of course results with more sit commands. I was glad to see Michiru offering Inuyasha a hand to help him up after his painful plummet to the ground even though Inuyasha didn't take it, but I'm going to give the half demon a break since he's mad about Kagome's abuse and was totally unprepared for such a show of concern, especially from Michiru since they only just met a short while ago. But Inuyasha will eventually learn that Michiru's a better person than he had thought originally, even better than Kagome which I'm sure Inuyasha would be willing to openly admit out loud given all the abuse and bickering that Kagome causes.

Please, someone given Inuyasha a medal for trying to cheer Michiru up even though his words might not have given off that impression, at least he tried and had good intentions in mind. Seriously, sometimes I just wish Kagome could see all that Inuyasha had to endure as a child and in the decades following afterwards because I'm sorry to say that's the only way she'll see all the progress he's made thus far despite his few faults and short temper.

I feel for Michiru, travelling all day takes the energy out of ya on top of having to fight repetative battles against hordes of demons that cross his path over and over again which waste time and toil, especially at the beginning when he's not very strong or battlehardened along with the fact that Sango, Kirara and Miroku aren't there to help during those fights either.

At last, a stroke of luck when everybody arrives in Akebi village and Michiru gets to meet Lady Kakuju for the first time, having her aid and teachings greatly helps Michiru learn more about his Shikigami powers which have only recently awakened within him. Seeing Michiru summon the lion Shikigami and destroy the serpentine rock was awesome, it'll also encourage Michiru since he actually got to perform using magic and actually stay awake to see the results for himself.

I'm sorry to hear that life is still difficult for you, taking college and doing work while going through a depression must be torturous as it is tiring. Nevertheless, congradulations on uploading this great chapter, I look forward to the others for your "Battle accross time" story when they're ready, I'm very happy that you intend to write a segment featuring Sango, Kirara and Miroku before they arrive back in Kaede's village where they will meet Michiru, I always wondered what they were doing away from the others all that time, but each of them probably needed a break and have their own tasks and responsibilities to attend too.

I'll be really excited for reading what you have planned for that and equally excited for when Sango and Michiru meet for the first time, that'll be special given everything else that would follow afterwards along with what will blossom between them in the many days to come until Michiru finally returns home again. Take care, good luck on your other chapters, I hope life gets better for you. Again, thank you a lot for writing these magnificant stories, they are truly wonderful to read.
J4RRE77 chapter 4 . 6/2/2016
Don't let things get TOO ugly in the next few chapters, man. Your fans were liking the fact that the healing process had begun, there's no sense in destroying repairs.
WOLFWATCHER12 chapter 4 . 6/2/2016
Catch ya around.
Greymon Leader Batx flashpoint chapter 4 . 6/1/2016
i enjoyed this chapter, i liked how you used different themes such as dispair but at some time some rising hope. The depair was from Michiru's predicumaent its just home sickness sucks wherever you are, But what was worst was that he could't find a way back i mean in all seriousnes how to get back from a supise time travel. The emtions where right in it. the rising hope i liked was when Michiru was being taght by Kakuju i just like scenes when the yooung hero is starting out and trying to adapt to theese strange abbilties. I liked how he was futher developing himself with the lion powers but thats stage 1 he needs to figure the other 9 shikigami animels which will take a lot of traning but i have a theory who can help him with that. I loved how you porayed Inuyasha in this chapter it felt realsitic to the chracter soruce, this feels like Inuyasha and thats what i like about his relationship with Michiru is that they are both different people, Inuaysha has lived a hard life where the only people who had any love for him have either died or turn on him, as a child every day was a fight for suruvual, this can criple someones trust abbilties. Inuaysha is warrior he has seen bad things and expereince negative parts of interaction with other people that it has damaged his trust and kinda destoyed his inncoence. While Michiru on the other hand life was way easier for him, for him he had to just worry about having a girlfreind while inuyasha had t worry if he was going to be killed when he sleeps. Michiru was panthered while Inuyasha had to learn skills in order to survue, Im intressted how you develop their relationship further becasue a start was made when Michiru helped him i cant help feel he may have words with Kagome later about the Inuyasha abuse. but like you said they have a long way to go but a start has been made so i am intressted how you get theese two chacters who really different to become besties. Kakaju was lovely in this chapter it was great seeing i liked how you written her and made her very likable it is kinda sad knowing her fate and her role in Michiru's life but all in all she is awsome and hope to see her more. The Kagome double shippo did was funny a bit basic humor but still broght a smile reminding me why i like this anime. SO all in all great work chapter 4 like the exploration into some of the chracters phsycy and the developmets with Michiru's powers. Good work freind i look foward to your future works
KR Duelist 2.0 chapter 4 . 6/1/2016
Wohoo! Finally! Another chapter! Man, I thought I'd never hear from you again! You just made my day! Anyways, great chapter as usual! You never cease to amaze! And you have to contact me sometime for Battle Across Time. Please do.
ryo tadagachi chapter 3 . 5/7/2016
wow... * gives a standing applause * this is awesome! and giving me insperation to try to write my own story or two with michiru. but... im nervous to truthfully
Mickol93 chapter 3 . 4/21/2016
Just like the game. Sango is going to have a great journey with Michiru.
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