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Amargi'sNodachi chapter 7 . 9/18
What a wonderful story

Really wish there was more
loyd2517 chapter 7 . 6/30
plssssssss update
Gundam Meister of Rituals chapter 7 . 3/14
I love the idea of a Illya and Harry pairing. It is a interesting pairing (better than Harry X Ginny which I hate) and this is a good story. can't wait for more.
melissacarpenter19997 chapter 7 . 1/27
Please update
anonamis chapter 1 . 12/29/2020
We will watch your career with great interest!
naia1 chapter 7 . 12/29/2020
plz update!plz!
brayanamaya963 chapter 7 . 12/12/2020
Sinceramente me gusta mucho la historia pero ya estoy mal tú murió
Tenma Kirin chapter 7 . 9/11/2020
Continue, pls!
Guest chapter 7 . 7/2/2020
More chapters please
Rook's fanfiction chapter 7 . 5/12/2020
I just wanted to say I have absolutely loved this story, and while it seems unlikely, I truly do hope you pick it back up at some point.
SelinaSnicket chapter 7 . 5/5/2020
Update and remember this awesome story please?
ej-83 chapter 7 . 3/18/2020
nice one.. i wonder what will happen when dumbledore finds out about the betrothal.. maybe harry should go to the goblins to check his bloodline and all to see if he is heirs to other families n such.. for obvious reasons he is the heir of slytherin by conquest since he defeated voldemort...
MysticRising chapter 1 . 9/20/2019
I like ilya's attitude, but your forgetting that while the wizarding world is backwards and filled with idiots, they have legit magic. Teleportation, timetravel (the 5th magic I believe), heavens feel (kinda, I mean horcruxes deal with the soul, which is similar to the heavens feel) and so much magic that magi would drool over. It would be better if Ilya said something more like she went to an AU and found no magi, but wizards. Discovering their culture she learns they are pathetic and neglect furthering their magic (like how timeturners are the only time related magic, or why no one seems to work more on time magic).
I think the idea of Ilya ruling the wizarding world has merit, but I think the idea of wizards and magi coexisting to be dumb seeing how different the magic potential is between the two.
Guest chapter 2 . 7/7/2019
One serious criticism I have is that Ilya simply has no way of knowing the things she know about this universe. She calls Dumbledore a hypocrite, manipulator, and a terrible strategist, and mocks the fact that Harry marries Ginny. How is it even remotely possible that she knows these 2 facts? First and foremost, Ilya didn't seem to know much about British wizarding world until she found herself there, so how did she even know about any of this? Second, some of the information would be unavailable even in the future. Even after the war, I seriously doubt that Dumbledore's plans would become public knowledge, nor would Harry and his friends (who are the only ones who'd know about it) badmouth Dumbledore (canon Harry holds him in very high regards even after the war). Furthermore, who the hell would even disseminate information as unimportant and pointless as who Harry Potter married? Sure, it may be a big deal for British wizards, but Ilya isn't a wizard. It'd be as if she somehow knew about the spouse of the previous president of Argentina, as well as their personal past. It makes no sense in the slightest. Third, Ilya was raised in the most sheltered environment imaginable, and constantly experimented upon to improve her capacity as a master and as a lesser grail. She never left the castle until Fuyuki. How in the world would she know about affairs of a completely different society in another country?

All in all, this story leaves me with a terrible impression that the author didn't know how to separate between their own knowledge and opinions from the knowledge and opinions of the main character. It comes across as a clumsy attempt to vent frustrations at the things that the author disliked about the Harry Potter series by using an outsider (Ilya) as a mouthpiece for their opinion. The author could have improved the story so much more by having Ilya actually interact with the wizarding world and form her own opinions in an organic fashion.

For example: Ilya meets Malfoy, gets the spiel on why purebloods are better. Ilya asks about whether pureblood magic is more potent (like w/ multigeneration magi). Hears conflicting opinions. Finds that it's basically complete BS. Ilya finds the discrimination nonsensical.
Hell, even if you have an agenda to bash Dumbledore or Ginny, it's easy to do. Example: Ilya hears about dumbledore's warning about 3rd floor, learns about philosopher's stone, realizes that it's insanely dangerous and irresponsible to keep in a school, and considers Dumbledore a poor headmaster. Another one: Ilya meets Ginny, who is a stuttering wreck around Harry. Ilya considers her behavior to be infatuation and hero worship, which Harry hates. Ilya remarks how dumb it would be for those 2 to end up together.

On a different note, Ilya is a massive hypocrite herself. She points out flaws in Wizarding society with glee, but completely fail to notice that the same thing is present within her own culture.

For example, magi aren't quite as ignorant about technology, they may be even worse in that they knowingly dismiss it. It's one thing to not know much about the power and utility of modern technology, but it's even more moronic to know about it and knowingly dismiss and ignore it. She should know herself how difficult it was for Kiritsugu to convince Acht to get something technological in Einzbern castle. Before Kiritsugu, Einzberns basically lived in the same victorian mindset and technological level. I mean, really, her dad became the grim reaper of magi (and some dead apostles) by figuring out that guns, explosives, and cameras exist. And despite his monstrous effectiveness, apparently no one has decided to incorporate some of his skills and tactics. One of the best enforcers out there (Bazett) mainly uses fists for Root's sake.

Furthermore, idiotic prejudice is pretty dang huge with magi as well. Consider the fact that Asia as a whole (a continent that holds more people than any other, and is economically powerful) is considered a backwater region with nothing of value. This is despite the fact that it is the site of one of the bigger rituals (capable of ending the world or reaching the root) in the world (a site specifically chosen due to its amazing leylines). Furthermore, insanely powerful people have frequently come from the region (esp Japan, b/c of the games. Imagine how many talented magi are being produced by Asia as a whole). Kiritsugu Emiya was considered a boogeyman in the magus community, Aoko is a true magician and also called magical gunner, Touki is a master of puppetry with an obscenely high ranking in clocktower, 2 individuals w/ mystic eyes of death perception (one who has killed 3 dead apostle ancestors including Louvre), a sword incarnation human holder of a reality marble who 1v1s the strongest heroic spirit (something so damn rare that there's been less than 10 people w/ that ability every recorded), tons of individuals with demon heritage including Kouma, an average one that manages to become Zelretch's apprentice, and more. Despite all of this evidence that you really should not ignore the raw talent that seems to arise in the region, magi decide to look down on and ignore (again, knowing ignorance) their eastern colleagues.

Let's talk about massively irresponsible behavior by authority figures. The numerous issues in HP books are well noted, but consider the world of FSN. This is a universe in which there is a contest that allows the winner to make any wish ( wish of the servant if not attempting to reach the root). And the winner is solely determined by who can murder each other more efficiently. The magus association does not even bother to make sure that none of the participants will make a disastrous wish ("I wish only I could reach the root" every magus is shut out from the root). They don't bother even trying to screen the participants, letting the grail choose random schmucks, who for all they know could be a genocidal maniac whose biggest wish is elimination of the human race. What do they do instead? Send 1 representative, who isn't guaranteed to win, let alone be chosen as a master in the slightest and hope for the best. The church technically oversees the contest but blatantly cheats during both the 4th and 5th holy grail war for selfish reasons.

I think that since logical flaws in Harry Potter universe are easy to find and have been pointed out numerous times, the author didn't bother to think about the Nasuverse and see whether those flaws could be applied. Or maybe the author prefers Nasuverse over HP universe, and are willfully blind to some of the flaws of the former universe.
Guest chapter 1 . 7/7/2019
Hey now! Nasuverse has no right to criticize anyone over inbreeding, since Shiki's mystic eyes of death perception is thanks to a staggering amount of incest in the Nanaya line (that almost dying, just like Ryougi). (I mean, by that logic tons of wizards should be going crazy seeing lines everywhere :P)

Also, I think making Ilya the main character makes a lot of sense, since her unique magical characteristic of 'wish granting' allows her to perform magecraft w/o having a perfect understanding of the process (bet that'd piss of Hermione). This would probably even allow her to use (or at least fake) wand-based spells of Harry Potter universe. Plus, her insane number of circuits will allow her to keep performing spells similar to how wizards just cast spells constantly without much fatigue in HP universe. Basically, Shirou (or even Rin) would've stuck out like a sore thumb based on the fact that their magecraft works fundamentally differently, but Ilya can blend in reasonably (despite the hair/eyes)
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