Reviews for Prehistoric Park: The Ultimate Wildlife Sanctuary
Calvin chapter 7 . 11/11/2018
Do you plan on having Gerard, Liz, and James insult and try to fight Nigel? Because if you do, I doubt those three douchebags can actually stand a chance against a zoologist who has had up close encounters with dangerous animals and might be more skilled at hand-to-hand combat than we believe. I think readers would be satisfied later if Gerard does redeem himself and begins to fix his past actions while Liz and James are kicked out of the park by Nigel and Owen, with the former two swearing and flipping the bird repeatedly at everyone, calling them scum that should die and caring more about useless dumb animals that should have stayed dead rather than focus on the real world (i.e. looking out for number one and taking every chance no matter the consequences, never taking responsibility for their actions and blame someone else on it, kill as much as you like because it won’t make a difference to the world, etc.) before Nigel retorts and gives out an epic The Reason You Suck speech at them.
Nathanoraptor chapter 7 . 10/29/2016
Mortal's Friend: Bingo!
Mortal's Friend chapter 7 . 10/29/2016
Was that a Father Ted reference that I saw?
Zane Akker chapter 7 . 10/7/2016
Oh, A-Lion and Nathan, you would never understand the inner workings of my mind...

Look, I've taken back much of what I said, like the whole 'children are stupid' rants I made back in the Iron Park story DaDog made. Hopefully you can go on the path to forgiving me.
A-LionGleek chapter 7 . 10/3/2016
Nice to finally see an actual chapter update for this awesome story! God I've missed seeing this story get updates (no offense intended). It was nice to see how things have proceeded to unfold following the very nice night tour between Nathan and Holly. On that note, here are my individual comments.
Holly's Situation: Rargh, I am SO looking forward to the day that Jolly is finally given the irreparable split it deserves. And I sure would be especially happy if something especially bad were to happen to James as a result of his recklessness (like perhaps either an encounter with Cronus or a similarly dangerous animal, perhaps maybe even him pulling a Zack White and climbing into the enclosure of an apparently funny looking lethal killer animal). And I am especially disgusted with both him and his friends now after hearing about how they behave in general, not to mention how they treat both Nathan and Nathan's crush/Holly's best friend Sian (who I now wouldn't mind meeting in this story at some point). I must ask though . . . who's Phoebe?
Nathan: Nice to see he's still enjoying himself. I will admit though, I now officially hate his aunt Liz even more then his uncle Gerard. After all, the first few grudging points I gave him for agreeing with Nathan about having similar distaste for James have now been joined by his very notable (and almost literal) pet the dog moment that he apparently took part in in regards to the death of that important family dog. But seriously, Liz's behavior in this chapter was quite uncalled for. Still, it was really nice that we all got to see Owen this chapter. And boy some feminists can become seriously intolerable extremists (no offense to any girls, especially to any who are my friends). And yeah, I am definitely still liking Lauren and am willing to give Jack a LITTLE slack for this chapter.
Ms. Jackson: WOW, looks like we've got a 'Stacy's mom' situation here. Jesus, what is with Nathan's male classmates?! Still, it was also nice to hear that bit of backstory about Nathan's maternal grandfather.
On another note, I am definitely looking forward to more of what's to come. Hope to see lots and lots of animals make appearances. I'm afraid I have no idea what reference you were trying to make with what the Cuban macaw said. And I can definitely agree with you on Zane. I stopped caring about what he has to say days, weeks, maybe even MONTHS ago. After all that's happened, he's too far gone for me to have any hope of even bothering to try to get him to be a better person anymore. And I might as well get this one other bit of information out of the way. With how long it's been since any of us have seen Avian, I'm starting to wonder if perhaps he might very well be dead (in which case, farewell buddy).
Once again, good work! Looking forward to seeing what comes next! :)
Flameal15k chapter 7 . 10/2/2016
Nice chapter. Full of heartwarming tidbits.

In regards to James, his friends and Brandon, though:


Glad that the political timebomb has been defused (and then had the timer shot). That was getting problematic.
Drew Luczynski chapter 7 . 10/2/2016
The universe lives still.

Funny cause I was actually reading a few chapters of DDs story earlier.
DaDog chapter 7 . 10/2/2016
Great new chapter. I especially liked the part with the macaw.
Drew Luczynski chapter 1 . 7/1/2016
Zane: it's funny you get angry at that cause I remember once were I thought you were an anti French guy. The cycle continues
Drew Luczynski chapter 1 . 7/1/2016
Danny: He could have just said Tumblr and nobody would have cared.

Nathan: I just looked on your profile and noticed you didn't like Avatar. All I have to ask is which one? The one that's on pair with the Lion King for me. Or the one with the blue freaks
Danny chapter 1 . 7/1/2016
I have been aware of that joke statement for awhile now, and as someone who has been to France before and, for the most part, had fun while I was there, I personally had no issue with such a statement, as it was obviously in jest. Besides, like Nathan said, France is a common whipping boy over here, though where I live I here more comments targeted towards Germans, Americans and Romanians (The latter mainly due to several Romanian families showing up about two years ago now). Still, I can understand Zane's concerns and respect them.
Nathanoraptor chapter 1 . 7/1/2016
To elaborate on the matter, I didn't mean any Francophobic subtext into it. I just put it as a joke, with no thought as to the consequences. Sadly, there are consequences and they have come to me today.

I was wrong and I wholeheartedly apologise for anyone who may have been offended over the years. I feel I should repeat that I am not prejudiced towards any national or racial group. It was something I did in a moment of stupidity and I have learnt my lesson about writing things without any thought of the consequences.

I am writing in order to explain the circumstances of this, but also to salvage the regard of people I fear may consider me less of a friend than I have been led to believe. I don't want for you guys to hate me. Please.

Cheers y'all

Nathanoraptor chapter 1 . 7/1/2016
Zane: You've got me bang to rights there. I didn't think of that when I wrote it; at the time, I didn't know that profiles aren't private. I admit I was being stupid, the offending line has been removed and I accept I was being an idiot. I'm sorry.

Cheers y'all

Zane Akker chapter 1 . 7/1/2016
It still wasn't funny, 'raptor. What if someone who was actually French read that?
Nathanoraptor chapter 1 . 7/1/2016
Zane: Ah, you know about that. I don't actually hate France (I've been to Paris several times and enjoyed it), it was just a joke to put on my profile, which seemed funny at the time I wrote it, as the French are one of the main whipping boys of British wit. I didn't think anyone would take it seriously; I didn't know that profiles aren't private. I also wrote it in 2011, when ISIS (living in a town with a fairly large Islamic community, I don't like calling them Muslim either) were still but a glint in an extremist's eye. (However, I did have relatives who died on the Somme).

I do not hate any national or racial group; I was kidding when I wrote it, thinking that no one would take it seriously. However, I will remove the statement, as I do not wish for my stupidity to lead people who I consider friends to think me a bigot.

I apologize for my stupidity and immaturity.

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