Reviews for I Am Who I Am
ConlonKeith chapter 1 . 1/4/2020
You should go and ahead and eventually include the CW Arrowverse TV show Batwoman with a few tweaks rather than Bruce Wayne aka Batman disappear from gotham about 3 years ago from the perspective of Bruce Wayne 's twenty -twenty five years younger cousin Kate/Katie Kane therefore allowing Gotham's criminal community to cause Gotham to be able to go to caotic Hell but Bruce Wayne remains in Gotham to protect it until his Kate Kane becomes a Young Adult other words old enough to take over the responsibility of the Bat vigilante from Bruce Wayne. But particularly Kate Kane inheriting the Batwoman mantle/Bat vigilante responsibility from Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne will undoubtedly by the time of the CW Arrowverse Batwoman TV show will be in their upper fifties/sixties while Barbara senior would be in her eighties/ nineties. wiki/Batwoman

And then also with the subject of the generational passing of the responsibility of the Bat vigilante also eventually include a version of Batman Beyond but in the 2060s ,2070s, 2080s, and the 2090s rather than the 2040s, and the 2050s. wiki/Batman_Beyond

Maybe even consider a version of the Batman/superman generations multi-chapter/multi-story/multi-series storyline. But with it in majority over the late latter 20th century, the early, mid and late 21st century, and within the 22nd century. wiki/Superman_%26_Batman:_Generations