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Kai chapter 25 . 11/4/2019
I want to see Pita and Sakura interacting with each other when they were younger.
1jesus chapter 6 . 8/26/2019
1jesus chapter 5 . 8/26/2019
The part with Pita and Sakura was funny.
1jesus chapter 3 . 8/24/2019
I like it.
1jesus chapter 2 . 8/24/2019
Really nice work, Pita and Sakura look cute together.
Guest chapter 20 . 8/22/2019
20th chapter.

Still as amazing as always, you rock at writing, no question, and your fighting scenes are intense!

I always have a soft spot for pairings in every store I read or watch. For me personally, Pita and Sakura doesn't work in a romance, I can't see them together. Don't wanna see them together either . But, in the end it's your story, and I'll just have to stick with what you decide, and enjoy other parts of the story.

It's good to have opinions, but in the end, only your final opinion holds true, good for everyone to remember that . But if I were able to slink in a suggestion, then "Spidey/Temari - or TenTen" would be my choice xD.

Thanks for writing, and hope it goes well as you continue .

Ps: 4 students? I didn't think Hiruzen would have them all, thought Madame Web made her own separate way to become a legend xD. But I'm game
Guest chapter 17 . 8/21/2019
Chapter 17, and I'm still into it! Man, you're awesome!

I see Sakura and Pita as sibilings, the way he calls her kid and the way she looks up at him, it's cute and they remind me of my own relationship with my brother in a few ways. I can't really get the "love" in a romantic way between them, and I have no problems with that for now. I'm kinda interested in Temari's part with Pita, would love more interactions between them xD.

Every fight you write is as emotional and intense as they could be! Even Sakura and Ino was better than canon! Loved how you took away "inner Sakura", I hated that part.. it was just too out there. Sure, I can get a tailed beast, but having another personality beat a jutsu of Ino's? Too much.

Anyways, fantastic story, as always! Brilliant!

Sincerely/ Dennis. S
Guest chapter 9 . 8/18/2019
So, I'm significantly late in making an review here. But I really want to add something, or give something or whatever.

You, have created something astounding. Spider-man into Naruto, not gonna lie, I've always wanted to see that! And, for me, I can't see it handled any better than how you have done it . Every character is spot on, your literacy is top notch, really feel like I'm living the story! Every detail is appreciated, you don't miss out on nearly anything at all! I would even stretch myself so far to say... That you've created something close to pure perfection! (Even if I'm only on the 9th chapter).

Another thing, I saw how you handled Anko.. and I teared up. Seriously, that was her in a nutshell, and not only that! I saw hints of Kakashi/Anko! My third favorite, if not my second fav ship in all of Naruto! Thank you for at least leaving the hints, and making them make sense! Thank you so much!

Now, that aside, I see that you're still going strong with the story to this day, fantastic! I'm really looking forward to the next chapters ahead of me!

Thanks again for the opportunity to read this, your masterful Creation!

Sincerely: Dennis.S./
icemaxprime chapter 25 . 8/15/2019
Another spectacular chapter! Have you seen far from home? If so what did you think?
Mercwiththemouth chapter 25 . 8/15/2019
Good to see the first step in Pīta's training. He is learning one of the most important steps for any version of Spider-man, let your Spider Sense guide you. Can't wait to see his next part of training where he will summon his first Spider. From what I saw when Juria was asked which one they were going to summon it looks like we have a surprise coming. I'm actually wondering if it will be one named after a Spider-man character. It would be funny to see one named Cassandra, named after the original Madame Web.

Next scene I really liked was Pīta going to see Lee in the hospital. While it unimportant plot wise, it was very important character wise. It showed Pīta care and concern for others and showed a nice bonding moment between all the characters involved in the scene. I'm especially happy with the scene where Pīta was able to convince Lee that he needed to rest.

My favourite scene in this chapter has to be Dosu's scene. I knew he was going to get an upgrade but I didn't expect it to be as dangerous as the one he ended up getting. I was expecting Scorpion to be the Big Bad of the exams, but by the looks of it Dosu seems to be claiming that spot. His plan to set off a sound bomb makes him far more deadly than what he was in the canon series.

Pīta's reaction to when he finds out Dosu has stolen something he designed and turned into a weapon that could kill so many people will be quite a sight. He will either be filled with rage or consumed with guilt.
Aztec 13 chapter 25 . 8/12/2019
Hey it's me again I just remembered forgot to mention the last part of the chapter with mysterious kid that just crash-land in front of the hospital I just want to know is that Thor cause that would be awesome! Why is he here and where's his hammer, if this is teen Thor he should have his ax,but was he sent here by Odin or did Loki or what if it's not Thor but other Demi God like Hercules he's can you imagine how the ninja world would react when ancient mythologies Norse and Greek turn out to be real can't wait to see what's happens next .
Please continue
Aztec 13 chapter 25 . 8/12/2019
Well this was nice our web head ninja is learning new ways to use his spider sense I like the far from home reference, the part with Sakura getting the flowers for pita and Lee was a nice surprise and great character building for her and ino now something big to going to happen now that Dosu has made a sound weapon that could kill everyone in the blast zone I hope our Spider ninja can stop dosu in time , please continue
WeAreVenom5 chapter 25 . 8/12/2019
Dude, I love how these characters are mostly canon, but you add a new dynamic that changes everything in good way. Naruto is still himself, but the small exchanges with Pītā make more likeable and a little more invested in. Your take on Sakura feels so refreshing and accurate, the red rose and yellow rose may symbolize her feelings and relationship with Pītā in the future, and I can’t wait for it. And the star character himself Pītā Pāka, the small exchange with Lee made my day, you made an iteration of Spider-Man that meshes together all things that made him an iconic character. His age and mentally are on point, his morals and sense of responsibility are written well, and each dialogue or interaction makes him more loveable than ever, you are a great writer and Stan Lee would be proud. RIP Stan Lee
coldblue2015 chapter 25 . 8/12/2019
Thanks for updating and this was a great chapter


I do not know what it is, but I just love his character in this story. Either the added depth or the fact he Shocker version of Pita Paka enemy or something else. I mean, Dosu has interesting perspective. He did not have unhappy childhood, but tragedy came into his life and Orochimaru made it worse. The End, Justify the Means...That pretty good for Shinobi/Criminal mind set. Dosu can really become something more dangerous and ambitious. He wants to kill Orochimaru, BUT Orochimaru was almost killed so many times and survive each event makes Dosu cautious to try. Pita Paka blueprints, mixed in with the Melody Arm, and Dosu own creativity created unique weapon. A Sound Bomb. I really think Dosu could FOCUS the Sound in his Melody Arm to blast his enemies. Still, Dosu has to train and strategize around using his new weapon. He going to attack Orochimaru during the Sand/Sound Invasion or afterwards. This will be amusing and probably give Orochimaru to re-evaluate Dosu worth. Kin and Dosu have pretty interesting relationship, given Dosu protect Kin from the Sound Bomb, but still damage her to a extent.

Pita Paka:

Interesting. Madame Juria using Pita biological ability for weight training and balance is good. I think the big break through was Water Walking for his Charka Control. I do hope Madame Juria lets Pita know about the few Spiders that actual ACHIEVE great power/control over their Charka. I mean, even examples of what Madame Juria Kenpenta did with her Charka to become a Legendary Shinin. I do notice how Pita and Sakura grew closer, but I notice the Yellow Rose. Almost symbol of how close their friendship could get and can get even closer in the future. Unlike Sasuke Uchiha, Pita appreciates this immediately. I also like how Pita went to the Hospital for not only Rock Lee, but Hinata Hyuga. Showing his compassion and care for any Shinobi that got injured in battle/fight. Lee and Pita had good moment, showing Pita ability to get Lee to see reason to rest his body. Pita was greatly impressed by Rock Lee, so Pita does respect Rock Lee to a great extent.

Sasuke Uchiha:

He focus on revenge, but interesting that his character new to Kakashi Hatake. Kakashi was not Sasuke Jonin-Sensei, so it was interesting to read how much respect Kakashi has for his Team 7 ability to not whine or complain. It really shows that Kakashi does respect his team of Genin. Still, Kakashi training Sasuke and trying to keep the boy ground to Konoha, without Sasuke going rogue to try and kill Itachi Uchiha. Not a whole lot of good that will do, but Sasuke gets a good idea on Team 7 Genin Team mentality, which makes Sasuke wonder if they are stronger team or individuals than him.

Naruto Uzumaki:

This was cannon mostly. I was hoping Jirariya would meet Juria at the end of the chapter, but no. I have to admit, I'm more interested in other characters than Naruto. I am interested in how Naruto is influnce by Pita Paka or Pita enemies, but there was no in this chapter. You did good job in writing out what happen during Naruto training for the Chunin Exam Finals, so great job on that!

Sakura Haruno:

I think she realizing her feelings for Pita, unconsiously. She held the Red Rose a little longer than normal, before Ino got the Yellow Rose. That could symbolize that Sakura could let go of those feelings for Pita and always keep their friendship strong. Still, that could be bullshit as well. Maybe Sakura struggling more for Pita. Pita was deeply effected by Hayate Gekko death, but Sakura felt left out when Pita did go to her for help. So it kind of up in the air.


1) Would Dosu try to kill Orochimaru during or the aftermath of the Sand/Sound Invasion of Konoha?

2) Will Madame Juria Kenpenta tell Pita Paka about the few Spiders that achieve more control over their Charka? What Spiders would you use- Noir Spiderman or Miles Morels Spiderman or Gwen Stacy/Spiderwomen?


1) Most likely...the aftermath of the Invasion. I mean, the Sound Four put of Barrier Seal, so Dosu cannot get close to Orochimaru. I figure Dosu would try to kill Orochimaru, when the snake is actually crippled for a while. Dosu is very patent character and is going act like true Shinobi when he tries to kill Orochimaru.

Though, I hope Dosu suprises Kabuto Yakushi with the modification to his Melody Arm and even gets Orochimaru intrigue, even if Orochimaru anger/weaken at the loss of his arms to the point of spairing Dosu excution.

When Orochimaru gets his arms back, I hope Dosu becomes a bit more of active/reluctant student under Orochimru some more.

2) There are plenty of Spider-Man/Women in the Spider-verse to use for Madame Juria to use. Just pick your favorite Spider! I figure Noir Spider-Man, would be Warring States Spider-Man, given that the Spider Clan had to develop a reputation in the Land of Fire and have a STRONG Leader of that Clan. Miles Morales could be unique Spider, given that one his parents could have come from Kumo and during First/Second/Third Shinobi War, Miles had to prove he was loyal Konoha Shinobi and worthy to be apart of Spider Clan. Gwen Stacy, she could been a Spider interested in Fuinjutsu or Ninjutsu to point of being Unique Spider Clanswomen to use variety of Shinobi skills compare to the Average Spider Shinobi.

Keep up the good work and thanks for updating!
CRUDEN chapter 25 . 8/12/2019
I really liked that scene with Lee and Peter
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