Reviews for The Tythos, Reposted
Primarch Amaranth chapter 10 . 3/16/2017
Awensome chapter. I really love it but... did the tythonian wearing my name Just...died? And I thought he would survive to end. Well then I have an excuse for a New Oc... unless Ciro comes back... Well, another excuse to keep reading.
Awensome job. Glad I re-discover this fanfiction
TichePotato chapter 10 . 6/15/2016
RIP all our ocs. They were badass, and died probably too soon. Eh, it's not like I use mine in a billion other things.
Mandalore the Survivor chapter 10 . 6/15/2016
(Sigh) I really don't like having say but am kinda disappointed with few things here.

Ijaat Farr wasn't quite captured in way I would have liked, I was more in lines as his personality being like Bralor or Kelborn? Ijaat acts more closer to like Xarga, but I aren't saying its bad though. Keep more how you like him be.

My second disappointed is with Jango Fett, there's lot of problems there. Working with Dooku is a yes I can see him with, but working with Revanites isn't, his Clan history doesn't have best relations given his ancestor Cassus Fett fought Revan.

There's also fact Jango Fett isn't really pre say Mand'alor anymore after what happened in Mandalorian Civil War, he grew distant and more cold. There's also fact I can't see him working with Revanites, he isn't a fanatic like most of them are.

Also there's case of Ijaat Farr. If his fighting against Jango Fett as his Mand'alor here, that makes him dar'manda, that's one of worst disgraces a Mandalorian could go for.

Am sorry, just not in way I was hoping be. Almost seems be with me I find lot of my things am hoping for ends badly for me. Still don't listen to me, you still did good job here with chapter and continue to do what you want.

But I don't know, maybe this story unfortunately isn't for me. Good luck, till next time.
crazybotanical56 chapter 8 . 5/18/2016
Also, please fix the future date. It's 34 ABY, not 33 ABY.
crazybotanical56 chapter 9 . 5/18/2016
Wait, Rey is the Revanchist?! That's probably one of the best plot twists of all time! Can't wait for more!
TichePotato chapter 9 . 5/17/2016

I think I know who both the old woman and Rey are... MWAHA!

Not that hard to see though.
Lord Revan Flame chapter 8 . 4/8/2016
Welcome to the Imperial Intelligence of Draaaaaven!
That was cool, and a rather amusing Chapter
I'm fairly certain that what you meant to say was "Fury" instead of "Furor"
Anyways, nice work again and I hope to see a lot cooler stuff as the story goes on
TichePotato chapter 8 . 4/8/2016
Darn, I really should start playing LOL. I only remember though when I don't have access to my pc...
Lord Revan Flame chapter 7 . 4/7/2016
So, I'm browsing through the RWBY archive and I come across a fan fiction written by UCCMaster, and I think, "Hey, isn't that the guy who wrote the Star Wars crossover?"
Turns out it is.
Also turns out he has a re-uploaded version of the story I definitely need to review and favorite and Follow
So, hi, again.
Keep up the amazing work.
TichePotato chapter 7 . 4/6/2016
Right! First, the review.

I really liked the discussion between Satele, the Barsen'thor, and the Hero of Tython. Their vocal mannerisms certainly are accurate to their in-game options. The comm-convoes at the end of each chapter are a really nice touch, revealing very little, but just enough to make the reader ponder about who the speakers are, what side they're on, and what their intentions are.

For the fic, it is an interesting concept, and unlike many fics in the main archive that have good ideas, it's actually written to a readable standard (seriously, the grammar, spelling, and writing techniques of these people is terrible, to say the least.) and one that is in par with some of the best fics I've read, and some of the less well written books I've read. You are actually able to handle writing better than some bestsellers, such as J.K Rowling's Harry Potter, as you actually seem to be very capable of using a wide and interesting range of language, unlike her. The conversations in this flow well, whilst using very little speech descriptions such as said, or exclaimed. I personally suck at writing convos, as my writing skills lie almost solely in fighting, describing and argument writing. The characters are interesting, and while we don't fully know their backstory yet, we still feel connected. With Dustill, I'm strangely reminded of Koth, and Lana with Ra'chelle. For Vowrawn, I get the feeling that he's the Emperor's Wrath, but am heavily reminded of Thrawn. I am definitely looking forward to the next instalment.

Now for the OC!

Character name: Tiche Potato
(Yes, I know it's the same as my username but my username is what it is for a reason, with Tiche generally being a self OC, that is an OC who mirrors myself.)

Loyalties: Tythos, however the family was recruited just before the clone wars broke out, having been stranded on Taris for 3400 odd years.

Age: 27 standard years

Occupation: Technically undercover, acts as an information merchant on Wukkar

Appearance: Human, Short for age, Male, Medium length untidy black hair (Daniel Radcliff in first HP movie, but a bit longer)

Preferred weapon: An ancient (passed down in family since 3581 BBY) dual with a Rakghoul crystal (Item in SWTOR, has a sickly poisonous green outer, with a black core), an offhand/single (either used on own in main in in conjunction with previous) single bladed Tonfa with a yellow blade, and a secondary (basically a backup) of a tythonian forge-master's sabre (Item in SWTOR, has crystal visible) with a purple/black crystal (Again, sabre passed down in family, since 3956 BBY).

Fighting Style: Personally created form, combines aspects of Makashi (Form II), Shien (Form V), and Niman (Form VI).
Uses either:
Dualsaber in right hand, and Tonfa in the offhand
Tonfa in main, none in off
Forgemaster's in main, none in off

Personality: Fairly anti-social, prefers to be alone. Has a great respect for history and knowledge. Greatly curious, wants to know how stuff works, where it was made, etc.

Role/Inspiration: An information source for the Tythos. Not the best, not the worse. Lives in deep cover, but uses no disguise or name change, taking advantage of the fact that the last time a Potato was seen publicly off of either Tython or Taris was almost 3500 years ago, with the most prominent figure being Tiche Potato (Current Tiche's namesake, being the third of that name, with the second living at the time of the Russan Reformations) Jedi Consular, three years younger than the Barsen'thor. Joined THORN, moved to Taris to fight the plague constantly, fathered a child, never left. Created the dualsaber mentioned above at the Tythonian forge, using a crystal (the rahkghoul one) found on the body of a Nekghoul killed by his grandfather, Trig Stem, creater of the forge-master's saber, in the undercity of taris before the bombing. Trig was mildy force sensitive, and had chipped the purple/black crystal from a larger formation destroyed in the bombings, creating the saber and using it to kill the nekghoul, then succumbed to injuries sustained during the fight and the pod-crash (he was a very lowly crewmember on the Endar Spire) and died. Tiche (Current Era) creates his Tonfa on Tython, with his family having been discovered by a crashed Tythos operative in 142 BBY, who they helped repair his ship in return for taking the force sensitive family with him. After birth and training on Tython, Tiche specialises in information gathering, and becomes the first member of the Potato Family to set foot on a planet other than Taris or Tython in over 3000 years, with his first mission being to aim to discover the status of the Rakghoul Virus outside Taris, with it being next to none, with the only surviving creatures being on small, uninhabited moons and the occasional stranded ship in interplanetary space, or oribit around one of these moons. He then spends 6 years gathering a web of contacts, before becoming hired by Black Sun to keep an eye out on procedures on Wukkar, and aid the black sun lords there.
Jy chapter 1 . 11/22/2015
But what am I telling here, everyone has there artistic freedom :P
Jy chapter 1 . 11/22/2015
I like the story, but the time here in the first chapter is wrong.
Swtor plays in 3643 -... BBY.