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The Vitruvian Woman chapter 68 . 10/19
I’ve just finished reading this, this is beautiful and I love the way you tied everything together. I just have one question - what did Norlad/ Norhad (Rinion’s maternal grandfather) do?
HappyCoolios chapter 68 . 8/4
Hi there!
This story, is utterly amazing. I can’t articulate the words to say how much I love this. The whole world, the characters, everything is just beautiful. Your writing makes everything so realistic and you brought readers on the highs and lows of the characters. I found myself on edge each chapter, excited to see what was going to happen next. Well done! :P
Congratulations on publishing your books, maybe I’ll go on to read those as well! :D
Thanks! ~HappyCoolios~
THiaLieN chapter 68 . 6/21
Hi... Finally I reached the end of this one. An amazing experience. Lots of lessons to learn too. Their family dynamic is amazing, so tragic yet understandable. It is relatable too, even elves are not infallible to domestic problem, but theirs are on entirely different level. Well they did live forever, the matter of heart is truly important.

My favorite character is Handir. I wish I can read more about him.

About the book, I just never tried ordering anything from abroad. Not difficult, just unfamiliar with some of the payment methods. Usually I ask my brother to do that for me.

Again, thank you for writing and sharing!
THiaLieN chapter 29 . 6/20
Thanks for the info.

I'm back again with another review. Because I just can't... I love this story too much. This is epic. I'd buy your original book if I could for my personal collection (I love adventure so much). And also to show this to my friends. I've read your profile and you're right! that not many people are into fanfictions no matter how amazing they were written. When people heard "fanfictions" they automatically jumped into stereotypes of fan services, porns, self insert mary sues character, etc. I've always been thinking that it is great to simply love a universe or some characters, and that so much can be done to expand it. (Especially Tolkien's. He created an entire world along with it's races, languages, legends and myths, it seems like a real part of history. My favorite universe).

People sometimes ask why I rarely collect "original" book anymore. I still do when I found things I like but lately I found none. But there are hundreds of worthy fanfictions out there, and they deserved no less appreciation just because how they were published.

I never once purchased anything from foreign sites (I'll have to ask my brother for that). In the meantime, I'll read this. I've been trying to slow down or I'll devour this in few hours only. That won't do because you set too high a standard.
THiaLieN chapter 9 . 6/20
Oh wow, even your prologue is an epic summary. I seriously need to sleep right now, but I can't put this down. Usually I can quick read hundreds K words, but I seem to read yours to the letter because they're so engaging. It's not really written beautifully or poetically like most elvish ficts I usually prefer, but it is a real page turner (I don't know how to express it any other way). I refuse to skip because I'm afraid I will miss great moments, truly not a paragraph go to waste up until now.

This seems like an entirely new novel. Even your Legolas is not really like the "usual" Legolas, and I really love it. If soon his name turned into Hwindo I don't think I would notice. This is my third time revisiting this fandom over the years. This is amazing, how can I missed this story before!

The only thing that bothered me is that I still can't imagine the Ram En and the other, and I can't feel the depth of their friendship despite knowing Legolas loved them very much (I hope to find out more about them in future chapters, that detail about The Company sounded promising). As for the others like Lainion and Tirion, they have become real characters that I cared about, and they seriously feel canon.

I've never left a comment in the middle of a completed fict before. This is my first time.
thrndlwood chapter 68 . 5/28
I was mesmerised by your wonderful story. I loved the ending but it was left one mystery for me how orcs found out when Handir or his sister were travelling? Thank you so much for writing and sharing!
thrndlwood chapter 50 . 5/26
I love the portrayal of Thranduil! The political aspects in the court are so gripping. The animosity between Silvan and Sindar had to be really visible if a warrior dared hit the King's son. Thank you for sharing your story. It is really convincing and multidimensional. Can't wait to compare it with the Path of Novice.
thrndlwood chapter 30 . 5/23
Can't wait to see how relationship between Legolas and his family will develop. They are full of life and so complicated. I am caught up in your story.
thrndlwood chapter 16 . 5/21
This is one of the best Legolas stories. Thank you for writing. Are you still rewriting it? Found this information in your bio.
thrndlwood chapter 15 . 5/21
I really love Legolas's powers!
thrndlwood chapter 6 . 5/17
I love Legolas's personality. Can't wait for reading another chapter.
thrndlwood chapter 7 . 5/17
What a twist. I LOVE this story! Thank you so much for writing and sharing
Thranduil's wife chapter 67 . 5/11
I could not stop reading. I did not want the story to end.
Your lotr version was different and very creative.
I look forward to reading more from you.
I also needed to add. You're a gifted writer and hoped you will one day come up with your own created novel that could lead to success as lotr.
Terra chapter 68 . 2/24
I have no words- this story rendered my excited, depressed, speechless (not particularly in that order). Now that the final chapter has been set, I know for a fact that depression will soon follow - for how can anything else compare to this masterpiece?
iKloudz chapter 64 . 12/22/2017
So far, I have very much been enjoying this story. I love the characters and surprisingly so, because I'm not usually a fan of OCs particularly when there are so many. There is only one thing that confuses me a little and that's the dynamic of the dialogue in this chapter. I liked the dialogue itself however emotions seemed to move so quickly from anger to understanding to sadness in a short space. Whilst I get that Legolas is wiser, to me he is still a child and so would surely come across emotions like a child would. It seems a bit unrealistic in how he lets go of all of this anger so quickly which surely must have been building up in him for quite some time only to be content in the presence of his siblings by the end. I feel like if I was in this situation, as bad as it sounds, I probably would have continued to be hurt and angry for a while longer because after everything I've been and been put through, my brother is just dismissing everything that happened with a click of his fingers. Sorry if this sounds like I don't like it or something, honestly that's my only issue with this entire story because the characters individually, the dialogue and the plot are absolutely riveting.
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