Reviews for Mindless Games
RedDragon30000 chapter 1 . 11/28/2015
This story was wonderfully written as it kept me hooked with the hints that something wasn't right. Only a short duration into the story, Dinah suddenly acts more savage than she usually does, and SPLAT end up having a massive fight, with each member being more aggressive than they usually are. This demonstrates that something isn't right with the situation. Then, the story takes a dark and bizarre turn when the Headmaster appears and taunts and threatens Harvey. Now, something is most certainly off, since SPLAT would have ordinarily noticed the Headmaster at once, even if they WERE fighting. Then Jeff appears, and the story takes an even darker turn, as Jeff shoots Harvey dead, and SPLAT direct their savagery onto Harvey's corpse. It's really sad when Harvey blames himself for all of SPLAT's problems, when that is not the case, and now, no-one will tell him that he is wrong.

As the last section begins, the explanation for the random and strange events in the story is laid out in the open. Now, the out of character moments all make sense, as Harvey wakes up from a nightmare, triggered by his anticipation of the cowboys and Indians game he is going to play with SPLAT the next day. All his fears are laid bare in the dream, as she fears he will ruin the game for everyone, and might even get hurt. Not wanting that to happen, he determines to stay inside the next day, isolating himself, which he rarely does, preferring to be with SPLAT.