Reviews for Discovery
WadeH chapter 17 . 2/19
What a wonderful story. It’s rare to see a whole storyline centered around Jane where her basic character is and remains close to canon but the story changes. I imagine everyone kept asking for more Lizzy and Darcy but this was Jane’s story and it was very well done. I enjoyed it immensely.
WadeH chapter 16 . 2/19
Pigs in the garden may be my favorite line of the whole story.
WadeH chapter 15 . 2/19
I just wanted to stand up and cheer when Georgie pulled off such a major slam down. One of the best Wickham solutions ever. I really loved it.
WadeH chapter 14 . 2/19
The Darcy/Collins swap of viewpoint on the decorations was absolutely hilarious. For me it came at the end of a hard day and was a great pick me up. So funny. Well done!
WadeH chapter 2 . 2/19
Quite a nice story so far. I read the one-shot a while ago but forgot the title. I was pleasantly surprised to see more chapters.
Carol chapter 15 . 2/10
Wow! What a chapter. Put the screws to Wickham in this chapter. Best set down I 've read. Great job.
mangosmum chapter 19 . 2/1
I actually enjoyed reading more about Jane and Charles than the Darcys. Its interesting how different writers make their characters. Jane typically is clueless about the real motives of people. She only sees the good and in some cases the imagined good. Charles typically has no backbone and is easily influenced. In this story neither are that way and its refreshing!
mangosmum chapter 16 . 2/1
I am convinced that Maria isn't all there in the head.
mangosmum chapter 15 . 2/1
Am I the only person who wants Wickham to have a long, painful death?
mangosmum chapter 13 . 2/1
Historically dowry monies have been used by unscrupulous family members. Its also accurate that Charles can keep it if its not in a specific account only fir Caroline. The money typically comes out of the estate finances and can bankrupt the estate if poorly run.
mangosmum chapter 11 . 2/1
Jane and Charles finally grew backbones and confronted the two witches of Netherfield. Harrah!
mangosmum chapter 9 . 2/1
The 40,000£ Wickham is demanding is the equivalent of 3 million £ in 2017 money.
mangosmum chapter 3 . 2/1
At times I wonder if Mrs Bennet has fallen in love with Bingley. He's her total focus and even when he is sitting with Jane she continues to talk to him and keeping Jane from any discussion with him.
mangosmum chapter 2 . 2/1
Only Lizzie could be so angry at Darcy for his comments that she views everything about him in disdain. She never thinks why a total stranger would tell her his life story or wonder why he didn't find another living when he didn't get the one in old Darcys will. Lacking some thinking skills
AngelFace273 chapter 17 . 1/13
As much as I love and adore E/D romance, I was so excited to find a Jane-focused story, as Jane is one of my favorite characters, and this surpassed all my expectations. This was funny, and sweet, and full of the Jane/Bingley I’ve been craving plus those sweet sweet female friendships that are part of what makes Austen stories so good. Well done!
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