Reviews for One Piece: Monster of the Straw Hat Pirates
DragonYeti chapter 88 . 1/30/2021
What will you do with the Gargantua Twins, Kong, and the Titans from the Monsterverse? Kong HAS to be in here, especially with the new movie coming out soon! I can see Gian and Kong's Zoan user being rivals.
I know that most of the Titans from the Monsterverse are unknown and their abilities too. But, I think I have ideas for them:

Behemoth- Has super strength, claws, large strong tusks. He also has something called reforestation, but the way I could see it would be a little like the Wood Release from "Naruto"

Scylla- Thick exoskeleton, sharp spider-like legs, and strong tentacles. And she looks like she has some ice powers too.

Methuselah- Super strong and durable. Although much of him is unknown, but with his body, I would say that he has earth powers, maybe even a minor version of Whitebeard's Quake powers.

MUTO- An EMP. But if there is a Devil Fruit for these things, the EMP could also effect the powers of other Devil Fruit users. And depending on the gender of the user would also matter. A male user would be smaller, agile, and can fly. But a female user would be giant and have great strength.

Shinomura- Can fly, swim, and has a scorpion tail. I heard that it can divide itself into an army of smaller versions of itself like Destroyah. I could also see it having venom and water powers.

These are my thoughts and theories. Looking forward to what happens next.
PIZZASAURUS REX chapter 88 . 1/30/2021
Project Alpha HAS to be the remains of one of Bagan's minions! I can't think about what else he could be.
By the way, what are your plans for the Anguirus Zoan-Type user? Are there going to be anymore OC's joining the Straw Hat Pirates?
Fairy LAW chapter 88 . 1/30/2021
And after the incident with the Celestial Dragons, I hope we also see how the rest of the world reacts, like after the battle of Enies Lobby!
Taking down one government controlled island is one thing, but attack a Celestial Dragon and escaping is another thing entirely. Plus, I would also like to see what the other Kaiju-Zoan types think of Gian.
Perun3352 chapter 1 . 1/30/2021
Well, I might no longer write, but that doesn't mean I can't support other stories.
Vergil: Look at that, I'm alive.

And now I can actually properly dissect each chapter! Awesome!
So, the first chapter. It's really amazing, considering it's the first chapter and how much you improved. Gian has been my favorite OC for a long time and reading this and knowing the kind of character he is, really makes this chapter feel much more impactful. Like, this is a character I love, a character I can imagine in the manga and he went through so much. Furthermore, the chapter flows very well and I love the way you portray what Gian felt throughout the chapter. The entire chapter, especially the first half, really made it clear just how helpless Gian felt.

There are a few minor problems I have though. Marines not taking Gian, though it would be cruel to basically send him from one captor to another it doesn't feel like marines would just let him go, even if Vegapunk was involved. Now, I understand he might not be surrounded by really high ranking marines that would make sure Gian remains in their custody, after all, he does have the Goji Goji no mi. Also, Vegapunk made a mistake and I'm not sure if it's in character, though, to be honest, we have no idea what kind of character he is. We can assume he is really smart and he should have realized Ceasar would try to get Gian back. That makes the lack of guards on the ship Gian was on a bit problematic since it makes him look a bit stupid.

It's a minor problem and the plot needs to happen, but I did feel the need to point that out.
Aside from that, I really, really loved the chapter. The crew that captured Gian is forgettable like I remembered that he was captured again, but I couldn't remember the captain's name to save my life and I bet I'll forget it again in less than a day, but they serve their purpose and I don't think it's bad that they are forgettable. In fact, them being there makes the story feel believable, after all, I'd find it hard to believe if Ceasar didn't try to get Gian back so there's also that.

So, yeah, that's the review for the first chapter. On to the next one.
Fairy LAW chapter 88 . 1/28/2021
I'm curious about what will happen when we get to the Slave Auction and the Celestial Dragons. I personally hope that it will be both Gian and Luffy that strike the Celestial Dragons! And right before Luffy, Kid, and Law attack the Marines, it would be nice to see Gian verbally rip them apart. Call the Marines hypocrites for allowing something like slavery when they are suppose to fight for justice, while someone is secretly recording this for the world. THEN, having hold out the Celestial Dragon's body and saying, "They cal themselves "dragons", but they are mere toothless worms! Worst then the criminals that you claim to fight against! And you allow them to take away the freedom of the people you claim to protect! YOU ALL MAKE ME SICK!" before he throws the CD and they crash in front of the Marines, their bones broken. And then all heck breaks loose!
Question Dude chapter 88 . 1/27/2021
Which version of Godzilla was it that Gian turns into again? Was it Heisei?

After the 2 Year Timeskip, will it change? Because Chopper's transformations changed after the timeskip!
If it does, my suggestions for the change, would be the Final Wars' Godzilla and the Rulers of Earth Godzilla! Both are the perfect and most awesome versions of Godzilla I've seen.

Final Wars' Godzilla is power! You can feel it when you looks in his eyes, alone. His physical body is great. Where most other Godzillas are fat or clumsy looking, this one looks more for speed but still has the endurance and strength of a titan! Seriously, he travels the world in one day and fights multiple monsters, and takes a meteor to the face and doesn't even flinch! His Atomic Breath is also done so awesome like!

Rulers of Earth's Godzilla is just epic. He is like a fusion of Heisei and Millennium in looks and power, with a little bit of Showa added to it. ROE Godzilla is just done so well, not just in power and strength, but also emotionally. When you see in his beautiful yellow/orange eyes, you can see there is a lot more to him then a beast, he is also smart. His size, strength, and power is just godly. And the milky white eyes when using his Atomic Breath is a nice touch. His Atomic Breath is also amazing, the perfect blend of fire and a laser.

These are the two suggestions I have, if Gian's Godzilla form changes with the Timeskip like Chopper.
Muugii chapter 88 . 1/26/2021
Im wondering if Gian will take Zoro place with the whole Kuma moment after everything is done
Kombat Instinct chapter 88 . 1/26/2021
I don't know what will happen with Kuma, but I hope you give Robin some emotion during that event. Seriously, she hardly showed any emotion in canon, especially when Kumo offered to let them all life if they gave him Luffy! There is no telling what will happen now with Gian thrown into the mix.
Story Artist chapter 88 . 1/25/2021
I am very curious and confused about what this Project Alpha is! He is not a normal undead, even before it became a zombie. After he got cut from a Seaprism Stone sword that was covered in seasalt, none of the shadows are freed! That's not normal for Moria's zombies.

The skeleton is the key, and with fusing Gian's shadow that has the essence of Godzilla in it was not a good mix. I don't think Moria can control him! Makes me wonder how Gian is going to get his shadow back? I'm starting to think that Project Alpha might be a minion of Bagan.
And now that he used Atom Fist, I wonder if he can transform into a nightmarish Godzilla? That will be worse then Oars.

Really enjoying this story. I'm curious to see what happens next and what's going to happen with Kuma.
CryptidWorld chapter 88 . 1/25/2021
“Godzilla vs Kong” trailer was finally released! And it was awesomely epic and glorious! I can’t wait to see it.
Ghost012 chapter 2 . 1/22/2021
why the absolute fuck does most fucktards use shit like senpai, san and bullshit. I get devil fruit names, names in general, and other stuff, but the way u fcking adress people? srsly. its fckin annoying.
Guest chapter 38 . 1/14/2021
Eww Mr. 0,5 is really disgusting
Guest chapter 36 . 1/13/2021
So he will join the war too QAQ
Guest chapter 35 . 1/13/2021
Ace I really miss you ;-;
Kaiju Avenger chapter 88 . 1/13/2021
Gian! Sorry, stupid thing autocorrected.

Gian’s pain. Gian taking the pain of the whole crew.

I wonder what would Robin do if Gian really did take all their pain?
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