Reviews for Killing Your Dark Future
TSB2017 chapter 34 . 3/17/2021
the god has returned..
GabrielTheNewMaster chapter 34 . 3/16/2021
I've been waiting for an update on this story for a long time. The wait was worth it, excellent chapter. (Forgive my English, since I am a native Spanish speaker)
Mike Kromer chapter 34 . 3/16/2021
Must have more asap. love it so far, keep it up. can't wait to see what happens next. Wonder who's in the tube, who knows with brain damage and the like. Might be a sex fiend or have the host for someone lol. Wonder about his evil plan and how it will all go wrong in the end.
Vein Bloodborne chapter 34 . 3/16/2021
Nice chapter, so not only does Tatsumi get another girl for his harem, but he also helps Lubbock get Najenda. Things are going to get quite juicy for Night Raid. Keep up the good work and stay safe.
54godamora chapter 34 . 3/16/2021
Huh was expecting typical Harem genre antics but we got close to it.
Wacko12 chapter 34 . 3/16/2021
I would've killed Cosmina
Neko Twins Kagamine chapter 34 . 3/16/2021
Noice i like this chapter dude i can't wait how lumbock suprise najenda shihihihi
StrongGuy159 chapter 34 . 3/16/2021
Cool chapter continue please.
alberto79700164 chapter 34 . 3/16/2021
Awesome looking forward to the next chapter, as well as your MHA fic, love your stories.
Jakeros chapter 34 . 3/16/2021
It's nice to see Chelsea in the hot seat for a change XD
Commander Osborn chapter 1 . 3/16/2021
*Posts a new story*

I great fanfic has been updated, I must read!

No but seriously I’ve probably been on your story ever since last summer. It was great, matter of fact I’m probably going to read through it again.

Also, Do you ever plan on doing a Akame ga kill crossover? If so I would love to hear what you would be crossing it with. If you need a idea for a crossover how about Tatsumi and the tyrant becoming merged into one being and being transported to another world. Say like Highschool DxD. Just a thought.

But anyway that’s enough, Great story again. Later!
InsaneMakaioshin chapter 34 . 3/16/2021
1. Who else besides Suzuka will be joining the harem?
2. Will there be characters with multiple Teigu? It's rare, but not unheard of! Wave wielded Mastema & Grand Chariot & Lubbock used Shambhala & Cross Tail in the manga!
3. Will the Shingu be mentioned?
4. Will Adayusu & Balzac be used?
5. Will the current users of Belvaac, Scream, Black Marlin, Spectator, Perfector, Trap Teigu, Sound control Teigu & 2 Danger Beast controlling teigu be named?
6. What about the 12 teigu that didn't appear in the manga?
7. Could Tatsumi get Prometheus, Trisula or Adayusu?
8. Could Mine get Prometheus?
9. Could Lubbock get Sidewinder?
10. Could Leone get Balzac?
Drew Luczynski chapter 34 . 3/16/2021
I was hoping Run would live.

Oh, well. That’s just the way things go sometimes
NinjaFang1331 chapter 34 . 3/16/2021
Awesome work thank you
SomeRandomHuman chapter 33 . 3/8/2021
Wish I had a good review like I did with the Pokemon series, that could maybe make this series better, but damn. I simply think it's a really good fanfic and I can't wait till it updates again.
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