Reviews for Killing Your Dark Future
54godamora chapter 39 . 3/27
Question: will Tatsumi end up becoming a dragon or what?
Mythic Imagination chapter 39 . 3/27
It’s awesome how far you’ve progressed with the story, and eager to see what happens next. Although I do wonder if there’ll be a possible sequel for when Tatsumi will leave the Empure with Esdeath with the girls following.
Neko Twins Kagamine chapter 39 . 3/27
Nice, this is a really good chapter
SHWAT chapter 8 . 3/27
First charcters death and all. Can't help but feel that it was a bit forced. If things don't change, this fic will essentially be a repeat of original with added harem...
Tenzalucard123 chapter 39 . 3/27
It seems that if Tatsumi continues like this... Little by little he will lose his body, but I hope that Akame doesn't get tired of using Murasame and that nothing happens to Leone.
Tony Anderson chapter 39 . 3/27
We're starting to get near the end, huh? Sounds like exciting times ahead. Can't wait for that!
R.R. Blaze chapter 39 . 3/27
Thanks for destroying Wild Hunt. Those psychos were seriously creepy.
I hope Tatsumi doesn't turn into a monster this time.
StrongGuy159 chapter 39 . 3/27
Awesome chapter continue please.
Bromega2477 chapter 39 . 3/27
And another team bites the dust!
thirdegree101 chapter 39 . 3/27
If I remember correctly, this is the part where Cosmina died in the manga.
Is she going to have her nosebleed/death vision?
NinjaFang1331 chapter 39 . 3/27
Excellent job
AzureDominon chapter 39 . 3/27
something I find funny is that Kousetsu isn't actually a teigu at all. it was just a normal sword and Izou was extremely delusional.
Wacko12 chapter 39 . 3/27
I don't think Izo's sword was a Teigu
Guest chapter 1 . 3/24
You could do what other author do? And release content early on the Patreon and later on . Its a good balance.
The.Last.Prophet.123 chapter 2 . 3/23
uh did the guy like forget all he saw about his future and shit?
why didnt he recognize at least mine and akame?
is he an idiot or is he an amnesiac or something?
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