Reviews for Killing Your Dark Future
Neko Twins Kagamine chapter 35 . 3/26
Noice i can't wait for next chapter
Mike Kromer chapter 35 . 3/26
Must have more asap. love it so far, keep it up. can't wait to see what happens next.
Vein Bloodborne chapter 35 . 3/26
Thanks for the chapter, the whole ‘loosing a ball’ thing left me with a weird feeling. If only it had happened to the bad guys.

Can’t wait to read the next chapter, both from this book an Spider-Man’s. Keep up the good work and stay safe.
Jakezillagfw chapter 35 . 3/25
Well that ending is disconcerning. To say the least
Toa Solaric chapter 35 . 3/25
At least, I like how Lubbock survived by meeting up with Chelsea here.
Nirvash Neo chapter 35 . 3/25
Hopefully Lubbock and Najenda can have a happy ending after all this is over,if he confesses to her, which he most definitely will after everything he just went through, though the chances of them have kids...
Tenzalucard123 chapter 35 . 3/25
I'm glad to see that Lubbock was rescued by Chelsea ... But she was right ... They couldn't rescue Tatsumi without having to face an army in the process ... Now follow the rest of the girls ... And where the hell is Esdeath ?! And the truth is that I'm only interested in this and your Fairy Tail fic ... I look forward to reading the next chapters.
thirdegree101 chapter 35 . 3/25
Lubbock is going to see his own death and get a nosebleed like Sayo and Chelsea did, right?
RabbitHaremLover24 chapter 34 . 3/23
Sucks that Run suffered the same fate as in canon, but I suppose it needed to be done to keep Kurome's character intact. So Wild Hunt had lost three of their members already. Enshin (Glad he's dead, got killed off so fast too. Lol), Pedo Clown, and Cosmina defected to Night Raid thanks to our Incursio wielding boy, Tatsumi and his abilitiy to bone girls. Cosmina is now officially in the harem. :3 Though I'd like to see her reaction to Esdeath. That would be potentially amusing. ;) That being said, it actually makes me wonder if Seryu survived, how'd she react to Wild Hunt? That being said, great chapter and looking forward to the next one. Keep safe from this virus. :)
SwordOfTheGods chapter 34 . 3/22
It's good to see you've returned! I've been waiting for this story to continue! So another girl joins the harem, eh? Not that we didn't see this coming, but I want to see the girls and Tatsumi being more lovey-dovey (sorry, Lubbock), though Mine in my favorite. That might be because of my memories of the romance in Canon, though. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us, both for Wave and Akame's sister and between Lubbock and Najenda. Hope to hear from you soon!
SomeRandomHuman chapter 34 . 3/18
Loved this chapter. Was hoping Run would live but that wouldn't fit Kurome's character. Can't wait for the next update!
Gabriel443 chapter 34 . 3/17
I love this history.
Zindakku Hirokai chapter 34 . 3/17
I was hoping Tatsumi and Cosmia would have some "fun time" to seal the deal. And with the way Cosmia looked at Leone, Tatsumi might want her to join in as "extra incentive".
JoshG11 chapter 34 . 3/17
Thanks for the new chapter great as always
Tony Anderson chapter 34 . 3/17
Nice work. Always worth the wait. So now Cosmina joins Tatsumi's harem? Oh boy...
Also, quite a shame Run was still subjected to the same fate as he was in the manga. How sad.
Looking forward to the next chapter to this. Hope things get better for you.
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