Reviews for Itachi, Is That A Baby?
FANactic Writer chapter 87 . 1h
Love the chapter and all the crazy Hari make!~
Greensword101 chapter 16 . 9h
Oh my God, this is the funniest chapter ever so far!

Aww. Naruto isn't alone anymore...though I fear Hari will be the one driving him crazy instead. So funny! XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD
Anguis Reginam chapter 1 . 9/19
Yasssssss so excited
Team Soda chapter 38 . 9/19
"Damnation! Foiled again by the Uchiha prodigy!" Orochimaru kicked his test subject, who gurgled gratefully as the blow killed him. "Damn again. Now I have to start over."

Quite possibly the greatest paragraph so far in this story. More of this, please.
Team Soda chapter 36 . 9/19
I don't know where this misconception that the Sharingan grants precognition comes from, but it doesn't. At least not in the sense that you're using.

It's true that the Sharingan allows the user to see a step ahead in the sense that it's predicting movements before they are completely made.

If the Sharingan granted actual precognition, it would make anyone that has ever touch an Uchiha in combat, a literal asspull.
Monster King chapter 87 . 9/19
Great story I really liked it can't wait until the next update comes please continue it soon.
Guest chapter 86 . 9/17
This gotta be one of the most mindblowingly funny story I ever read. Keep up the good work !
Team Soda chapter 32 . 9/18
Just going to assume that the reason Obito is afraid of Itachi is because of Kotoamatsukami. Not that I think Itachi would gain Shisui's abilities, but I figured that this would be the only thing to make Obito fear Itachi.

Anyways, hey there. First review. I finally laughed for the first time while reading this story. The part with Gildory getting arrested is what got me, and then the part when the howlers entered and messed everyone up. The part with Ron gave me a slight chuckle and I must admit that his being dumb because of the twins also made me smile a bit.

The rest? Stone-faced. I get that this is story isn't to be taken seriously, but I can't help but scoff at some moments. Harry just killing people on a whim and everyone turning a blind eye to it, kind of triggers me.

He also commits a disturbing amount of crimes, and I can't help but want to root for some villain to come along and kill him.
Guest chapter 75 . 9/16
Potter-sensei no Densetsu no Fanboyu.
JJ Inugami chapter 87 . 9/18
I think my favorite thing so far is Girl-Tobi being completely unaware of what's going on with the tournament. XD I can't wait to see what other chaos she causes. And poor Krum, surrounded by all these crazy people. Yet he had more remorse for a dragon than his schoolmates, so while he may be the sanest and most stable member of the quartet, he still isn't completely sane. I blame Igor.
Guest chapter 87 . 9/16
The Lion King bit was great. Thanks for another great chapter
JPElles chapter 87 . 9/18
Fun. I look forward to the contest.
Leaf Ranger chapter 87 . 9/17
So, the judges came up with extra tasks, and harry reveals he has six boss summons. Nice.

Keep up the good work!
DrLevoda chapter 87 . 9/17
Ur folking ersum mate.
jeanette9a chapter 87 . 9/17
well, I guess scar is gonna get a surprise, I kinda wanna know what happens next there.
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