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jh831 chapter 19 . 2h
good story so far.
i like the chapter lenths (though wouldn't mind them to be longer ;)
good character profiles that you have and having them consistant.
though i am curious as to why violet stays at the orphanage, i doubt dumbles would know if she was gone. she could get a room/part time job in diagon alley.
i also hope to see violet become a bit more violent in the future, after all, everyone has their limits.
looking forward to the next chapter.
Sweets and Tarts chapter 1 . 4h
I absolutely love how violet isn't the cliche and cold slytherin that's in every fanfiction (don't get me wrong I can enjoy a cliche slytherin Harry every once in a while but this story is refreshing)
If your health issue won't get better than I hope that you are able to cope with it better and that eventually it doesn't impact your life as much!
On another note, I completely adore your writing and I am so excited to see where this story is going
And fuck all those anon (and non-anon) Flamers who want a fanfiction written to their liking but they're not willing to put in any of the work! Writing is hard work and it's bullshit that not enough people realize that
Anyways, i can't wait for the next chapter!
stormy0626 chapter 19 . 5h
Awesome story Thanks !
sarah chapter 19 . 8h
I want voldy and violet to meet up soooooooon! pretty please!
PikaMew1288 chapter 19 . 8h
It kind of makes sense that whatever is attached to Violet's magical core will cause her pain if she suddenly uses too much magic. If is possesses the slightest bit of sentience then it would realize that if Violet uses to much magic then her body would look for another source which is the thing that is attached to her core. Or it is composed of Dark Magic and the Patronus being Light Magic would harm it which it would retaliate by harming Violet.
Charlie0925 chapter 19 . 9h
Loved this and cannot wait to see what happens next with the Goblins! ;o)
Guest chapter 19 . 9h
As terrible as it is, I'm somewhat surprised still that none (to my knowledge) has ever used the patronus-plotdevice of Harry using what the dementors make him remember to cast the spell. It's no happy memory by any stretch, but it still kind of is, what with his parents being totally ready to lay down their lives to save him. It would be pretty cool to once see him be all BAMF and tell someone that he is the dementors' worst nightmare, because their aura just makes his patronus stronger.
That, and I'm more of the opinion that the spell needs the emotion, not the memory itself, and I admit to prefer it allowing not only happiness but safety and such too. Which could, technically allow for the memories of that Halloween night to be usable. But that's just my interpretation, the Patronus charm is admittedly a favorite of mine. Pretty much the "Light's" response to the "Dark's" Cruciatus-slash-KC.

I imagine that the leech that has just been found is the horcrux in her? In which case... does the location of the scar upon her body actually affects it's effect on her to this extent? I mean, it's on her torso (and magical cores are usually depicted to be in that area), while canon!Harry's is on his head. This could also mean no mental connection between her and Voldemort.

It's also curious that Sauron didn't tell her about his curious discoveries about Lupin's inner beast and the man-rat that one can only hope he won't end up eating. Or maybe he should? Not sure it's worth the horrible diarrhoea the poor one would get.
AnimeLover7597 chapter 19 . 10h
I'm glad your okay! I get worried when you take a long time update or publish anything. Great chapter! This is one of my favorite stories of yours!
BookFan96 chapter 19 . 10h
OMG, was Sauron Voldemort's snake? Is that how he knows about Dumbledore and Hogwarts?
raw666 chapter 19 . 11h
So the seal may come off and if that happens, if that happens then will it be just a power boost or something more?
Sithlady chapter 19 . 11h
First off: All the best wishes for you. Dealing with chronic impairments sucks, s i can only hope you holding up good.

On the story: I like that it is different. Cold loner types are boring and i am loving violets personality and friends here. Sauron is cute as well. Has Violet got any Hobbys? Maybe you could flesh here out some more to highlight her differences from "male Harry". I am talking mundane stuff like painting or someting. Looking forward to the divergences after year five. Hopefully then the odds may be more in her favor.
Dont let the flamers get to you. They are just sad they can not write.
mizzrazz72 chapter 19 . 11h
This maybe a block or something.
sunsethill chapter 19 . 11h
Sauron was fun. He's on the prowl looking for a Rat now. And I wonder what you have decided is causing Violet's magic issue. In canon, the horcrux seems to be attached to the scar in some way, so I could see this being something different.
Coolabigirl chapter 19 . 12h
Superb honestly. I’m excited to see what goes down with the goblins and if the rune is discovered with the horcrux.
Guest chapter 19 . 13h
Finally! I have been wondering about the odities of Violet's magic that has been mentioned in some chapter for a while now. Now that we appear to be close to knowing what it is, I definitely can't wait for the next chapter.
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